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Subject: Dauphine (Not) 2014 Replies: 13
Posted By: JD Views: 603
Thanks Rafed.
Will do. The pulp color (Amber vs Reddish) and eye (Partially open versus Open with lashes) are different from the pictures that I have found thus far. I will keep thinking about it in the background.

Subject: Peretta producing figlets Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 833
Here is the post:

Subject: A good breakfast. Replies: 15
Posted By: JD Views: 465
Good harvest Art. You don't often see photographs of Takoma Violet. Thanks for posting pictures of yours. I am interested in reading your thoughts about its taste.

Subject: My #1 Underarted Fig Replies: 19
Posted By: JD Views: 741
Another one? My goodness...

Subject: Message to Jon and my friends (update post #$49) Replies: 160
Posted By: JD Views: 6,925
Mahalo Bro.
I will find you in the drift.

Subject: My Very First UCD Black Ischia Ripe Figs Replies: 13
Posted By: JD Views: 810
Looks good. And your great season continues. Water and sunshine only?

Subject: Strawberrry Verte 2014 Replies: 16
Posted By: JD Views: 1,022
A high tunnel is a good solution. Maybe an acre of land is my future. Not sure I want it just yet as it will require more of what I do not have...time. I also read through some of your posts on greenhouse fruit. Useful information. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Subject: Pruning and training figs: Tree or Bush form Replies: 68
Posted By: JD Views: 18,253
Excellent thread Pete.

Subject: OT: What a great nectarine looks like Replies: 15
Posted By: JD Views: 567
Good thread.
Thanks for making me curious enough to look Steve.

Subject: Strawberry Verte breba, greenhouse pics Replies: 13
Posted By: JD Views: 743
Strawberry Verte is a good fig. I like your photos. If you have more photos of your greenhouse (inside and outside), I am interested in seeing them.

Subject: Braçajote Preto (VdSolliès) (Parisiènne) Replies: 15
Posted By: JD Views: 704
Copy that Bob. Wow!

Excellent photos and an incredibly amazing collection of figs.

Subject: Smith 2014 Replies: 22
Posted By: JD Views: 1,606
What is your definition/measure for productive?

My definition is ripening 50+ in a season with minimal losses (to dropping, splitting, or souring) excluding those lost early to birds and critters. Note. The majority of my trees are potted. If grounded for four or more years, then my threshold is 75+ figs.

That said, Smith is *not* productive. It will produce about 30-35 high quality figs (if I protect them and I do) that are second only to maybe one or two others over the season.

Subject: MVS Black 2014 Replies: 11
Posted By: JD Views: 578
I agree Frank. The season has been excellent to this point. I am thankful that I am getting what I got. 

Subject: Strawberrry Verte 2014 Replies: 16
Posted By: JD Views: 1,022
@Steve. I agree. Definitely not ugly. If I get another ripe fig, I will take some time to assess your words on the skin flavor being like nectarines. Previous seasons, it was splitting issue but this season, it appears to have adapted to the climate much better, however, my problems are birds and squirrels.

I am adding you to my most wanted list. Most wanted meaning I most want to add a part of your growing environment to mine - selectively dry when the figs are ripening. Do you have birds or critters? If so, how do you protect your figs? If I do not harvest when I can (I cannot protect them all), then I do not taste them at all. If possible, then I would let a few of my Green-Reds get what I call 'dead ripe' which is what you are showing in your photograph. Beautiful.

When the fig dries like that, however, sugar concentrates which, for me, increases and intensifies its sweetness. As a consequence, I get a sugar rush or a sugar burn that obscures the taste. I like that sometimes but most often I do not like it because it tends to mask flavors that I prefer to taste and sometimes it masked the delicate nuttiness of the seeds. At that stage, the sweetness dominates my taste buds which is ok for me but infrequently.

Subject: Pananas Purple 2014 Replies: 9
Posted By: JD Views: 659
@Paul. Yes. In my opinion, Pananas Purple is better tasting than MVS Black and Gino's Black. Pananas is earlier than both here in 8B but both Gino's and MVS Black are more productive and more vigorous than Pananas Purple. Note. Pananas Purple is potted in a 4GP, MVS Black is grounded, and Gino's Black is potted in a 10GP.

