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Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542
I would be fine with it being a Celeste. Mainly because I would know the variety :) ! If it is a Celeste, I can say for sure that I like Celeste better then Italian Honey :> .


If you do take new pics of your Blue Bingo, I'd still like to see them.

Anyone else feel like this one is a Celeste. Three or more votes & that's what I'll call it unless I'm proved otherwise.

How about other thoughts H2, Bass, Jason, gorgi, others? 

Subject: Tennis ball "can" & scaly visitor Replies: 43
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,557
Funny how this thread has taken on a strong critter related skew. I'm right at home :) .

Ken, It hadn't crossed my mind that it might be an intergrade. Just thought it was a nice specimen. In my area we have the Black King (L.g. Nigra) and the Prairie King (L. Calligaster) living side by side. They don't tend to cross for some reason though. 

On a sunny day in late April I could find so many of these guys by flipping sheets of tin. Plenty enough snakes to make most folks skin crawl. If my neighbor new just how many snakes we live in proximity to she would probably move to Canada. If she even hears of a snake being killed nearby she won't come out of her house for the rest of the day. Poor thing. For her sake I try to keep my herp interests quite.

I could talk snakes & tell you stories all day but I think this is a fig forum ;) .   

Subject: Tennis ball "can" & scaly visitor Replies: 43
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,557

I've been a big reptile fan for as long as I can remember. In the words of the late great Steve Irwin "She's a beauty, Wooo!"

You probably already know this Ken, but for the sake of those who don't, and may be interested - that's the one that most folks call the Desert Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula splendida). 

I see plenty Kingsnakes around here but they're a different sub-species.

Oh yeah. Interesting ideas on the rooting too ;) . I especially like the idea of burying the cutting completely. Should work. 

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542

Wouldn't that be a kick if this tree came from the same area!? Now I'm anxious to go speak with ol' Don. Although I knew he is from LA ,I never really thought of him as being cajun but that would explain some of his mannerisms :-) . I've heard him say Ooooh boy! A few times but I've heard a few Kentuckians talk like that too though. Anyway, just having a little light come on in my noggin ;) .

I will speak to Farmer Don within the next day or so. And I will be sure to get as much info as he can recall. I'll also be sure to write down Thibodeaux, otherwise I'd forget that one for sure.

Here are some pics of the tree (with fruit) itself. I took a couple of them this morning when the lighting was at a bad angle. So the color is off a bit. That's my dog 'Sage' in a couple of the shots. 

Attached Images
jpeg Don's.jpg (447.16 KB, 41 views)
jpeg Don's_Fig_Tree.jpg (448.06 KB, 46 views)
jpeg Don's_Tree.jpg (342.15 KB, 47 views)
jpeg Farmer_Don.jpg (371.84 KB, 46 views)

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542

The next time I vist Farmer Don, I will see if I can get any more details as to just where he got the tree, from whom, etc.

Although my thoughts tend to be a bit preliminary Dan, I tend to agree with you on this leaf shape/development thing. I know I haven't given it as much close scrutiny as you may have but I think I'll pay closer attention now after talking about it.

It seems to me that more mature trees tend to be more set in their leaf shape & size(once fully devloped) than younger trees. It also seems that certain varieties may be more reliable or "set" than others as well........Just a couple of my thoughts.

Also, I took some more pics of this tree & the other 2. I'll have to post them later after work though. 

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542
Looks very similar to yours Dan. In fact your pictures seem to show the correct color better than mine do. Mine seemed to look more reddish inside in my pics. That's not really accurate as the flesh does look more amber-ish in person. With maybe just a slight hue of pink.

The one main difference at this point is the leaf shape. Look forward to hearing back from you on more recent leaf shape from yours.

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542
Thanks Rueben.

Interesting thing about the stem. On a different tree of the same variety, the fruit stems are longer. This is one that had more winter die-back and the figs are forming later than the other 2 trees of this variety. These probably won't have enough time to fully form b4 winter though. 

I'll get a pic of this one later & post it.

As for the color? The pics don't seem to show the true color very well but it's not too far off.

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542

Sorry guys. The pics were there last night when I posted them. Hopefully you can see them now :) .

Subject: Is this Celeste? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,542

This is an unknown that I got in Nov '09 from a local gardener. Most everyone around here knows him as "Farmer Don" because of the huge garden he always tends right out next to a main road.

He's been growing this fig for years. He brought it with him years ago when he moved from Lousiana. He mentioned once that he thought it might be Texas Everbearing  - ?

