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Subject: Brevas from France Normandie Replies: 9
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 752
Well, that's a strange fig...

Subject: How to resist temptation Replies: 34
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 608
You have to take your time.

Subject: 1st Grise de St. Jean Replies: 28
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 1,662
Hi figgary,

Grise de saint jean is one of the best french figs, it's a keeper for sure!

Subject: Unknown Black fig from Southern France Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 1,864
Could it be Noire de Caromb? Its tastes very special, thin tasty skin...? Big tree?

A very known fig in France, in Caromb there is 'la fête de la figue noire de Caromb' every year, its a famous fig!

Subject: The best of 2010 Replies: 20
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 1,781
Hi Bass!

Happy new year in advance, thank you for the wonderful pictures!

Subject: Baud, some pictures Replies: 11
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 2,037
For us, Hardy Chicago, Celeste, Conadria, Smith, LSU, Sal's... Are american figs. . Even if the roots are from somewher else. Mission is a typical american fig too. Very few people have those figs in their garden in France. If Baud says it's american figs, i don't remember exactly what he says in this article, i would say it's understandable, because you are closer to reality in a scientific way, until you demonstrate that its not an american fig but an italian for intance, if you compare the DNA. The second thing is that, maybe a plant that adapts to a new climate, has to adapts itself, so even if the cultivar is the same, it can in some ways have changed.

Subject: Baud, some pictures Replies: 11
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 2,037

I found this article on the web, It's in french, it's about Pierre Baud and his fig nursery. Here's the link:

Sorry, but I do not have the time to translate it, but the photographs have been taken in his garden and fig nursery. His nursery is located in a place where the Mistral (a cold wind) blows, this allows him to experiment hardy varieties, he is experimenting Hardy Chicago, and other figs in a dedicated place. He is working with the Porquerolles conservatory (island of Porquerolles, beautiful if you want to visit one day, cars are forbidden there, and there are still beautiful natural protected beaches).
A the end the article mentions the fact that the two favorites fig varieties for cooler climates, remain ronde de Bordeaux and Pastillière.

Saluti a tutti per gli italiani di tutti paesi,  Enjoy everyone!

Still passionate Nadia

Subject: Lazy fig trees, where's the doctor? Replies: 8
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 656
Thank you very much Cecil for the advice, that's what i'll try to do next spring, if the little plant survives...I'ts very funny, it's trunck is court on legs, has a lot of noddles, and the leaves have a velvet touch. I'll try to save it.

Subject: Lazy fig trees, where's the doctor? Replies: 8
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 656
Well, I think i have 2 solutions: 1/say goodbye, 2/grafting...

Subject: Lazy fig trees, where's the doctor? Replies: 8
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 656
It seems to be RKN. I will read the posts on the forum. Anyway the little fig tree is isolate (they are in pots). I keep it away from the others.

Thank you!

Subject: Lazy fig trees, where's the doctor? Replies: 8
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 656
Hi friends,

today i decided to repot my tiny littel fig trees which i don't know the name, and was aspecting for some surprise. In fact, I inherited, three little fig trees ( the biggest one was 50 centimetres tall) from tunisia a year ago. When I put them in their pots, last year, i noticed  very little worms and thought it was RNK. Well stop laughing please, i am just beggining in fig trees breeding...:-)) And I am a good mum' too.

The white one grew fine this year (well depends what you call fine, 15 cm?...), the first black one was very slow growing, and the third, slower than the second, showing signs of mosaique (leafs form, color) and not very solid on its roots.

While repoting this year, no worms in the pots, but the little sick one had the little caracteristic nodes on the roots, roots not very developped too. What can I do (they are grown in pots) for this one? Should I say goodbye?

How can I help the others to grow a little more?

For the moment, i keep them inside in winter (garage), last year i didn' give them anything (except water of course !) because i am very caustious, i prefer not to do than doing wrong sometimes. But now i a talking with specialists! ;-)



Subject: Ronde De Bordeaux Replies: 21
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 5,066
Hi Dieseler!

