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Subject: Giving Away Three JH Adriatic :: ALL GONE Replies: 18
Posted By: JD Views: 713
I am giving away the JH Adriatic layers shown in the photograph. The layers have been in the cups long enough (4+ weeks) to hardened roots and need to get out of the cups. They are requesting a good home with at least one loving parent, a view to full sun, and regular water (spiked sometimes).

First three. Ship to US only.


Subject: need suggestions - 3rd year Smith - no figs Replies: 28
Posted By: JD Views: 869
Patience. If your south is like my south, then I advise patience.

Since managing my frustration, I can say with confidence that Smith is an excellent cultivar here in 8B even when neglected. Any many have said it is slow, it is late, it is sunlight needy. Fortunately, the Kirkian echoes were resonant within me when I thought about getting rid of it saying "JD, are you out of your Vulcan mind?"

My Smith is from Just Fruits and Exotics and was purchased in 2011. The original "mother" tree is grounded and I have three potted layers (siblings) that have outperformed mother to date. Sibling #1 produced the figs shown in this 2013 post. It took 2+ years for sibling #1 to fruit and the mother tree still has still produced only two figs. This season sibling #2 has the potential to do what sibling #1 did in last season. Now, if sibling #1 holds and ripens the fruit is has, it will double what it did last year. Sibling #3 has a few buds but needs at least another year before I expect anything from it. 

Concerning metrics, the siblings (potted) get more water and less sun than the mother. No fertilizer for any of them; only Azomite and limestone. Time permitting, I will add a few photos of mother and siblings.

Subject: Improved Celeste 2014 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 814
This fig (12 gallon potted) is always first to produce a main crop and tends to set the bar quite high. One of (if not the) best figgy tasting figs. It is a jammy dense tenor saxophone-like fig. It is reliable, productive and is in the top 1% of figs here in 8B in terms of tolerance to heat, humidity, rain and gardener neglect.

EDIT: I changed the name of this thread (from LSU Improved Celeste 2014) to Improved Celeste 2014 and when I can, I will rename the images to reflect the same. Here's why: I believe the name "O'Rourke" refers to the official release of LSU Improved Celeste with five lobes. I do not believe it refers to the other misnamed and excellent cultivars (like mine).

 lsu_improved_celeste075.JPG lsu_improved_celeste076.JPG

Subject: Pingo de Mel aka Kadota, Moscatel... Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 1,639
Thanks Francisco (I enjoy seeing your photos and reading your posts) and Grasa (I think of you as a MacGyver of Figs).

I am not sure what called me to the forum this morning but I am glad that I did. Will one you please direct me to a source for Brazilian fig literature? I am always willing and currently able to read, experiment and learn more. Before posting this reply, I re-read it and found the phrase "stunted tree" which answered my question because my tree is not stunted. Instead of deleting the post, I will ask my question with an amended premise: let's say it is stunted, that is, not growing. 

According to Brazilian fig literature, given the photos attached, and what I have read in the last few post between the two of you, do you recommend that I keep the shoot on the left and "remove" the tree on the right in the first photo? In this case, I would define removal as layering.

Thanks for hypothesizing with me.

20140708_074601.jpg 20140708_074549.jpg

Subject: Kathleen Black Replies: 31
Posted By: JD Views: 1,258
Good looking fig Ryan and good photos.

Subject: excellent tasting breba Replies: 11
Posted By: JD Views: 687
Barry, Thanks for posting these pictures of Bissiri Light. It looks good. Please remind me: Is Bissiri Light the same as Bissiri #1 or Bissiri #2?

Subject: Vista, another first Replies: 23
Posted By: JD Views: 1,063
Excellent looking Vista.

I share your frustration with Vista. I was teased by its beauty and nice crop of breba which subsequently dropped with no main crop showing (I will pinch soon).

I also concur. It has been an unusual season as EVERYTHING is surprisingly late for me: all berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) and main crop of LSU IC (usually first in late May/early June) is just now ripening. Also, persimmons did not drop for the first time in three years along with a second round of pomegranate blossoms that have not dropped (yet) like the first. Very confusing and quite odd.

Subject: DIY Greenhouse Replies: 6
Posted By: JD Views: 327
Very nice design. Thanks for sharing Sue.
I hope I remember it when I need it...

Subject: San Diego Neighborhood Fig Project Replies: 31
Posted By: JD Views: 7,540
Did you ever get access to Narragansett 4277 (a dark fig with red pulp)? I know the owner was not share-friendly a couple of years ago (I asked). I am wondering if either you or Sue may have asked since then.

