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Subject: Celeste? Replies: 6
Posted By: bullwinkle Views: 670

Thank you for the input and warm welcome. Certainly does resemble Brunswick, indeed. Guess I will have to see if I can get a Celeste and get it to grow so I can compare somehow. 

Again, many thanks!

Subject: Celeste? Replies: 6
Posted By: bullwinkle Views: 670

Please excuse my horticultural ignorance in general, and fig stupidity in particular. 

I would like to know if this is a Celeste? I am not sure. My tree is well over 60 years old, was my grandmother's. May even have been my great-grandmother's and has somehow survived being moved about 20 years ago. It produces well.

There are a few other old fig trees about town, but they are of the more "common" variety. Meaning much smaller and lower quality fruit, more prolific producers, and massive in stature. A couple nearing 30'. One which will soon be bulldozed for the new high school. 

I will try to post pictures of the large trees later after I figure out how to properly size pictures for you to view. Please excuse the size/format of the pics. I'm not very handy with this these things. 

Thanks for your input and I enjoy your forum!

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