Subject: Harvest 2014 Replies: 36
Posted By: JD Views: 1,559
Good points Mike. I will work on adding a photograph of a leaf and hopefully the trees.
Thanks for taking the time to tell me.

Subject: Smith 2014 Replies: 22
Posted By: JD Views: 1,606
Unlike none other. As I have said before, the acidity is unparalleled. Thus we are forever...Smitten with Smith. And as others have said before me and encouraged me to wait, I encourage you. Be patient...grasshopper. The fig will appear. I have been commanded - by my taste testers - to have more Smith figs ready to eat next any means necessary


Subject: Unknown Purple Italian 2014 ??? Not Likely Replies: 9
Posted By: JD Views: 424
More of the same...very bland but beautiful leaves.

mislabeled_!brunswick!005.JPG mislabeled_!brunswick!006.JPG mislabeled_!brunswick!007.JPG mislabeled_!brunswick!008.JPG 

Subject: Strawberrry Verte 2014 Replies: 16
Posted By: JD Views: 1,022
No splitting this season (Excellente!) but likely the last of the season. Why? The squirrels have found it, love it, and we do not have time to protect them all. I am trying to manage the 'kill kill kill kill' (in a Jason Voorheesian voice) that is escalating within me.


Subject: Black Mission NL 2014 Replies: 7
Posted By: JD Views: 711
Less shiny Jon and cracked like it should be because it had more time on the tree. More Mission-like this one is.

black_mission_nl006.JPG black_mission_nl007.JPG black_mission_nl008.JPG 

Subject: Pananas Purple 2014 Replies: 9
Posted By: JD Views: 659
Good figs.



Attached Images
jpeg pananas_purple024.JPG (306.33 KB, 9 views)

Subject: MVS Black 2014 Replies: 11
Posted By: JD Views: 578
MVS Black is the leader in the clubhouse (yet again) for Most Productive. Thanks Vasile. And yet again, the birds and squirrels are enjoying them well before they ripen. Luckily there are more than they can eat over the course of a couple of days. At least one 'survives' the predators. They are mid-season, medium size, berry, sweet, juicy, no crunch, super productive, and good to have (like a workhorse, workhorse = tool or workhorse = running back or starting pitcher). Edit. MVS Black wins Most Productive* (* = for figs not named Celeste).


mvs_black046.JPG mvs_black047.JPG mvs_black048.JPG 

Subject: Harvest 2014 Replies: 36
Posted By: JD Views: 1,559
I get figs. Super is not a word I would use. Bob, I agree the 8B climate certainly helps but heat, humidiry, rain and wide temperature swings also makes it difficult to grow some of figs without extraordinary measures. I have mostly neglected my figs - many are overcrowded, some need up-potting and/or others need fertilizing - and they still produce well in spite of me. I try to 'do no harm' and help out when I see something amiss.

Best scenario for my collection is an acre of land to grow better roots.

Subject: An apology, of sorts ... Replies: 30
Posted By: JD Views: 1,062
Welcome James!

Subject: Hunt 2014 Replies: 15
Posted By: JD Views: 688

hunt053.JPG hunt052.JPG 

Subject: Good Figs with Lost Labels 2014 Replies: 19
Posted By: JD Views: 789
I will take the time to correlate the labels (I have them all), the trees, and the worksheet...later. I prefer to use the time to document the fruit, tree and growing habits. It will get done and updated accordingly.

Subject: JH Adriatic 2014 Replies: 20
Posted By: JD Views: 1,209
To me, JH Adriatic is not jammy but more juicy. If by 'bite' you are referring to texture then yes, absolutely. The seeds add a layer of flavor and texture that I truly appreciate; and I call it 'crunch'. The size, shape, and presentation of JH Adriatic when cut might make it an ideal candidate for a dessert fig, if such a thing exists.

Subject: Ischia Black 2014 Replies: 8
Posted By: JD Views: 464
It took about seven days after swelling and coloring to get to this point.

