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Subject: Off Replies: 13
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 1,065

That tree wants to live, in spite of you and the dog. Good luck. Gary

Subject: Sunburn ? Replies: 3
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 623

I put those started cuttings outside in mostly shade, now their leaves are getting white streaks and some are curling. Is this sunburn? what should I do for them, or should I leave them alone and wait for new leaves to come out? Thank's, Gary

Subject: Vermicompost [worm castings] harvester for fertilizer Replies: 5
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 969

Don't forget to pick up any worm cocoons that drop through the screen, but looks good. Gary

Subject: my sickly black madiera Replies: 42
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 1,937

From looking at the picture, it looks like there might be scale or something sucking on three veigns on the top leaf. You might want to look closely at this thing and remove them. It could be having a hard time with bugs. Good luck, Gary

Subject: How long to wait to put cuttings outside Replies: 4
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 742
I have some rooted cuttings in the house, close to a south window. How old do these cuttings have to be before I can take them outside, and do I need to do it gradually? Thank,s Gary
I'm in Oregon zone 8

Subject: fig on cutting Replies: 2
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 476

I received some unknown cuttings from a member. Now one is putting on a fig, but no roots. I think I should remove it to put more energy into rooting, what do you think. Gary

Subject: Greenhouse Replies: 8
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 817

Harbor freight has the ten by twelve foot greenhouse on sale right now for $599.00, plus I'm using a 20% off coupon to bring the final price down to $480.00 through March 25th. May be useful to someone.

Subject: what pot size? Replies: 12
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 1,012

Ever think you might need a plant psychologist?

Subject: Cuttings to share in Burnaby BC before we move Replies: 9
Posted By: icecube13 Views: 1,111

If you still have some cuttings available, I'd be interested. Can you send me what you would want to send cuttings to Oregon? Thank's, Gary


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