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Not for the Faint of Heart DesertDance 298 21
by adoresfigs45
Is this Binello? Something Else? DesertDance 112 5
by DesertDance
35 Hours Left to Win a Hardy Chicago Fig Tree!! DesertDance 173 2
by figpig_66
Fig Thief. Can You ID Footprint? DesertDance 639 47
by DesertDance
Still think it's Osborne? Pics DesertDance 81 0
by DesertDance
Wait or Pluck? Let the critters have it? DesertDance 254 13
by paully22
Breba from Unknown FINALLY. ID Please? DesertDance 205 4
by rcantor
Threats work! DesertDance 247 9
by MichaelTucson
Wishes Do Come True! DesertDance 410 13
by philos
An Organic product that Protects in HEAT and Frost DesertDance 137 1
by figpig_66
Air Layers. Do you really have to wound the limb? DesertDance 342 8
by Jarl_Berg
Thinking About Poisoning my Figs DesertDance 1,010 46
by crunbar
Why do Cuttings Take So LONG to Root? DesertDance 486 10
by bullet08
Bourjasotte Gris First Crop Plated! :-) DesertDance 832 14
by ChrisK
First Ripe VDB of 2015 DesertDance 433 8
by DesertDance
The Joy of Rooting in Dirt Outside DesertDance 327 3
by jdsfrance
HELP! Critter Eating my Verte Tree - Rat? DesertDance 545 19
by crunbar
Have you ever Opened such Beautiful Cuttings? DesertDance 976 17
by Rewton
Chip/Bud Grafting Question DesertDance 583 9
by jdsfrance
I owe the Fig Godfather Big Time. I Love Surprises! DesertDance 589 9
by Gina
Question about Red Rimmed Leaves DesertDance 585 14
by Speedmaster
Seminar Summaries on Irrigation & Critter Control DesertDance 273 8
by DesertDance
Warning! Check your drip irrigation regularly DesertDance 328 6
by greenfig
Tabasco Spray Deters Critters DesertDance 416 14
by jc_figs
Surprise Cuttings in the mail from Bobby! DesertDance 468 3
by DesertDance

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