Subject: Harvest 2014 Replies: 36
Posted By: JD Views: 1,559
This is an unfair comparison because JH Adriatic has what I believe is a unique ability to be very flavorful before the pulp to skin bleed of dead ripening occurs. Col de Dame Blanc might exhibit a similar ability but it has not yet had the chance to reveal it. If I could leave figs on the tree for as long as Martin, Francisco, Mike, Frank, and some others, I would have more days of harvesting dead ripe figs. So minus souring, bird pecking, ant burrowing, fruit fly swarming, splitting, squirrel-ing, rotting, and dropping, I wait as long as I can before picking. Rain and travel, however, invariably trigger impatience (for good reason).

Sorry Senora Blanc and Mahalo Madame Adriatic.

harvest_20140806-001e.jpg harvest_20140806-002e.jpg

Subject: Harvest 2014 Replies: 36
Posted By: JD Views: 1,559
A statement of the obvious: a dead ripe fig is better than a fig than needs a few more days. That said, Petite Negri, Smith, MVS Black, and Pananas Purple were the best figs on this plate, and in that order, according to the taste testers and me.




Subject: JH Adriatic 2014 Replies: 20
Posted By: JD Views: 1,209
JH Adriatic is the best of the green-red-berry figs that I have growing. Why? For life in 8B, its tolerance to rain, heat, humidity and 30+ degree temperature swings is imperative but not unlike Battaglia Green. What separates it from Battaglia Green (thus far) is that it is flavorful before the 'dead ripe' stage when the pulp bleeds into the otherwise thick skin. This characteristic offers a longer period to be ripe. I like that and the texture and flavor from the seed crunch. You can see how good that crunch is; can't you?

jh_adriatic016.JPG jh_adriatic015.JPG jh_adriatic014.JPG

Subject: Col de Dame Blanc 2014 Replies: 15
Posted By: JD Views: 1,099
Col de Dame Blanc. Another cutting received from UC Davis in 2011 that has survived to ripen a first fig this season. And yes, another one picked early because of impending rain and travel. I will reserve comments in anticipation of tasting at least one dead ripe fig. Just in case I do not, there was a berry flavor (in the Green-Redd-Berry family of JH Adriatic, Battaglia Green, and Strawberry Verte) to remember and a hint of a crunch. So there is promise if nothing else. I hope there is patience meaning time for me to wait for it to ripen properly.

This tree has struggled with FMV and not grown well until this season. Only Black Madeira has struggled more. Surprisingly, several correlated factors seemed to make a difference: it was repotted into an Earthbox, fertilized heavily and moved to location with less direct sunlight. Which one was most important? I do not know. I do know that Black Madeira will get a similar treatment.

col_de_dame_blanc001.JPG col_de_dame_blanc002.JPG

Subject: Ischia Black 2014 Replies: 8
Posted By: JD Views: 464
Ischia Black. Received one cutting from UC Davis in February 2011. This is the first fruit from the tree. Medium size and crunch. Unfortunately, picked too early. Why? Impending rain while on travel. No other commentary but happy that this variety ripened here in 8B. There is the hope/promise of a few more.

ischia_black001.JPG ischia_black003.JPG ischia_black004.JPG ischia_black005.JPG ischia_black006.JPG ischia_black008.JPG ischia_black009.JPG

Subject: Good Figs with Lost Labels 2014 Replies: 19
Posted By: JD Views: 789
Lost Label #02. Yet another tree without a label. Yes, I could search my spreadsheet but that is no fun. Right now, I would rather post this photos and type. I harvested this fig before the downpour and prior to the arrival of the squirrels for an evening snack. If it were not good, I would be frustrated. If I have another yellow fig, then it has not fruited and if I have a smaller fig, then I have not seen it. Tight eye, good flavor, and jammy with the slightest crunch. There were more figs on this tree but the birds and squirrels must have realized its significance before I did.


lost_label#2-001.JPG lost_label#2-002.JPG 

Subject: Black Madeira 8-6-14 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 570
Thanks Mike.
Was this fig from your potted or grounded BM?
Two more answers please. What brand of 20-20-20 (all are not created equal)? How often do you water with it?