Subject: PIX: Paradiso Gene breba Replies: 10
Posted By: JD Views: 482

I have a few questions to get a general sense of the relative 'effectiveness' of the Tabasco sauce treatment:
  • How many figs were present when you 'treated' the tree?
  • How many figs did you lose (if any) after the application of the sauce?
  • Were there any side effects (residues) to the tree (growth) or the fruit (flavor)?

Subject: Prayer and thoughts Replies: 43
Posted By: JD Views: 993
Prayers for you Charles and for your doctors. It is good to know that the prognosis is good for recovery. Thanks Hershell and Gene for the communications.

Subject: UCD Dauphine Pics Replies: 11
Posted By: JD Views: 843
I hope you 'get lucky'. They have been nothing more than a tease for me...for the past two seasons.

Subject: A laundry basket full of fig leaves - literally. Replies: 20
Posted By: JD Views: 965
Thanks for continuing to post about the fig tea. I will wash and sunbathe some leaves. Your description of the fig tea is too good to not try. And given what I know of your other fig delicacies, you have very good taste. Thus my family and I will really love this also. The fig-walnut leather was our last 'must make' recipe.

I will let your know...

Subject: Unknown Adriatic Grasa 2014 Replies: 9
Posted By: JD Views: 739
Unknown Adriatic Grasa Breba. On April 2012, I received several Y and T shaped thick cuttings from Grasa's great Adriatic cutting migration. Thanks Grasa. Today, it provided the first breba of the 2014 season. Nothing more to add than what others have said about it - because breba are not all that good here in 8B - other than..."can't wait" for the main crop.


Attached Images
jpeg unknown_adriatic_gb003.JPG (247.58 KB, 32 views)
jpeg unknown_adriatic_gb004.JPG (244.30 KB, 57 views)
jpeg unknown_adriatic_gb005.JPG (349.11 KB, 59 views)

Subject: World's Smallest Air Propagator - DIY Tutorial Replies: 22
Posted By: JD Views: 1,922
Good work Frank. Fig engineering at its finest.

Next assignment - Fig Protection Impossible: Create a snap-on fig (fruit?) protector prototype made of something equivalent or smaller than 1/8 mesh (it breathes). It shall be large enough to snap around a s-m-l fig and the radius = bird beak + radius of s-m-l fig.

Subject: To those I owe trades... Replies: 42
Posted By: JD Views: 1,484
Get well Howie.
You are living a blessed life to have survived what you have described.

Subject: Long story Portuguese variety discovered locally ? Replies: 9
Posted By: JD Views: 659
Nice connection Sue. Point Loma is a wonderful place fig hunting and most importantly, fig finding.

Subject: Toughest fig tree of 2014 Replies: 24
Posted By: JD Views: 1,197
@Dennis. You have a PM.

Subject: Homemade tags Replies: 30
Posted By: JD Views: 920
Excellent solution Will.
My $0.80 is in the mail.

Subject: torrential rains in SE Replies: 29
Posted By: JD Views: 937

I trust that you will get through this. Flood warnings here in Tallahassee as well. Heavy rains for the past two days and thunder-electrical storms this morning. I sure wish we could distribute this rain throughout the year. Let the recoup your fig collection will be the least of your troubles. I am one of many that will help you. 

Dear God,
Thank you for the rain. Do you think it is possible to...

Subject: Now I'm a cancer survivor Replies: 68
Posted By: JD Views: 1,632
Cheers to your endurance and Thanks that you made it through.
Way to fight and persevere. I am sure it was not easy.
As FMD has stated, if collecting is in your future, just ask.

Subject: OT: is it 5 o'clock yet? has anyone seen Sweetcrisp BB? Replies: 18
Posted By: JD Views: 1,047
Amen to what Pete and Frank have said.

I third the excitement about Sweetcrisp and appreciation of Wills. It is called sweet crisp for a reason. Maybe it could be named Sweetcrisp.h (for huge) to capture all of its qualities.

Subject: what's better than Black Madeira? Replies: 66
Posted By: JD Views: 3,722
Question. Your last two post contained photos, is each one a picture of Violeta?
Great photos.

Subject: Violett De Bordeaux strains? Replies: 20
Posted By: JD Views: 963
I can add the following anecdotage and I will watch more closely this growing season: I have VdB EL (from Martin) and VdB (from UCD). Both are clearly VdBs in terms of leaf shape, fruit shape, fruit color etc. Both are potted but different in growth and fruiting habit. UCD is older, grows more vigorously, produces breba that it will hold, ripen, and taste good with cooperative weather. EL produces smaller fruit with a more compact, bursty type of sweetness - solo trumpet like whereas the UCD fruit are larger with a lingering look type of smooth sweetness - Sunday brunch jazz ensemble like. The EL produced more fruit earlier than the UCD. If I had to pick one, I choose VdB UCD Sunday Brunch style.

