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Subject: Planting In Ground Question Replies: 24
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,578

I just plant into the ground right away.  Just make sure that it'll be well protected for the winter.

Subject: Winter Protection - Bending Tree to ground Replies: 11
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,349
Thanks Bass for your suggestions.  I've only been using whatever is available and free.  The plastic used actually has holes all over it, so breathability isn't much of a problem.  I also remove the plastic, but leaving the leaves/straw before the snow thaws to prevent mold problems. 

I haven't encountered the critter problems yet, but I'll make note to add the moth balls for next year.

Subject: Winter Protection - Bending Tree to ground Replies: 11
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,349
Thanks, he's a lot of work, but it's all worth it!

Yes, it was Adiano that taught me to protect this way.  Of course, it's not EXACTLY how he does it since I've never actually seen him do it.  If you protect this way, don't forget to shovel some snow over the whole thing to add some extra protection.

Desert King is supposed to be one of the more flexible varieties.  Some even complain that it's laggy, but this lagginess also allows a bigger trunk to be bent down, which allows even better production!  This is my forth season protecting my plants this way.  So far, I haven't had problems with die-back on the protected branches.

Subject: Winter Protection - Bending Tree to ground Replies: 11
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,349
This technique is only ment for keeping an in-ground fig tree in a large bush form.  Basically, you save all the trunks that you can bend and cut off the ones that are too large to bend.  Which means that, I don't care if the branch breaks in the process, since you'll be sawing off if it didn't work out...   This is a lazy way to avoid burrying the whole tree...

Subject: Winter Protection - Bending Tree to ground Replies: 11
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,349
I've been meaning to post a more details about how I'm doin this, but I've become a new daddy recently and haven't had much time...  Here's a couple of shots showing how flexable a fig tree is.  The tree shown has a trunk diameter that's a little above an inch and was a bit over 6' tall.

I went back about a week later to tighten the ropes to bend it even closer to the ground, and to add some leaves and straw.

There are actually 3 trees under that pile! (1 Bugasota & 2 Desert Kings)

Subject: Cuttings in baggie with Sphagnum moss Replies: 29
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,762

Just make sure that you're using "Sphagnum Moss" and not "Sphagnum Peat Moss"...  they sound almost the same, but they're not.

Subject: Starting out... Replies: 10
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 676

I just looked up the zone mapping for BC and it ranges anywhere from 1-9!  Any idea what your local growing zone is?  That might help us determine what might be good in your area.

Subject: Visit To Adrianos Replies: 24
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,250
Nelson, I was quite impressed when I went there 2 years ago too!  Amazing how much he managed to fit into that backyard of his isn't it?  He's got about 200 varieties of figs in there, as well as a couple of kiwiis, plumbs, pears, grapes, peaches and he still had space for a veggie garden. 

Did he start wraping his figs yet?  I just have to remember to call him next time instead of trying to email...  he takes forever to respond through email.

Subject: How do you take and pack suckers? Replies: 7
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 623
Thanks you all for your responses.  I'll dig those little guys up once it goes dormant, wrap them up in newspaper, shove them into a zip-lock bag and envelope. 

Some of those suckers still look a bit green this year due to all the rain and cool weather.  Is that going to be a problem?

Subject: How do you take and pack suckers? Replies: 7
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 623
Yeah, it's the Bugasota variant, and I think I can manage to hold you one.  I'll email you sometime after the trees go dormant.  Which should be soon. 

As for you offer to trade...  I'd love to do a trade, but, unfortunately, I couldn't get clearance from the tower (wife) to squeeze one more fig into our tiny little backyard.  For now, I'll have to settle for sending you one for postage.

Subject: How do you take and pack suckers? Replies: 7
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 623
Someone is interested in one of my fig trees and I want to ship him some suckers rather than cuttings.  How do I take them, as in how much dirt and roots do I try to keep.  Also, how do I pack them for shipping?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Subject: My first Celeste ripened (pics) Replies: 3
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 468
This is only my second year with this fig, and the weather's been horrible for growing figs this year. 

In terms of taste, it really good, but I hate the fact that it drops fruit.  In the beginning of spring, it was loaded with brebas, but all fell except for the one that the squirrel got.  Then came the main crop.  Almost half of those fell off too!

