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Subject: New member describing cutting technique Replies: 4
Posted By: chascox78 Views: 674
Hi Ivan,

I am not sure about the main variety that I have been propagating.  They are all descended from an old fig tree planted in Bournemouth before the First World War.  Here is an image showing a couple of cuttings that are now ready to plant out.  I will post a second image showing two ripe fruits on one of my mature trees.

Someone may have an idea regarding the variety, but I am pretty sure it is not Brown Turk.


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Subject: New member describing cutting technique Replies: 4
Posted By: chascox78 Views: 674
Dear Fig Lovers,

I have grown figs in the UK and northern France for a number of years.  Once established, they have no problem with frosts but they need sheltering from cold East winds during the first couple of years after planting out.

My method for taking cuttings is as follows:

Early spring take a 30 cm length of last year's growth (from nar the base of the parent) and put into a large pot with one 15 cm exposed including the "growth tip".  I use potting compost with 50% sharp sand.  Then I leave them in a semi shaded part of the garden until late autumn and I over-winter them in a shed.   In the following spring I put them in a fairly sunny position for another year still in their pots.  I finally plant them up the following spring in a south facing sunny location.

I plant them in pits which are about a cubic metre in volume and lined with old rubble or masonry suppoered by a little weak mortar.  Plenty of escape for drainage.

It's a long job as it takes about five years from cutting to significant crop....but well worth it.

Kind regards,

Charles (Sheffield UK)


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