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Subject: Breba from Unknown FINALLY. ID Please? Replies: 4
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 205
Sorry for my absence.  Been very busy!

A few years ago I took cuttings from an unknown on county property in San Diego County.  Finally, it produced figs last year around October, so of course, nothing ripened.  You all thought it is a Caprifig for sure.

This spring the tree has become very large and is loaded with both Breba and the start of main crop figs.
I noticed one hanging, very soft, and turning purplish brown, so I picked it.  JD and I split it.  VERY sweet!  Very juicy.  Skin ultra thin.  I suspected the "insipid" Brown Turkey, but this fig is really quite good for a Breba!

Yesterday I noticed a VDB all ripe and pretty, thought I'd wait till it got a little more ripe, and by 5 PM it was GONE!  I decided not to wait to give you guys a chance at ID for my unknown.  I picked one that was very soft, but not yet showing color.  Even picked early, it's very sweet and juicy.  I wouldn't say it's rich.  Just sweet.  Almost refreshing.

What do you think?  The interior of the first one was much darker.  This one looks pithy, but it's not.  So very juicy!  I love the thin skin!  It's a dream fig!
And on it's leaf.  Speaking of leaves, I detect no FMV on this tree.  Some leaves look ratty but that's because of our high winds.  This fig is a little deformed cuz it was squished between a couple branches.
WildOne.Leaf.Pin.jpg  They all have long necks and an elongated shape
Here is the entire tree.  As you can see it is in the wrong place.  It grew out of it's container and has happily rooted itself under our house.  We will cut it back and move it this winter when dormant. 
Thanks to the experts in advance!  I hope you can ID this one! 


Subject: New USDA cold hardiness zones Replies: 42
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 1,683
We got ice here in zone 9B.  Sucks!  But we sprayed everything with "Cloud Cover" knowing this would happen.  Unusual, thanks to El Nino.

Subject: Bourjassotte Gris main, A+ fig Replies: 23
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 466
Sorry about the squirrels and rats getting to your tree.  They are so busy destroying my Verte that they haven't discovered this one yet!  Woke up early to the sounds of owls mating calls.  I hope they make many little owls to eat all the critters around here!  Great Western Horned Owl is very distinctive.  Screech Owls same.  The hills were alive this morning with those calls echoing from tree to tree and across ravines.

My tree is in ground and it's just growing like a weed!  It gets full sun.


Subject: Threats work! Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 247
I have two certified caprifigs.  Capri and Zidi.  I got them from Sue this year, and they are doing fine.  I will try to plant them close to this unknown tree and see if I can get some wasps here when the timing is right. 

Maybe I can talk Harvey into sending me a branch populated with wasps.

I've never seen a wasp here, but this area of Southern California has very few fig trees in it, so I'll probably have to get a colony going. 

I trust Franscisco that I probably have a male Caprifig.  I'll watch it all closely!

I read that the wasp will travel 100 miles on the wind to find a male tree, and we are well within that range where wasps are known to exist.

I do remember where I found the donor tree, but it's a couple hours from here.  Maybe we'll get an excuse to drive by there.

Top Left is the 1/2" figlet  Snake is fake to scare birds.


You can see the two little figlets forming at the leaf joint.  Each leaf has a couple figlets forming.
The leaves of this tree are very pretty.

Thanks for all the good wishes!  I'll keep you posted!

Subject: OT Avocados for desert Replies: 28
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 759
Avos need a lot of water and food.  They are the divas of the fruit world.  We have three.  A kona Sharwil, pollinated by a Jan Boyce, and there is that 12' high seed that grew from a trip we took upstate.  Zutano was the mama.  All are doing well here.

Subject: Threats work! Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 247
All I can do is wait. That sucks!  Patience is not my best feature

Subject: OT: looking for 'white trailing' lantana Replies: 7
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 98
Happy you found what you wanted.  We have lavender and the multi-color.  They seem to love heat and drought.  We are pulling some out (not white) that are growing higher than our baby Japanese Maple!  It's variety is Waterfall.  Beautiful, but they shade it! 