Rouge de Bordeaux and Ronde de Bordeaux are two french figs that Baud recommends for cool climates in France (except mountains places). Zone 8, for instance around Paris, (near Paris we can have zone 9 some say). I was looking on internet Zone 8 would corresponds to Texas in US, South East and South midwest. But Zones are not explaning everything, other factors i think are important.

Rouge de Bordeaux, Pastiliere, is said to be by Baud, a very fine tasting fig, it's first quality not to be very sweet  but my translation: flesh very smooth or delicate, fruity, fleshy, very few grains.55/60 grams. ('chair très fine, fruitée et charnue avec très peu de grains').

very small tree, very early variety, for areas where there are frost in septembre. Harvest august in Provence (south France, Baud's region).

But taste on this fig is not rated the same, some say it's insipid despite Baud's, other
concord, for instance Les chenevières, that sell fig jam in France say:  subtle, velvety, fruity, juicy.,14-varietes-de-figues,170620.html

Ronde de Bordeaux, Baud says its exceptional for it's taste, good for areas that have early frosts in spring. Very sweet, thin skin, smooth flesh, very sweet. As i read somewhere he said, if he had one to keep it would be this one. (well, in a newspaper, on internet...). Earliest with Pastilière. 40/55 gram.Harvest august.
Some say not very juicy but 'corsé', means marked taste, strong taste. Flesh very red. Very tasty. A big fig tree. I didn't read negative comments on it.

So far I didn't taste any of them. I know that Pastilière is commonly known in south french markets and that ronde is very small, often high rated.

For pleasure see the interview of Baud, for people who speak french. (he talks about RDB and Pastilière, it's just the same I translated on those figs before...Pastilière : for people more on the fruity side, RDB very sweet taste. Ha Ha reminds me about Hardy Chicago/Sal's comparision, fruity side and sweetness side.

Have a nice time!

Subject: Ronde De Bordeaux Replies: 21
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 5,066
What a pleasure to see a french variety of fig on FFF!!! Thank you Bass for your lovely photographs, your web site has been improved to! It's a great pleasure to come on FFF forums and find crazy fig lovers like me... I spend  a lot of time here, i just can't wait for the moment I'll have my own collection!

Coucou de la France!!! (Hi' from France)

PS. No Salam found in Tunisia this summer, maybe the season or the location (northern Tunisia). The only figs I found were the Zidi. Well, I ate a lot of them thinking of you guys. That's the fig you find on tunisian market on august. But there are so many of them, and i couldn't travel a lot to taste the others.

Subject: Zidi and Black Madeira Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 4,538

Zidi seems to be a smyrna type, a lot of tunisian figs are. Grrr.Well that's awful! Madeira would be a commun type...So maybe there's a chance under a green house with care? Well, maybe this summer I will eat some zidi figs, I will think of you!

I did not know of your book :-), i looked at your posts, and the wonderful images you sent.

So I note,

Black figs: Madeira, (Zidi), Black Tuscan, Negronne, Vista...St Jérome, Black weeping, Pastilière...for me maybe Ronde de Bordeaux?

White figs: Paradiso, strawberry, or verte, or green ischia, and as i saw in the forum lattarulla, french figue de marseilles (not marseillaise), figue de marseilles is more like dottato, with the yellow pear shape. Mediterranean people like white figs, in those countries. Maybe because of the colour of the sun, figs get a great palette of colours, from violet, blue, to pale green and yellow, almost white. I saw black figs with red interiors.

Pastilière: how fun! I didn't think it would be a good fig tree even if Baud says so, some people said it was insipid, some others say it has less sugar but very tasty. As for me figs meant honey, i couldnt make this choice before i saw the photographs you made.

What do you think of Noire de CAROMB? It's a small fig, i ate it with the skin last time, it was a memorable experience!

Well I was waiting for you answer and I am not disappointed, it's 'un régal' for the eyes.