This is the first time I've seen fresh ripe fruit from it. My first guess would have been Celeste but I'm just not sure being relatively new to growing figs my self.

The flavor was quite sweet and juicey but not super juicey. One of the better figs I've tasted so far.

I'll try to get pics of the tree with the fruit on it for next time I post.

Any thoughts?

Attached Images
jpeg Dons_Brown.jpg (317.79 KB, 103 views)
jpeg Don's_Brown.jpg (543.46 KB, 97 views)
jpeg Don's_Unk_Brown.jpg (504.89 KB, 96 views)
jpeg Farmer_Don's_Brown.jpg (494.35 KB, 85 views)

Subject: Having More Fun Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 764

Very nice Martin. I'm sure you've gone over this before but I'll ask again. What kind of soil/media do you use?

Subject: Large Unknown Figs Replies: 14
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,073
Hey caney,

Yeah, Somerset is still there :] . The toll booths on the Cumberland Pky have been gone for some years now. I used to have to hit one on each end on my trips over there & back. Makes it nice that they're gone now.

I'd be nearly certain that the hardware store you're referring to is Paul's Discount. Huge store that sells just about anything. They're one of those stores that have been there so long they used to carry dynamite that could be purchased over the counter. This is probably no exaggeration.

I know personally, that I was in that store about 40 years ago. My grandad used shop there when he was young. They probably still carry the fishing lures you lost - or simmilar anyway.

I spoke with Mario by phone today. I'll be visiting him sometime between the end of this month & end of next month. It will most likely be on a Sunday afternoon. Just not sure about which Sunday yet. He says his best figs may not be ripe until early next month. So this may be a determining factor on when I visit :) .

Subject: A new unknown Replies: 5
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 770

This little tree has been moved around 3 or 4 times over the past couple of years. When my friend first told me about it, he had recently dug it up from one location and moved to another.

The spot he moved it to was kind of low and seemed to hold water alot. So I reccomended that he move it.

At the time, he had just put his house on the market. So he dug it up and
put it in a pot. It grew pretty well throughout last summer in the pot.

When last winter was approaching, I reccommended he keep it in his attached garage next to the interior wall. He did so and it work out just fine.

This spring he planted it in the ground in some good soil. It really took off and started making figs.

Prior to him telling me about it, I don't know how long he had it or what kind of winter care it was given. I told him that I'd help him cover it come winter this year. Next time I talk to him I'll ask how long he's had it and where his wife's dad got it.

It may be important to point out that, just because the original owner is Italian, doesn't mean the tree came from Italy. I'm just not sure on that point & will have to try to find out.

As for flavor? I'm going to have to get a couple more fruits to refresh my memory. Also, the fruits I had were a tad under-ripe. So, hopefully I'll be able to give a better idea of the flavor later.

Thank you guys for your input. 

Subject: Hardy Chicago? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,985
Glad you have some of these going too Jason. Having someone else's first-hand experience on this one will, hopefully, prove to be very helpful.

My attempt at describing the flavor is something like this: Somewhat rich tasting with a very mild berry-like flavor. When compared to the HC I've tried, this one tasted similar but didn't have the slight sweet-tart flavor that the HC seemed to have.

I just wish I had a bowl full of them so I could experience a real good "cross-section" on the flavor.  

Subject: Large Unknown Figs Replies: 14
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,073

Sounds like there are a few of us within a couple hours of one another.

Yeah I pass the corvette plant every time I visit my family in Somerset.

We should try to plan a 'big fig meet' one of these summers when we all have ripe figs to share (or even fall cuttings, etc). Don't know how Mario feels about it but his place would the perfect central spot to do something like that. I won't encourage that any further though without first hearing his thoughts on it.

Subject: A new unknown Replies: 5
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 770
Hi Bob.

These figs formed on new wood so, this must be main crop. In fact I don't know whether it has a breba crop or not.


Subject: A new unknown Replies: 5
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 770
This is a fig that belongs to a friend of mine. He has just a small bush with quite a few figs on it. This is the first time I've seen ripe fruit in his tree.

He got the tree a few yrs ago from his Italian father-in-law. His father-in-law has been growing this one for many years (maybe even decades) in middle TN.

Any suggestions as to the variety?

Attached Images
jpeg Ray_Fig.jpg (874.38 KB, 37 views)
jpeg Ray_Figs.jpg (833.79 KB, 60 views)
jpeg Ray's_Fig.jpg (410.25 KB, 65 views)
jpeg Ray's_Tree.jpg (668.30 KB, 34 views)

Subject: Hardy Chicago? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,985
Well you know, I have that vanishing pic thing that happens every time I post.