Subject: New Fig Deck - Finished! Replies: 66
Posted By: JD Views: 2,385
Nice deck. Curious. When you have a chance Dennis, please post photos of the drains: French and Homemade. It will be invaluable as well as it will crystallize the plan an execution for the deck.

Seriously, 6 acres per tree? How far is the property from your home? Interested to read about that fig project when it happens. How much for a half acre? Ok, round it to one a acre but you have to ship it to Tallahassee. I have a coupon code for free shipping...EARTHDAY14.

Subject: Rooting Cuttings: Water Bottle Method Replies: 27
Posted By: JD Views: 1,653
This post with the plastic bottles gave me 'vu ja de' with respect to a long (and loud) Rooting Summer Cuttings thread. The bottle in water method has been effective for me (9/10 root growth rate into 1GPs) but it requires more time and attention than other methods.

Subject: martin, what's your secret? Replies: 12
Posted By: JD Views: 882
Here are two primary lessons that I learned from forum members:

Patience/Dead Ripe (from Martin and Dan). You have already discussed this. I wait as long as I can before I pick fruit. I want them "dead ripe". I will lose and have lost some to the birds but the difference between a dead ripe fig and one that needs another day or two is significant enough for me to risk it.

Pinch (Herman). I pinch for branching and to encourage fig production. It works.

There are other lessons involving potting mix, fertilizer, and watering. However, I do not have a definitive statement on those because it has not been an issue. Concerning watering, although I primarily use bubblers, I also have some on drip and the trees are doing ok. More than anything else, I need time to pot up, up pot and root prune...but I also work for a living.

The variety of cameras used to capture a moment varies. Pete actually posted on this once before and I like his answer in this current thread.

Subject: Cutting auction! Replies: 99
Posted By: JD Views: 3,731
All doable if you have the time, energy and desire.
What you written is an example of what I mean by scale. 50 + 200 extra? Impressive.

Subject: Cutting auction! Replies: 99
Posted By: JD Views: 3,731

If you have the time, energy, and desire to share for whatever at any time, then do it. What is thought, said, and sometimes done unintentionally or purposefully are tangential especially when you serve or help people. Happy Easter!

In 2010, Martin and Dan (Abadie) we're the first to share cuttings with me. I will never forget them and looking at my backyard today neither will my neighbors nor the homeowners association. It started an obsession that inspired a collection.

Thus when I read the you had 50-60 one GPs that you were considering sharing on this forum, I thought 'Wow. Now that would be quite generous and very cool. And it would be one of the best, if not the best, pay it forwards I have witnessed on this forum. A rooted, potted and leafed out plant would be an outstanding 'get' for newbies (and some of the rest of us). Yeah that would be exceptional.

Selfishly, I am also curious to see what you have to share. Why? Well, your scale - in terms of capacity and ability and capability to grow - is an order of magnitude (or two) more than most forum members. There may be yet another fig that I add to my list.

Nevertheless, Keep sharing Wills. It is working and having an impact.

Subject: Another one down, due to fignorance Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 762
I like Martin's summer time guesstimate.
Good work on planting your fig log/boulder.
I have two considerations for you: 1) straighten the trunk protruding from the soil. I think that will allow other potential trunks to sprout from the three or so other limbs/roots shooting out of the log lower down and to the right (top view of your first picture) and 2) make a clean cut on the top of the trunk (the piece sticking out of the pot). Thus less surface to dry out and/or rot. It looks like the top of it was broken off.

Subject: OT: now i have blueberry... now i'm looking at raspberry... Replies: 26
Posted By: JD Views: 740
Anne (yellow) and Caroline (red) have done well here in the rain, heat, 30+ degree temperature swings, and humidity of 8B. I have two Earthboxes of Anne and one EB of Caroline. Both are very productive and grow to 8+ feet tall each year. I like the taste of the Anne much more than Caroline. Based upon some low level looking, I.e., comments from others with similar growing environments, I planted purple (Royal) and Black (Bristol) this spring in EBs as a trial.

Subject: Another one down, due to fignorance Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 762

In response to your request: "I'm not entirely sure to do with the chunks I have now, I guess throw them in soil and see what happens?" Will you please describe the chunks? If you can post a picture, then that will be 1000 words without typing a word. And you will likely get helpful unconditional advice.