Subject: $2 cuttings, 19 varieties Replies: 132
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 4,444
You must be really savvy with computer stuff.  I can't be tempted any more, but that is a cool way to sell your cuttings!  Applause!

Good luck with your sales!

I was tempted by one, but the decree came down hard!  "NO MORE FIG TREES!"  So I love what I have.


Subject: Threats work! Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 247
Yeah, huge leaves block the view, and it's a mighty good view from up here in the foothills.

JD is fighting me on that!  Once I say "Kick it to the curb," he's ready to jerk the thing out.  But he does see the new figlets and I'm way to curious now to see if this fig is a common fig or a Caprifig.  I've talked him into waiting till dormancy, then replanting where it can grow big and bless us with many figs.  Why it waits till Oct. to put out figlets is beyond me, but it happened over night.  I think it heard our discussion and decided to "put out."

In one day it now has two figlets per leaf, plus one half inch figlet.  If it turns out to be a good fig (properly identified on this forum when I can post pics of inside and out), I'll have MANY cuttings to gift. 

I do recall seeing many dried figs on the original tree and on the ground.  They were elongated and pretty big.  Still could be Caprifigs.


Subject: Bourjassotte Gris main, A+ fig Replies: 23
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 466
Agree!  It's a winner!  You forgot to say that it's prolific and a vigorous grower.  If you want a monster tree, this one will fill the bill!  I was shocked at the size of the trunks this year, and it has many!  I'm letting it grow as a bush, hoping the critters won't make it to the inner branches.

It has two crops, both amazing delicious!  Juicy?  Absolutely!

Not sure how it does in other planting zones, but in yours and mine, it kicks!!


Subject: Threats work! Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 247
So a long time ago, 2010 maybe?  I stole some cuttings from a wild tree growing on county property.  I got them to root, but no figs have appeared in four or 5 years.

One tree is in ground, not doing so good in it's spot.  The other is in a pot and is by our living room window.  It's blocking the view, so yesterday I say to JD, "I'm sick of that tree.  It's blocking the view and giving us no figs!  Let's just kick it to the curb."  He agrees.

Today I go out to look at it and it's got baby figs!  Now I am stuck with it!  I doubt the figs are any good.  They don't have a dark eye, so probably a gold type.  Maybe a caprifig.  HUGE leaves!  Don't think the figs will have time to ripen, but it's earned another chance.


Subject: Suckers Surpassing Main Trunk in Growth Replies: 8
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 262
Are you sure the main trunk is dead?  This is a problem.  Be it me, I'd sever at least all of the suckers, and leave just one to compete with main trunk.  This is a big problem.

Subject: Only one fig Replies: 14
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 642
Honey type.  Huge honey drop.  Mary Lane Seedless.  Wowzers!

Subject: completely off topic Replies: 10
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 309
We have lemons coming out our ears, thus Limoncello!  Cheers!  I use everclear.  You?

Subject: Started four air layers on my REI fig tree Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 953
Good job!  It's a lot easier to air layer something in a pot than one in ground for sure! 


Subject: Bisirri Large 2015 Replies: 16
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 541
Good for you!  Enjoy!


Subject: Whats your best overall fig of 2015 Replies: 51
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 2,151
Bourjasotte Gris, Mary Lane Seedless, Verte, Adriatic, Paradiso, Flanders and VDB in that order.


Subject: Wishes Do Come True! Replies: 13
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 410
Herman, thanks so much for the photos!  I noticed two baby figlets when I removed the wrapping, and it's nice to see what they could become.  I removed them and two leaves so it will have energy to grow.  It's now in a larger pot.

Don't worry, my Negretta will be pampered for a long time.  She will always have drip irrigation.  Every tree or plant on this 1.5 acres is on it.  I think she'll like the heat here, though.  Temps are in the 90's now, but will drop in late October.  I hope she gets a little growth, but I know she will go dormant soon.