My images are shy & need a little extra encouragement.

Take your pick :) .

Subject: My first Beall Replies: 0
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 674
This is a sad looking little tree. It was really stressed out from the intense heat we've had this summer in KY. I was amazed to see that it held onto this one fruit right up to maturity.

Hopefully I will be able to keep it safe through this winter. It would be nice to see it put on some growth next season.

The fruit flavor was pretty bland and un-impressive. I certainly won't pass judgment based on this trees very first fruit though. I have little doubt that the flavor will improve with age.

Cutting originated from Encanto Farms.

Attached Images
jpeg Fig_Cuttings_044.jpg (703.56 KB, 41 views)
jpeg Fig_Cuttings_047.jpg (752.45 KB, 37 views)
jpeg Beall.jpg (406.04 KB, 33 views)
jpeg Fig_Cuttings_050.jpg (357.78 KB, 46 views)

Subject: Hardy Chicago? Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,985
Here are a couple more pics of this unknown fig. This fruit & leaves are from the immature tree in my yard. The leaves look quite deformed compared to the parent tree. So, I doubt they will be of much use toward getting an ID.

There are a couple more fruit on my tree that may still ripen. I'll try to add pics of those later. 

Attached Images
jpeg Owensboro.jpg (874.15 KB, 55 views)
jpeg Unk_Owens_My_Tree.jpg (633.63 KB, 89 views)

Subject: Large Unknown Figs Replies: 14
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,073

Welcome to the Forum!

I didn't realize you are in Bowling Green until Mario chimed in. It's great to see another Kentucky fig grower on here! It will be interesting to compare notes on how our figs do in each of our locations over time.

That makes at least four of us Kentuckians posting on here now. I'd venture to say that Mario has been at it longest out of the 4 of us. So, we may do well to draw on his experiences so far.

Great looking fig by the way. Too bad the taste isn't so great. Maybe it will get better as the tree matures. Is it green when ripe? Where did you get it 2 yrs ago?

Subject: my new greenhouse Replies: 30
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,872
Fantastic greenhouse Mario! It's nice to get a look at it. Is it situated north/south lengthwise? 

I really do want to pay you a visit. I hope that offer is still open :) . Hopefully Sara & I can still coordinate to visit on the same day.  

I owe you a return phone call don't I Mario?  -Will do.

I look forward to those figs ripening. You may very well get a positive ID on some of them once you post some pics of ripe fruit here.

Subject: Intermittent Mist System - Propagation Replies: 11
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,745

I am also familiar with the misting system you are referring to. I have some of the equiptment to set up a mist system but have just never put it together. It's good to see that you have.

I know someone locally who grew three varieties of figs, using the mist system, for some years. He told me that this is the only way he grew cuttings. He used semi-soft summer cuttings & rooted them in sand with a high degree of success.

@Jim. It sounds like you're aware of a better media to use. I had not yet heard of using the perlite/peat media for rooting. I may have to try it if I ever get my system set up.

I'm going to check out your video Mike. Maybe I'll be inspired to get the lead out & set up my own system :) .

Subject: Check out my RED fig Replies: 35
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,384
So Gene, Is this the first ripening fruit on an unknown variety?

Very odd looking fig by the way. I would call it very cool in my personal vernacular. If this color is consistent, it would become very popular for its ornamental value alone.

Don't leave us hanging man. Tell us more about this one :) . 

Subject: You are probably a "fignut" if........ Replies: 72
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 3,787

Guilty on most counts!

Here's one more;
.....When you plant a fig tree just outside your bathroom window so that when you go relieve yourself in the morning, you can raise the shade to "check on" your tree!
That's one I'm personally guilty of.

- One just outside my bedroom window as well.
- Not to mention more than one outside the living room window.
- Now I'm wondering where I can add more windows! 
- I make these admissions only among fellow fignuts HeHe ;).

Good stuff Dan. 

Subject: Hot and humid.. Replies: 29
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,447

Guess I could have just looked at your profile. I see that you have your location on there. I lived in Naples for 10 years. Yes, it does get very hot down there. The sun is more intense too. I grew all sorts of other stuff but never did try figs while down there. Guess I should have!


We sure are having a hot one here in KY this year. It was 101F when I went by the bank today around 1:PM. Looks like Cecil has got us beat out in TX though. Like Jason says, those Texans have always got to go bigger huh? Show offs!? ;)

Subject: Rooting With Summer Branches Replies: 14
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,301
I like it Martin. Keeping it simple.