Per the advice from Wills, I am trialing a 2x weekly application of ammonium sulfate (1 tsp/gallon of water) on a few trees with good results. Thanks Wills.

Subject: Black Madeira 8-6-14 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 570
Good to see a productive Black Madeira so close. Is yours in ground? Are you fertilizing? Any best practices or lessons learned to share?

Subject: Auction to benefit the Foundation? Replies: 130
Posted By: JD Views: 3,691
I appreciate your knowledge and skill coupled with a nice collection of classic tools. Very interesting and more to talk about. Excellent thread and an even better gesture for the foundation.

Subject: Visited FMD Replies: 19
Posted By: JD Views: 1,020
Tallahassee hospitality at its finest!

Subject: OT: Just Picked Replies: 25
Posted By: JD Views: 610
Are you able to make it to any of the mango festivals? They usually sell grafted mango trees and fruit from all over the world. Last summer we made it to the Annual International Mango Festival at Fairchild Tropical Gardens and to the Fruit & Spice Park Mango Fest (or whatever it was called). Unbelievable.

Last month at Fairchild was the 22nd Annual and Mangoes of Colombia. I had a few family members get there but none made it back to Tallahassee.

PM sent.

Subject: Malta Black 8-3-14 Replies: 21
Posted By: JD Views: 1,035
Good work Mike. Everyone should have a workhorse like Malta Black. Keep the posts coming.

Subject: Staten Island Bomb (fig pics) Replies: 30
Posted By: JD Views: 1,372
Good post of a good looking fig. Thanks Art.
How does it compare to you Vasilika Sika?

Subject: New Fig Deck - Finished! Replies: 66
Posted By: JD Views: 2,385
Nice work on the cloner. I echo Bob's request for more details or pictures that provide a guide to do,it ourselves. Or maybe you can provide a link?

Subject: OT: Just Picked Replies: 25
Posted By: JD Views: 610
You have a wide range of excellent varieties. We LOVE mangoes. When tree ripened those condo mangoes are GOOD: the Ice Cream, Cogshell Carrie, and Glenn are delicious. What a great harvest. I am surprised to see Keitts this early. I grew up in what is now Miami Gardens and much of my extended family resides in South Florida. Thus when mango season starts, I am calling friends and family to either ship them or hold until I can get back home. We make summer mango runs and we fill multiple banana boxes.

Subject: OT. Neighbors yard. Replies: 17
Posted By: JD Views: 704
Very nice Hershell. Family first. Good that you have the means and the time to make it happen. Congratulations.

Subject: Violette de Bordeaux 2014 Replies: 30
Posted By: JD Views: 1,501
Gene, I have CO2 powered handheld and shotgun .177. Considering pneumatic power.

Subject: Fig Shredded Coconut and Sesame Seed Confection Replies: 5
Posted By: JD Views: 277
Looks good. How was it?

Subject: Albuquerque White #2 2012 & 2014 Replies: 5
Posted By: JD Views: 735
Roger that DJ. We are on similar paths as it concerns ABQ White #2.

Subject: Violette de Bordeaux 2014 Replies: 30
Posted By: JD Views: 1,501
You say step over. Ok. I will add different microclimate plus the fact that my trees are likely more stressed than yours. Mine are potted, fertilized less frequently, and they are fruiting for genetic survival :) I have a grounded step over Smith and it has produced exactly 1 ripe fig. It is the 'mother' Smith tree from JF&E. Each offspring that I have and the one that Frank has produced more ripe figs this season. All of the above.

Subject: Zidi - A fig to remember Replies: 59
Posted By: JD Views: 2,869
Will you please send me the article?

Beautiful as usual. I appreciate the chronology. How were those wasps packaged in the carton? Via figs?

To my CA fig friends,
Got wasps?

Subject: My figs/bananas/fish were featured on the 10 o'clock news :) Replies: 31
Posted By: JD Views: 875
Congratulations! I really like what you are doing and have done. Inspirational to be off the grid like that.


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