Subject: The ultimate indulgence Replies: 7
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 282
Does it really have a cherry taste?  STOP me from putting it on my wish list!

Thanks for sharing!


Subject: Grosse Monstreuse de Lipari Replies: 11
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 481
I love the figs with the honey drop!  Don't have that one, but it looks delicious!  Enjoy!


Subject: My best tasting Fig today! Replies: 12
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 603
Looks delicious!  Who is KK?  Not TyTy, right?


Subject: Wishes Do Come True! Replies: 13
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 410
I found this description of Negretta and since we live in drought conditions on a very rocky hillside, it's just perfect for us!  I plan to multiply it into many and put them here and there in gopher baskets of course, but next to boulders so they can get their roots happily under there:

A wild type that ¡s very drought resistant; it ¡s normally a small bushy tree in form; bears heavily; the fruits are black, small, thin skin, red pulp, very sweet and sought after. It ripens starting from August 15 in Genova. This variety is placed in areas suited to no other purpose, e.g. on the edges of fields or on hillsides with rocky, poor soil due to its incredible resistance to drought and cold. Negretta has a single crop over a short period.

It will be on drip irrigation, and quite happy with our boulders!

See why I want this one?  Happy today! :-) NonIrrigatedRockyLand.jpg 


Subject: New fig tree turning yellow and brown, and droopy Replies: 17
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 1,236
See if you can put plastic or something so the ground around it doesn't get so soaked during heavy rains.  At a previous house we had clay soil.  I remember digging a hole for a rose bush.  OMG!  It was hard and held water like a red clay pot with no drain hole.  Surprisingly the rose lived, but I doubt a fig would.  They do love well drained soil.

Good luck to you!


Subject: Wishes Do Come True! Replies: 13
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 410
So you all know that wish list in the signature field, right?  A few weeks ago Vito contacted me about sending me an air layer of my most wanted and wished for, Negretta.

It arrived today!  Thank you, Vito!

I photographed the wrapping.  Amazing job.!  There are damp paper towels holding in the dirt around a small pot, and well taped with a very dewy moist plastic cover keeping the leaves nice and moist.  I'm waiting for JD to come home so we can pot it nicely and keep it on the drip system in the shade for a while.

Here is MS Negretta:



Subject: Hative de Argentueil Replies: 8
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 370
Beautiful photos.  I had the only fig on my year 1 tree, and it was so jammy, nutty and juicy sweet!  A true keeper!

Mine came from UC Davis.  It will go in ground next year.


Subject: I just signed up to the forum Replies: 12
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 246
Welcome Fred!  Good luck with your fig hobby!  Nice intro, BTW!


Subject: Figs that nobody likes Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 1,274
I'm pretty sure my grandparents had an insipid Brown Turkey in the back yard.  I avoided that fruit like the plague!  And to me, figs were just plain awful until I discovered there are so many really tasty ones out there.

I don't own any on your bad fig list because I'm easily influenced, and members here have spoken against growing these types. 

I'm glad you find them tasty.  Me?  I'll pass! :-)


Subject: San Pietro (JM) (?) - my most beautiful fig so far Replies: 8
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 580
Well, I can't tell you why the interior is light and not dark, but the pictures look great and the fig looks so delicious and juicy!

You put a lot of information in this thread.  I hope someone has an answer for you.

Have you tried contacting the person from whom you got the cuttings?  Maybe he can shed light?


Subject: What kind of problem is this? Replies: 4
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 172
Looks like rats to me.  They have almost ruined any progress my Verte would have had this year.  You can see scratch and bite marks on the bark.  They have systematically removed whole branches and nibbled off the growth tips of many.  Poor tree is working so hard to repair the damage it hasn't grown at all this year.
Voles will do the same thing.  Ground Squirrels same.

Get some snap traps and see if you can catch the varmint.


Subject: Native de Argentile 2014 Replies: 58
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 2,647
In a Mediterranean type climate this variety appears to be a definite keeper!  Is yours kinda small, Harvey?  I'm trying to figure out where to plant it in ground this year when it goes dormant.  I'm hoping it grows large and has many figs!