The type of wood you are selecting to root with is a wise choice. This is the same typ of wood the big nurseries use when they are rooting with those mist propagation systems. The term for new green wood that has hardened off somewhat is "lignified wood". Not soft green wood, and not quite hardwood yet. Just like in goldie-locks, it's just right :) .

I've got a piece of soft greenwood in a cup of water on my front porch (full shade). I wasn't brave enough to stick it in any kind of soil mix. It has started to root, but it remains to be seen if I can make a tree out of it or not.

Subject: Hot and humid.. Replies: 29
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,447
Those are some fine looking dogs Olga! I am sure you have no problems at all with birds, squirrells, or any other small critters coming into your orchard :-0.

They sure have the right idea on beating this heat. You, obviously take good care of them. They look pretty happy in those pics.

I did a little work in my yard today but I wasn't interested in staying out there for too long. It's supposed to hit 99/100F again for us over the next couple of days. It's hot man! But the figs seem to like it.

What part of the country are you in Olga?

Subject: Hello Every one Replies: 11
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 898
Welcome to the F4F Lee. You've come to the right place to feed your fig fever.

If you haven't done so yet, you will find the search engine here to be very useful. So, if there's anything you're not sure about or want to know more about, just try the search button. There is so much great stuff that's been discussed here at one time or another.

Of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask. Most everyone is very helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Subject: Why Aeilee? Replies: 43
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,791
Hi Olga.

I guess I'm just wishing we are wrong about this person. There are so many good folks on here - just be a shame to have someone taking advantage.

I suppose if there be wolves about, it's up to us to be 'cautious as serpents while doing our part to remain innocent as doves' -Mt 10:16 .

Subject: White Greek Replies: 31
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,579

Great looking fig Olga. You make it sound good - like one that I must have :) . My wishlist is getting crowded again but maybe I can make room for it.

Subject: Why Aeilee? Replies: 43
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,791
I've held off from commenting until now. I have no intention though of making any stabs whether deserved or not.

I do however appreciate your sentiments Bass.

It would be kind of a shame if this person really were just and over-eager 13 year old. If this had been explained up front and someone like that simply came out & asked for cuttings, I'd say most of us would have overlooked the inappropriate behavior and offered cuttings anyway. Could still be the case, but who knows at this point?

His silence could still be due to his age & lack of "people skills". But again, can't really say for sure.

I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But it is really hard to determine emotions and true intent in this kind of format. This is in fact probably why most of us may be over-cautious or quick to mis-interpret things here (maybe, maybe not -?).

At any rate, if he really is what/who he says he is, then I hope he sticks with gardening & plant propagation.

Having said all this, it doesn't mean that a 13 year old is isn't capable of being devious or dishonest. Without someone here knowing this kid personally, we may never know for sure. 

Subject: Kalamata Black 2011 progress Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 791
Great looking trees folks!

In spite of the FMV, this variety sure doesn't seem to let that slow down its productivity. I'm loving how productive it is!

This means I'm going to have to add this variety to my wish list - Aw dang! 

Subject: Zidi Replies: 22
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,616
So, Smyrna types require pollination correct Jon?

Yet, you're getting fruit from this one, right Bass?  -Interesting.

I rec'd a couple of cuttings of this one from UCD this year. I'm not going to "count my chickens before my eggs are hatched" though. So, it may be awhile before I'm able to report on this one.

Hopefully, we all get a suprise & have some fruits from Zidi. 

Subject: Who sent this and what is it? Replies: 12
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,261

I know this must be frustrating, not knowing who the cuttings are from. Thus no idea what the variety is. Have you tried making a list of people you rec'd cuttings from this season? Maybe your next step could be trying to contact them individually - ?

Just trying to offer suggestions as well as help keep this thread alive.

Subject: Nordland = Slocan? Replies: 15
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,174
Hey Jason. That's a good catch on your part! You may be on to something.

If that difference you noticed is constant on each respective tree, that would be enough to indicate a genetic difference at least.

Are there enough fruits on both trees to see if the difference Jason noticed is consistent on each tree?

Subject: Bright Red Fig. Replies: 40
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,378
Welcome to the forum oldghost.

I have no idea what this one might be. Pretty sure it's a safe to say that it's NOT Kadota as labeled. Seems that most nurseries will slap any name on a fig tree just to try to sell it. 

Could be a good find though. If you have the option to purchase it, it might be fun to try it just to see what it actually turns out to be.

Subject: Summer and Winter Replies: 17
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,066
No rain for us in the forecast until Aug 4. With temps in the high to mid 90's+ until then.

I hope the figs like it like this! I guess as long as I give them plenty to drink they'll be OK.  

