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Subject: Annual Wish-List of 6 Cuttings for 2012-13. Replies: 79
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 5,453
Here is my list.  :) 
Black Bethlehem
Marseille vs Blk
Petite Aubique

Malta Black

Subject: Input on this idea? Replies: 33
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 3,492

What's the distance between each raised veggie bed?  Maybe you can have three potted fig tree between veggie beds.  From the picture, the 8 or 9 o'clock to 12 or 1 o'clock postion in your garden would be the ideal location for figs. 

Subject: Monster Seattle Fig & Mystery Fig Replies: 7
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 868
Have you check out two fig trees in UW campus? 


Subject: Today's lunch Replies: 5
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 622

Wow... Congratulation!  That is my dream to harvest so many figs one day!  What are those figs? 

Subject: What‘s breed is it ?(This figs taste very sweet,soft and smooth) Replies: 18
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 1,503

Is it Brunswick?  Leaves and fruits are similiar... 

Subject: New fig grower looking for recommendation for Bellevue, WA (7b) Replies: 7
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 797
Welcome to the forum.  It is really a very good place to get information for figs.  You will probably end up getting more fig trees than what you plan to.  :)

Have you check out kiwibob's website?

I am a little bit north of your place, totem lake area.  I am growing many varieties from cuttings, so I will not know what good choices are for Puget Sound area for few more years. 


Subject: Olympian Replies: 139
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 10,431
Just read this article from local newspaper about Olympian fig:

It would be interesting to see the result of growing this fig in other states. 


Subject: Getting worried about UC Davis order... Replies: 20
Posted By: pyxistort Views: 1,515
Got my order today.  I did not receive any shipping notice, but it just showed up today.  UC Davis sent so many cuttings that I am sure I will have extra available for everyone.  It's like finding a big easter egg.  :)



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