Of the 3 figs that I have (Celeste, Desert King, and Bugasota) only Desert King has impressed me so far.  It's the same age as my Celeste, but it produced 15 or 16 large brebas.  Not only that, but the vigor of this plant is amazing!  It's grown a whooping 6' or more this year and only got stopped because the tip got broken.  Renovators piled junk on top my trees and split one of the main trunks at the Y-junction and squished a few fruit in the process.  I tied it back up and it recovered within a couple of weeks time and still ripened its fruits for me.

Strangely enough, purely based on taste, I like all 3 equally but, so far, I favor my Desert King purely on basis of reliability, vigor and productivity.

Hope that helps...

Subject: My first Celeste ripened (pics) Replies: 3
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 468
This is my very first Celeste main crop fig.  Had one breba, but squirrel got it before I did...  server problem uploading pics, so I'm linking to photobucket instead...

Here's a pic of it when it was still on the tree...

A shot showing the leaf

The outside of the fig with a quarter for size reference...

And, the inside...

It tasted really good.  Just wish I had more.

Subject: dessert king Replies: 28
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,913
I seems to perform very well for me here in Toronto too...  I managed to get 16 large breba from my 3' tree (as of spring).  It's over 6' tall now...  Best part is that they ripened for me in mid-August even with the cool and rainy summer that we've had this year.  My Celeste has it's first main crop fig just starting to ripen.  Our first frost is approaching fast (usually beginning of October) so trying to get main crop figs here seems to be a bit iffy at times...  It's always nice to have at least one fig that will produce figs for you every year.

Subject: Platic baggy to extend growing season? Replies: 0
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 490
I remember Herman mentioning the use of a large plastic bag to extend the growing season a bit more in order to ripen a few more figs.  When is that done?  I'm seeing some pretty cool days ahead, so I've been thinking of doing that, but not sure if it's the time yet. 

Subject: Making Fig Video Replies: 7
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 629
You can post your video on either youtube or on photobucket.  Most of us here already have a photobucket account, so I'd go with that.  The only catch is that there is a limit on the size (300MB) and duration (10 min) of the video that you can post.  Also, you have to make sure that your video is of one of the following file types: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, 3p, asf, avi, divx, dv, dvx, flv, gif, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpg4, mpe, mpeg, mpg, qt,  wmv, xvid, rm
Different cameras will record using different file types, but it should be good.

Try it...  just upload and link it just like you do pictures!  =)

This site doesn't appear to support having the actual video play, but you can link it like so...  The following is a test of a photobucket vid (sorry that it's not a fig vid...):

Subject: FreezePruf to protect fig plants? Replies: 7
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 1,099

hmmm... 2-9.4*F of protection for 6 weeks, depending on the species.  Sounds like it would be great for those sudden unexpected late spring frosts.  Hopefully figs land on the 9.4 degree protection category.  If someone tries this product, it would be great if you could post the results! 

Subject: Gota Love Pictures Replies: 8
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 790
Bob:  Yes, it's planted outside in-ground.  I'm growing it as a multi-trunk bush and bending the branches down to the ground and covering during the winter.  I plan on posting pictures of the process later this winter...

OttawanZ5:  This picture was actually taken a while back, but I only posted the picture of the figs after they were picked in this thread:

Yes, a few did get picked by other people...  saw peals on the ground, so it's not by a squirrel!   :(

It's almost the middle of September already, and I'm still getting 1 or 2 brebas a day from this tree.  I guess that it means that there's no chance in hell that any of the main crop will ever ripen.

Subject: Gota Love Pictures Replies: 8
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 790
Thanks for posting.  I love looking at these pictures too!  Just wish I had a bigger back yard so that I can grow a few more...  I've even invaded my sister in-law's house to get space for 2 more trees...  here's a picture of one that I planted over there...  It was labeled "Bugasota" when I bought it from a variety store in Greek-town.  =) 

Keep those pictures coming!

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Subject: Hotter than... Replies: 2
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 471

Darn weather!  I wish we can take some of that heat from ya!  We've been in the 70's the last little while and only high of 65 tomorrow!    Need more heat to ripen the figs...

