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Subject: Fig Tree I saved Replies: 23
Posted By: PM920 Views: 1,421
  Hi I got this tree from a house that burned down in Hamilton NJ. I was driving bye  and saw a burned down house with a partially burned fig tree along side of it. I stopped and asked the neighbors and they told me the house was abandoned and  I could help myself to the tree. So I dug up a coule of branches potted it and this is it 3 years latter. Don't know what kind it is any help? one more pic
  Thank you Paul
   PS thanks Gorgi & bass for the info on posting pics

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jpeg big_green_figs.jpg (17.30 KB, 114 views)
jpeg green_fig_leafs.jpg (31.76 KB, 127 views)
jpeg green_fig_inside.jpg (13.46 KB, 128 views)
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Subject: Pine bark mini nuggets Replies: 9
Posted By: PM920 Views: 959
 Great idea, I was facing the same problem I though I was done mowing for the year I guess the lawn mower comes out again. Question what method do you use to post your pics, I'm having a hard time trying to post pics
  Thank you

Subject: Hello Replies: 5
Posted By: PM920 Views: 602
Originally Posted by nelson20vt

Welcome to the forum Paul you will fit right in. Have any pics of your fig plants we all love pictures lol. Thank You I'll try to post pics as i find them

Subject: Hello Replies: 5
Posted By: PM920 Views: 602
Originally Posted by paully22
Paul, Great that you found this site. Welcome. Hope to learn from your experience.
Thank You

Subject: Hello Replies: 5
Posted By: PM920 Views: 602

I am new to the forum I live in upstate New york,previously lived in LI NY.(around the the corner from Chris Dipaola) I have been playing with Fig trees for many years.Its nice to see I'm not the only one who has a passion for growing figs. Currently have a few trees from Chris Dipaola,my fathers tree from queens NY and most recent trees brought back from my parents town in Greece by my Mother. looking forward to being part of the form


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