Meanwhile, first thoughts:
  • Ground Chunk. Sure. Plant a chunk in the soil. When you wrote soil, I presume you the ground,
  • Pot Chunk. Planting at least one chunk in a pot with potting mix (a more controllable environment), and/or
  • T-Y Prune Chunk. If your chunk is think and log like with limbs sticking out of it, then consider pruning to create a T-shaped or Y-shaped cutting to plant in the ground and in a pot. Older/mature wood for the base to be buried and the younger wood as the new trunk.
Rooting logs this way has been very successful for me. In this thread, there may be some helpful information:

Attached Images
jpeg socorro_black005.jpg (438.77 KB, 22 views)

Subject: Lubera (Swiss) Fig Videos Replies: 19
Posted By: JD Views: 2,593
I too would like to see Peretta when possible.

Subject: PIX: Socorro Black Replies: 8
Posted By: JD Views: 687
Nice work saving it Pete. Along with the layering that Martin mentioned it to bury the elbow when you pot up.

Subject: OT: Sushi Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 716
My family and I love sushi. At one point, we had it weekly. Less frequently now but most recently in Las Vegas at Jjana; one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

Subject: Breba 2014 Replies: 23
Posted By: JD Views: 1,029
Thanks. The camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5. It has been and continues to be an excellent camera. Here are a few comprehensive reviews [1][2].

Subject: Breba 2014 Replies: 23
Posted By: JD Views: 1,029
Originally Posted by javajunkie
I can't wait for your taste profile.

It should be a fun season. Meanwhile, if you have not already, click on the links (the fig names) and you can read what I wrote about the fruit(s) in 2013.

Originally Posted by Darkman
My LSU Gold has a decent amount of Brebas. Should I remove these?

Other than LSU Improved Celeste, the breba here usually drop or lack taste. My preference is to prepare for a good main crop by removing any breba. Then I give thanks whether or not I get a main crop because it is not promised and the weather can water down what might otherwise be a good harvest.

Subject: Breba 2014 Replies: 23
Posted By: JD Views: 1,029

While out raking up a massive amount of oak leaves to be re-purposed as mulch, I noticed the signs of Spring the form of breba (that I usually knock off).

Cannone Dark has a chance to produce more breba than any other tree I have witnessed here in 8B ever. I will keep only a couple. Given the uniqueness of the main crop in 2013, it will be interesting to see the size, texture, and taste of the breba. Fig Start Date 3/12 to see how quickly the breba ripen here. The attached images are all from the same L shaped tree (one whip limb and another major limb that is growing espalier-like).


Socorro Black


Unknown Adriatic [from Grasa]
Unknown Foxcroft

Violette de Bordeaux

Attached Images
jpeg cannone_dark011.JPG (299.10 KB, 32 views)
jpeg cannone_dark012.JPG (258.66 KB, 30 views)
jpeg cannone_dark013.JPG (292.62 KB, 32 views)
jpeg cannone_dark014.JPG (271.70 KB, 32 views)

Subject: Better rupture resistant variants Here. Replies: 8
Posted By: JD Views: 595

I can verify that the following figs from your list also exhibit a rain-tolerance characteristic here in rainy, 30 degree temperature swinging North Florida:

Dark Portuguese
Hardy Chicago
JH Adriatic
LSU Champagne

I will also add the figs that follow with the caveat that they also have a high heat threshold to get premium, very good tasting fruit:

Black Bethlehem
LSU Scott's Black
Malta Black
MVS Black

Subject: Cuttings to Share 2014 Replies: 16
Posted By: JD Views: 1,212
All claimed.

I pruned a portion of my fig collection this evening. As always, I prefer a private exchange. Thus if you have an interest, please PM. I have shared cuttings previously [1][2]. The cutting will not be cleaned or disinfected...straight from the tree as is. The list that follows is living/dynamic. As time and life permit, I will update the list (infrequently). When updated, all gone will be greyed out, and it will grow as I prune. No number simply means that there are 20+ cuttings available:
  • Bournabat (2)
  • Black Mission NL (6)
  • Golden Celeste (9)
  • Hunt (10)
  • MVS Black
  • Panevino Dark (11)
  • Sal's Corleone
  • Scott's Black
  • Smith (3)
Life is better. Health is wealth. Paying it forward.
Cuttings to many. Outweigh cuttings to a few. Or to just one...when you have the time.

Subject: Pictorial: The 5 Minute Mini SIP Replies: 116
Posted By: JD Views: 7,919
I need a safe house/safer way to overwinter a few layers with lignified roots that are promised to fig friends in the Spring. I have done it "my way" in the past but this way looks better. Thanks Frank. Good idea and I am putting it to the test. Five minutes is more than enough time to make two of them.