Subject: ID Please Replies: 3
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 752
Thanks!  Actually, I don't even remember which store I bought it from.  It was being sold at a variety store where I stopped to grab a pop or chips.  I also searched around and no one seems to have heard of this variety.

Oh well, I'll keep the name for this variety for now.  The most important thing about it is that the fruits taste good!  =)

Subject: ID Please Replies: 3
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 752
I bought this fig 3 years ago from the Danforth (Greek Town) and was my very first fig.  It was labeled "Bugasota" and has been planted in-ground for 3 years now.  This is my first year for it to have any significant yield (about 50-60 breba).

As you can see, it's a fairly large fig, was very sweet and juicy. My sister in-laws actually liked it more than the black mission figs we got from the local grocery store in Little Italy (Italian part of town in Toronto).  Anyone got any idea what it might be? 

Note:  Last year, the pulp was bright red, but seems to be much lighter this year.

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Subject: Desert King Pics Replies: 1
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 662
I meant to post this last night, but this site was running a bit slow... Here's a couple of shots of a few figs from my Desert King. I had to pick them a bit early because something/someone has already stolen 2 of my biggest ones... The quarter shown is the same size as an American quarter.

I still envy you guys that already had your breba crops and are waiting for your main crop! Oh well, on the other hand, it's too cold over here for RKN too!

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Subject: Videos on figs from Vancouver Canada Replies: 5
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 788

Considering the video is from Vancouver, it's most likely to be a Desert King.  My Desert King actually looked exactly like that about 2 days ago! The only problem is that I'm always too anxious to eat them that it doesn't stay on the tree as long as it should...  Oh well...  considering I only planted the tree last year, it's doing great.  (15 Breba from a 3' tree)

Subject: Rooting Green Cuttings Replies: 31
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 2,905
Nelson, put the cup back to restore humidity, and hope that the recover.  Next time, to avoid this problem; instead of lifting the cup all the way out, stick a toothpick or pop-sickle stick between the 2 cups to give a slight air gap.  Keep the gap small at first, and slowly increase the gap (like up to a chopstick next).  I used to do that with orchid that I just took out of it's bottle.

Also, for other cuttings that haven't leafed out yet; instead of covering and sealing it air tight (100% humidity), use a cup with a hole punched on the bottom.  That should give it the extra humidity that it needs to grow faster, but at the same time keep it down enough that it'll already be slightly hardened to the air, and at the same time keep mold from growing on your cuttings.

Hope this is of some help.

Subject: Desert King finally starting to swell Replies: 5
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 815

I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...  The spring was really wet and cool for us too.  My Desert King didn't break dormancy until end of May.  That's why it's just starting to ripen now.  Here's a picture of the same plant taken May 30th...  It was just a 3' stick last fall, but has now got about 4' of new growth so far... 

Note that this variety is Breba crop (fruit on last years wood) only for our areas so any fruit from it would have developed before or about the same time as it started to leaf out.  The fruits grown near the leaves (main crop) will fall off unless they get pollinated by the fig wasp.  They don't survive this far north, so we have only the first crop to rely on.

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Subject: Desert King finally starting to swell Replies: 5
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 815
Thanks for all the advise!  I wish I read these replies BEFORE I went and picked the one shown on the right of the middle picture, but I wanted it before the critters did...  I had one lonely Celeste this year, and I found it squished on the ground with a little nibble off of it this morning.  Makes me want to catch and kill that raccoon!  =(

I went and picked that little fig, and a bit of latex came out of it.  I knew right away that it was bit premature...  I was still quite juicy and tasted okay...  We're expecting rain the next couple of days here in Toronto.  I hope that won't affect the flavor too much.  Anyone here know if this variety taste okay when ripening in rainy weather? 

Subject: Desert King finally starting to swell Replies: 5
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 815

Yay!  I haven't really checked since last Saturday, but when I checked today, my in-ground Desert King is finally swelling up and is slightly soft to the touch.  Any hints on when I should pick them?

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Subject: Rooting Green Cuttings Replies: 31
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 2,905

Yes, you'll have to remove it gradually...  or, you could punch a hole into the cup, and add more holes gradually too, but lifting gradually is more reversible in case it gets too dry.

Subject: Lemon Replies: 4
Posted By: ccc1 Views: 904

Looks juicy!  Mmmm...  wish I can grow one like that...


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