Subject: Found a fig tree at the doctors office Replies: 16
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 555

Subject: Native de Argentile 2014 Replies: 58
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 2,647
Yes, I understand, Herman.  Not all varieties are good everywhere.  I'm just thrilled that this one is a keeper in my climate.

It's so rich, nutty and jammy!


Subject: Hey!!! I'm new here!!! Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 442
I've provided a link to our forum leader's website.  Here you can look up the varieties recommended for you.  Forward the link to your sister just to make her drool!

WARNING:  Once you catch "Fig Fever,"  there is NO cure! ;-))


Subject: Native de Argentile 2014 Replies: 58
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 2,647
I've been watching my one and only fig on this year one Native De Argentile gradually ripen, and today it was gone.  Upon further looking, I noticed it lying on the ground under the leaves.  I grabbed it, rinsed it off, and tasted it.  An explosion of jammy nutty flavor!  I'm LOVING this variety!!


Subject: Hey!!! I'm new here!!! Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 442
I've sent many in previous years.  I guess it depends how far you are from California.  Little sticks don't weigh much.  Don't forget to remind me.  I have 2 VDB trees in ground and they have many pruneable branches.

As you learn about figs you will find that some varieties have only one crop and others have two.  The early crop is called a Breba crop.  The main crop comes next and that is the biggest crop.  Those with one crop include Desert King and Norman's Yellow.  VDB has two crops.


Subject: Help identifying tree - Antigone's Mystery Fig Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 216
When a previous owner chopped down that tree, the roots just put out a ton of new shoots, which are now becoming trunks on their own.  It's up to you to decide what to do with all those shoots, but the best time to prune is winter when the tree loses it's leaves and goes dormant.  Spiders can easily be seen when there are no leaves to hide them.

Many people grow fig trees in a bush form.  Others prefer one big trunk.

That had to have been a monster tree in it's day!


Subject: Hey!!! I'm new here!!! Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 442
Smungung, Don gave you a good list, but newbies aren't good with abbreviations

MBVS = Marseilles Vs. Black
RDB = Rhonde De Bordeaux
Sal's EL,
Malta Black
LaRadek's EBT = LaRadek's Everbearing Texas ?  Not familiar with that one
Hardy Chicago
I'll be sending you cuttings of Violette De Bordeaux per our GW conversation this winter.

Search the forum for ways to start cuttings.

Have fun and good luck!

Subject: Help identifying tree - Antigone's Mystery Fig Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 216
Scale is an insect and ants eat what they secrete.  Just like ants go after aphids on roses.  Google "scale," and then examine your branches.  It's easy to cure.  It looks like a bunch of brown bumps all over a branch. 

I had a fig tree covered in ants last year, and when it was dormant I discovered a two inch thick clump of scale at the bottom which we scraped off revealing a huge hole in the bottom of that trunk.  No more scale this year!

When figs go dormant in winter, this forum comes alive with people wanting to trade cuttings.  Scale is caused by a too damp environment and the cuttings will react differently in drier climates.  Amazing that in No CA with our drought it's even damp enough to cause rust.  Are you by the coast?

Don't worry!  It's hard to kill a fig tree.


Subject: Help identifying tree - Antigone's Mystery Fig Replies: 9
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 216
Wow!  That must have been a huge tree at one time.  What is your planting zone?  Must be somewhere humid.  I can't help you with rust.  Non existent here.  Too dry. 

Ants usually come after scale, and fig trees do get scale.  Just wipe off all the scale and spray with neem oil now and then.  That should get rid of the ants.

No clue what your tree is.  That's a pretty big leaf and nice sized figs.  Someone else will chime in, but it would help to know your location.


Subject: Hey!!! I'm new here!!! Replies: 29
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 442
Welcome Smungung!  Nice to see you here! 

I'm sure people will welcome you and give you ideas for the best varieties in your planting zone. 

