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Subject: no more Garden Web forum for me!!! Replies: 18
Posted By: bozoshoes Views: 943
What type of browser do you use. Is it Explorer or Firefox or what? I have not had any problems with Firefox. The other problem may be your internet connection. Do you have DSL or dial up?

Subject: Finally My cuttings are here Replies: 118
Posted By: bozoshoes Views: 6,742
I noticed that some of these cuttings are in clear plastic by themselves, and others seem to have the sides of the cups covered. Could someone please tell me why the difference. Is it personal preference or does covering the sides let the roots develop in the dark? Is one way better than the other? Please explain. Thanks

Subject: Fall Cuttings Available Replies: 18
Posted By: bozoshoes Views: 1,231
The small FLAT RATE $4.95 shipping box is limited to 70#. You can ship lead in it if you wish. Whatever fits (less than 70 lbs.) SHIPS


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