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Subject: Fig Care Help - Pruning Replies: 4
Posted By: akushner Views: 857
Thanks!  That's really helpful.  I'm assuming the buds break at the beginning of spring so pruning would be best at the end of the winter.

Subject: Fig Care Help - Pruning Replies: 4
Posted By: akushner Views: 857
Hello.  I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, NY in Nov 2007.  There is a beautiful fig tree in the back that both seasons produced about 200 figs.  During the 2 winters I have been here I haven't pruned it or done anything to help it get through the winter and both seasons it has survived and produced lots of fruit.

I'd like to prune it this year as it is getting a little too big for my small backyard.  Also, I've noticed that some of the branches are resting on each other or crossing, which I've heard is bad.

I've attached some pictures of the tree.  These pictures were taken last week so you can see it is still producing fruit.

So my questions are:

a) What type of fig tree is this?

b) When and how should I prune this?  From searching the internet (and this forum) the standard advice seems to be: wait until the tree is dormant and then cut it back 1/3.  Does this apply to my tree?

c) Do I need to wrap it or do anything to it so it survives the winter?  As mentioned, I haven't done anything the 2 winters I have been here.  Maybe I'm just lucky.

Thanks so much.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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