Go to the control panel at the top right, and put your planting zone in the signature field.  Zone 6, right?


Subject: UC DAVIS CUTTINGS Replies: 3
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 283
I guess we wait and see.  I put an order in for next year.  If it comes, it comes.

My order isn't just figs though.  What I'm hoping to receive is one male and one female pistachio cutting.

Fingers crossed.  :-)

Subject: An Organic product that Protects in HEAT and Frost Replies: 1
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 137
I have used Cloud Cover for years to protect plants against hot summer sun.  Since so many of you are in colder climates, it may help in frost, but not severe freezes.  Just a heads up.  Here is the FAQ:

Subject: Big box store fig. Replies: 8
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 491
Sounds like an amazing trip!  Did you get to eat any figs on your trip?  Sorry about your tree being stripped.  Not fun, but at least you had one!  Woo Hoo!


Subject: My visit with Slavi. The fig Artist Replies: 5
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 335
 Enjoyed reading it!  Especially valuable for those who live in similar climates.  I was a little disappointed though.  I thought I'd be seeing fig related paintings.  Still a very nice read.  Thanks for sharing!


Subject: Figgy Headache -- Lesson Learnt Replies: 6
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 502
I hope your sign works!  Good luck with that.


Subject: There is something on out 1st Fig! HELP!!! Replies: 1
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 125
A photo would help, but sometimes figs turn themselves inside out.  Nothing you can do.


Subject: Am I overwatering? Help! Replies: 10
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 431
I've never had to do that, but I imagine it would be the same as transplanting into a bigger pot, but just the same pot.  I'd dump it all into a wheelbarrow, mix in the perlite and or turface, crushed granite so you have areas where air can get to the roots.  I'd  then wash all the dirt off the roots and put the plant with the new dirt back into the container.

There is a dude on garden web that is the expert on well drained soils.  Here is his recipe:

Al's Gritty Mix

For long term (especially woody) plantings and houseplants, I use a superb soil that is extremely durable and structurally sound. The basic mix is equal parts of pine bark, Turface, and crushed granite.

1 part uncomposted screened pine or fir bark (1/8-1/4")
1 part screened Turface or Diatonacious Earth
1 part crushed Gran-I-Grit (grower size) or #2 cherrystone
1 Tbsp gypsum per gallon of soil
CRF (if desired)
Source of micro-nutrients or use a fertilizer that contains all essentials I use 1/8 -1/4 tsp Epsom salts per gallon of fertilizer solution when I fertilize (check your fertilizer - if it is soluble, it is probable it does not contain Ca or Mg.

I don't use his recipe exactly, but I'm sure you need more than just perlite to get your soil draining. 

Subject: Am I overwatering? Help! Replies: 10
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 431
It's hard to over-water if your soil is well drained.  You may need to amend it with crushed granite, turface, perlite or cactus mix.  You described your soil as "heavy."  That doesn't sound well-drained to me. 


Subject: Is my first fig tree a gonner? Help! Replies: 11
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 593
It should wick fine now that you gave it a good soaking.  That little soil sleuth helps to aerate the soil so the water penetrates better.  It looks like you have mulch on top which should also help with wicking. 

I wouldn't repot until it's all happy and recovered.  You don't want to shock it further.  I love root pruning pots.  Have had success with them, but I kept them in partial shade.  They do make for a lot of healthy roots.  AND you can fry roots in black plastic also.  I did that with a Panache.  It had 2 leaves for 2 years until Jon told me to soak it thoroughly, then flood it with Miracle Grow and put it in the shade.  That little tree recovered just fine.

Good luck!

Subject: Air Layers. Do you really have to wound the limb? Replies: 8
Posted By: DesertDance Views: 342
Just wondering.  I've done a few and never cut or wounded any limb.  I have many air layers looming.  I owe people.

My last ones worked, but I'm thinking of this new way I saw on you tube.  Dude uses no plastic, but he does wound the tree.

Tomorrow is the day I have to start many.

Give me your best stuff!



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