Repurposed Stuff & Gear: 32 oz yogurt container, 4 oz apple sauce container, straw, soldering iron, scissors, ruler, time.

Photo with the layer to follow...

Attached Images
jpeg mini-sip001.jpg (588.56 KB, 98 views)
jpeg mini-sip002.jpg (615.76 KB, 102 views)
jpeg mini-sip003.jpg (530.19 KB, 103 views)
jpeg mini-sip004.jpg (524.78 KB, 103 views)
jpeg mini-sip005.jpg (593.44 KB, 105 views)

Subject: JH Adriatic 2013 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 1,258
Thanks Francisco and Pako.

The skin is green. The first two photos (of the same fig) were taken in a hurry and in poor light because I was surprised to find it and so happy to eat it. It was almost ended up like most of the figs this season: eaten and not photographed which happens to be the preferred method of the other two fig eaters in our household.

Subject: Figo Preto do Calvario Replies: 26
Posted By: JD Views: 1,283
As always, thanks for sharing your figs and photographs of figs. In terms of taste, I know it is difficult to compare but is this fig below average, average, or above average relative to the scores of figs you have shared with us.

Subject: JH Adriatic 2013 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 1,258

Here in 8B Battaglia ripened a few weeks before JH Adriatic. If I have to choose a green fig, then I prefer them both. They are head a shoulders above all green figs that I have tasted and for my taste, better than many dark figs. CdD Blanc has a good reputation but it is slow growing here.

Subject: JH Adriatic 2013 Replies: 14
Posted By: JD Views: 1,258
JH Adriatic cuttings were received in March 2010. Thanks Ricci. It has taken some time but this year about twelve fruit have ripen. It is better than advertised. It is a medium sized (35g average) green skinned with a deep red pulp. The figs are sweet, dark berry flavored, syrupy, slightly acid with a nice light crunch. In a taste test, I believe that JH will outpace many of the more heralded dark figs.



Attached Images
jpeg jh_adriatic006.JPG (289.22 KB, 59 views)
jpeg jh_adriatic007.JPG (346.51 KB, 67 views)
jpeg jh_adriatic008.JPG (294.19 KB, 61 views)
jpeg jh_adriatic011.JPG (340.19 KB, 57 views)
jpeg jh_adriatic012.JPG (319.88 KB, 46 views)

Subject: Sicilian Black JR 2013 Replies: 3
Posted By: JD Views: 438

I have not yet had any splitting and this was one of a handful that we have eaten. This one was lucky enough to make it inside so I photographed it. Another handful were bird food...they have no manners.

Subject: Mixed Up Labels Replies: 6
Posted By: JD Views: 629
China White? As the mislabeled trees fruit, I get somewhat closer to reconciling the mixed up labels. There seems to be an ancillary but equally disturbing I have what I was given. When I reconcile the labels, this should be China White RW but it is different from what a member I trust has posted [1][2].

Meanwhile, this 42g fig is honey sweet and that skin crackin' looks good. As Gene mentioned, it does have a different taste. Unfortunately, it still tastes like a light colored fig with a light colored interior, i.e., not my favorite.


Attached Images
jpeg china_white_rw001.JPG (253.45 KB, 11 views)
jpeg china_white_rw002.JPG (233.17 KB, 10 views)
jpeg china_white_rw003.JPG (288.82 KB, 10 views)

Subject: Sicilian Black JR 2013 Replies: 3
Posted By: JD Views: 438
Sicilian Black JR is a typically good dark fig. This one (25g) was much better than others this season and in seasons past. And it is worth keeping, short term. Edit. It looks like Sicilian Black is a treat for those who have it. Several have posted about it; Bugs most recently.


Attached Images
jpeg sicilian_black010.JPG (255.05 KB, 33 views)
jpeg sicilian_black012.JPG (315.42 KB, 33 views)

Subject: Negretta, Chris Black, Smith, Violette de Bordeaux (Negronne) and Brown Turkey Photos Replies: 41
Posted By: JD Views: 2,939
Very nice Tam. I trust that your harvest continues to be as good as it appears to be. Thanks for posting the photos.

Subject: Black Greek fig tree find---SCORE! Replies: 67
Posted By: JD Views: 3,762
Nice work DJ!

I must admit that I was not expecting to see that much green. Nonetheless, the way that tree sprawls, I would not be surprised if there are several suckers growing as well. You may be able to jump start her tree transport that way also. Finally, if it knocked you down like that, then maybe you should consider digging it out and moving it to your NC Fig Haven. Otherwise, another mother of a known to knock-you-off-of-your-feet fig tree could be loss if a new owner considers it a nuisance or is not into figs or not into fig eating birds.


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