Subject: Who sent this and what is it? Replies: 12
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,261
Definately not my writing or cuts Jason. So, you can rule me out. Hope you get it figured out.

EDIT: This is kind of a side note here but thought it might be helpful if anyone is interested in storing cuttings in the fridge for an extended period. Hope you don't mind Jason. If so, we can move it to its own thread.

Before putting cuttings in the fridge;
> Rinse ctgs in clean water.
> Let them dry completely. You can gently wipe & pat them dry if you want.
> Wrap them very well in plastic celophane wrap (Do not add anything for extra moisture such as damp paper towels or shpagnum moss).
> Place the wrapped bundles in a freezer baggie & stick 'em in the fridge.

I have a feeling that the cuttings I'm doing this with will remain viable for much longer than we expect.

Subject: What is this? Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 932
~ celt,

Glad you appreciate my sense of humor. Comes from my mothers side of the family. They've always been an odd bunch ;) .

Sorry, I thought it was all about the big leaf. The fruit are very interesting. I'm afraid I won't be of much help on the ID though.

Maybe the flavor will improve as the tree matures.

Can you post some more pics of the entire tree? Maybe of the other fruits as they ripen?

Subject: Summer and Winter Replies: 17
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,066
I second that James. We are really having a hot one here in W KY this year.

I continue to be suprised by how much different our weather can be here compared to most of the rest of KY. We can be having a drought while there's a downpour 2 hrs east of us. Very often storms will form to the west of us then the storm wil part, go around us, & then re-form to the east. Fortuntely we got some rain yesterday. My plants really appreciated it.

I was also looking up the first & last frost dates for KY earlier. I was suprised when I realized that our season can be as much as 30 days longer (or more) in Murray KY than in Somerset KY for example. I have actually seen a greater span than that considering that I've seen a last spring frost date as early as the 4th or 5th of April.
 Here, check this page out:

Subject: Unknown cuttings: "Hobart", "Schuyler", "Voiture #217" Replies: 97
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 5,971
I agree that many of the leaves look like pictures of Brunswick I've seen. But then there are other leaves that make you second guess that.

BTW JD, the triplets are looking great.

Subject: Fig Orchard Irrigation pics Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 2,701

Nice Snagl, very nice! You are going to have many happy figs for years to come. I'm sure they will reward you for your efforts.

Subject: What is this? Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 932
I think it has something to do with the amount of nutrients and moisture, etc. that was flowing into the plant at the critical time that leaf was forming. In other words, that leaf just happen to get all the right stuff at just the right time. Just one of my theories.

Could also be due to a dramatic shift in the earth's magnetic field coupled with a solar flare and swamp gas. Not quite as likely as the afforementioned theory though.

Subject: Kinda of large!!! Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 871

Please show us the inside of the fig.

Subject: Summer and Winter Replies: 17
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,066

I knew you'd understand that I was just kidding. I have little doubt that my 6yr old would be doing something similar. It looks like cheap fun really. Just fill it up & let 'em slpash.
Just don't turn your back or he could end up on his his in there (not a good thought).

Children are indeed a precious gift. I try to keep this in mind when they are driving me nuts! 

Subject: Summer and Winter Replies: 17
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,066

I'm sure he was having a great time and I know times are tough, but don't ya think you could at least get that poor boy a kiddie pool ;-) !?

Subject: Summer and Winter Replies: 17
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,066
Hey Ott,

I had thought of that. In fact we have one where I work & yes I have walked in there many times just to cool off. Feels great on a hot day like we've been having.

Subject: Some of the best White Figs Replies: 27
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 4,113

Now that sounds like an invitation I just might not be able to pass up! It would be great to get the chance to meet you (Sara too). It would also be a real treat to get to sample some of those great Italian figs. I'll PM you later & maybe we can work out some actual details.

As for the white figs I think are good? Unfortunately I am still a bit "fig challenged" when it comes to varieties I've sampled. I had one fresh Italian Honey a couple of days ago. It was OK I guess. Not as good as the HC & Unknown Owensboro I ate on the same day. I look forward to trying some of these really good ones you all are discussing.

You've got me wanting to try those Smith figs. You've hyped 'em up so much I think I'm gonna have to put that one on my wish list :) .

Subject: Figs From Space Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,019

Pretty cool stuff James. Is that a metal roof I see on your place?

Subject: Sultane Replies: 9
Posted By: saxonfig Views: 1,175

Gotta hand it to ya. You do a great job with the potted culture.

BTW that particular wall is a great back-drop for taking pics of your trees.


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