Subject: Zidi and Black Madeira Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 4,538



What says Baud: Madeleine des deux saisons, would be close to Brunswick.(Le Figuier Pas à Pas).

In all nurseries i saw for the moment in France, Brunswick and Goutte d'or are sold as a different tree.

Subject: Zidi and Black Madeira Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 4,538
Hello again!!!

Wonderful, i'm so glad i found answers!
Dauphine is a good fig Paully22, but be careful, Baud says it's a big tree. It's a round fig (100 to 200 g), shiny skin, 2 crops, i tasted brebas, very juicy (more like light sirup than honey), sugar sticks when plenty ripened. Light flavor, you can eat it with the skin. This tree is sensitive to botrytis in rainy conditions ('Baud's), cultivated near Paris but with protection (the tree was buried during winter). Paully, I could try to send you a little dauphine tree, but is it possible? Never done this before!!! For the moment, the nurseries don't sell fig trees, season begins in novembre to march. But, tell me (how to protect the tree?....)

Dan. I did not taste negronne, but it's in the first place of my selection. I just can't wait!

Bass, I did'nt taste this tunisian fig but i will remember the name, i'am going to tunisia this summer. The one i know by name is Biter Abiod and Biter Akhal (means early (or breba) white and early (or breba)black). The other is Zidi, but maybe needs to be caprified. (As they say in Tunisia too...). For the moment I have three little trees, but i don't know their names. (2 years old) The first has a breba fig big as a strawberry. The other, like a pea, the third is suffering and has no breba at all...). Well, as I said for the moment I feed my passion, tasting figs that i buy and taking care of my little pea-fig trees!!! I am going back to Paris this autumn, I'll be able to begin serious practice then. But before I take you advices, and search for good information).

Merci encore

Subject: Zidi and Black Madeira Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 4,538
Hello paully22,

Thank you for your answer. A very  juicy fig here is Dauphine, it's a big fig, the last time i ate one, a month ago it was full sirup, amber flesh, violet to brown skin, sugar fig. The flavor light, to me, remembered me of plaquminier tree, called kaki in France. My husband said' i want this fig', but to me to juicy, and not flavor enough. There's a fig called goutte d'or, or Dorée in france that Baud indicates for all regions in France (until rains come, says he), small tree, excellent flavour, and large size!!! Why not trying this one...this is an endemic tree in Provence. I think i will try this one. Ther is 'Dalmatie' too (San piero, in FFF varieties?), large to very large figs, small tree adapted to cool areas. Well, i can't tell for the taste of the last two ones.

I had the chance to taste noire de caromb, memorable fig but small, grise de saint jean, equilibrated fig, but sensitive to frost, violette de solies, with it's little acid taste but not adapted to my region.


Subject: Zidi and Black Madeira Replies: 12
Posted By: Dauphine Views: 4,538

I am a new member, i live in FRANCE near Paris. I'm a fig lover, and my dream is to manage to grow rare and outstanding figs. My father and mother were born in Tunisia and i spent the 4 first years of my life in this country. Figs are extraordinary for me, and i found in figs4fun crazy figs lovers like me, in an other continent!!! In france you can get pears or apples fan clubs, maybe peaches...but figs...hum. You find yourself very lonely sometimes.

So, maybe i could make my contribution to this little community. But first, I need to learn and i think you'll be really helpful.

I am for the moment selecting the fig trees to grow for their taste. I m living in zone 8 and will grow some trees in pots under a green house. Some will be french, other italians, and tunisian too.

Well, I am not beggining by the easiest ones, but easy doesn't make the taste, i'am not afraid of working. So, let's begin by BLack Madeira and Zidi.
Seems Zidi needs to be caprified, What do you think? I saw in an old post that maybe there's a chance that Zidi is parthenocarpic. What about Black Madeira? An other question is about the size of those trres. Because if they are to big, Baud says that they can't stay a long time in pots.

My strategy will be to create the best condition (green house+pots?) to see if they can grow correctly, and see what happens.

I'm sorry for my english and thank you all!



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