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Subject: Dying Fig Tree - Desert King Replies: 1
Posted By: stratcliffe Views: 679
Hi all, first time poster here looking for some feedback on a problem tree I have.

I have added some photo's to site linked below.[/url]

A bit of back ground to elements that may be related;

1. 2 summers ago we had a bit of a storm the tore off a couple of the branches, the tree is only 7 years old or so, and the branches were quite long, not very sturdy. They left a deep hole into the heart of the trunk which I left untreated hoping thing would right themselves.
2. Picture #4 shows a large section about 2-3 feet up the trunk that has gradually got worse, to this point you see now. I think it started before the storm, but don't recall. When I first noticed it, it looked like a burn mark, that did not break through the outer bark.
3. The last photo is not so clear, but was intended to show you that most of the main, original branches have relatively stunted growth this year, smaller than average leaves etc. 2 of the 6-7 main branches that all started out slow have now died off completely.
4. As you locals would recall we had a fairly cold winter with some good cold snaps, worse than is usual for Vancouver, BC.
5. There are even some of these 'marks' you see on the main trunk and branches showing up on the newer sucker shoots from the base of the tree, I am leaving these, originally hoping for more of the delicious fruit, but now in hope it will be all that remains of the tree!

I think the problem stems from before the cold we had this winter, perhaps that exacerbated things. Most of the marks are similar but smaller to the one on the main trunk. Any one have any ideas as to what the problem could be, and perhaps any treatment options?

Much appreciated,



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