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Subject: Cactus pears Replies: 108
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 8,116
Hi Bill.  Thanks for the videos!  I live in South Florida, near Ft Lauderdale.  It grows like a weed down here.  I wish I could slow down it's growth!

Subject: Cactus pears Replies: 108
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 8,116
@saxonfig - Yes I believe dragonfruit is a pitaya.  If you get a chance to dig up those videos, I'd love to see them.  I don't really know that much about them, I ordered one on a whim.  I have it growing in a 5 gallon bucket now, and am going to be putting it in the ground soon.  Supporting it is an issue for me, I've looked on other forums, and I'm going to try to rig something else up soon.

Subject: Cactus pears Replies: 108
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 8,116
I have a peruvian apple cactus and a dragon fruit cactus in my yard.   I'm not really fond of the apple cactus' blossoms.  They are only open for a few hours at night, and then it takes a couple days for them to fall off, and the apple to start growing.  They dead blossoms aren't very attractive, so I pick the blooms off before they open.

I've only had the dragon fruit for less than a year, and it hasn't flowered yet.  I'm not sure how long it takes, but it has been growing fast.  It's a bit of a challenge to keep all its limbs supported. 

Subject: Irrigation system for planted trees? Replies: 14
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 1,215
I use a drip system that is connected a spigot set on a timer.  I bought it from lowes.  Easy to setup, there is 1/2" tubing that you bury underground and you connect 1/4 tubing that runs up above ground to whatever your watering.  There are a variety of drippers and spray heads that you can use. 

I use 1gph drippers for my 2 fig trees.  they are watered 3 times a week for 15 minutes.  coupled with the summer rain it seems to be working fine. during the 'winter' i cut back watering to 5 minutes.

Subject: I think I got Punked !! Replies: 92
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 3,579
I ordered from this seller a while back. Seller shipped them fast. They are doing great. I have the Seller's address if you want it.

Subject: Protecting Some Plants tonight Replies: 6
Posted By: eb3604 Views: 698
Low 90s and muggy (75% humidity). In south Florida today. I had to literally dump buckets of water on some new plants to keep them from wilting. They were only in the sun for 2 hours and wilted like crazy. I will send you all the warm weather you want in exchange for a sals cutting. Ha just kidding.


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