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Just had to sign up so I could say THANKS for your help.  I have been wanting to grow a fig tree for years (grew up with figs!) so when my daughter moved into a duplex with a fig tree, I immediately got a couple of cuttings. Came home and stuck the whole thing in the ground, leaves and all, having heard figs grow easily from cuttings. AFTER I planted them (can never seem to do this in the right order -- research, then, plant), I googled figs and lucked out by finding this site, absolutely chock full of everything I needed to know, BEFORE planting! So I read and read, then went outside and pulled up one of those stalks with the intention of paring away leaves and doing it right, and lo and beyold, that cutting, leaves and all, had already started rooting in less than 24 hours! And this without knowing a darn thing. So, following attached sage advice, I decided to experiment and left the other one alone, leaves and all, and trimmed back a "proper" cutting about 6 inches long, and stuck it back in the dirt with a plastic bag on top.  If this doesn't work out, I will be more proactive and grow roots, then plant, but wanted you to know that, thanks to you guys, I feel very confident some way or another I will have a fig tree before my daughter moves again.  Appreciate you figgies!   


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