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Subject: It's Alive! Zone 5 Olympian Replies: 2
Posted By: Cipriano Views: 240
I have tried many different varieties inground in zone 5. None have taken. But last year I bought some Violette du Bordeaux and Olympian from Wellspring. I believe these were tissue culture rather than cuttings. The VdB didn't survive the winter, rather unsurprisingly, but the Olympian pulled through. It died back to ground level but it's sending up live growth. My first fig tree to live through a zone 5 winter!

Subject: Damping off problem? Replies: 8
Posted By: Cipriano Views: 857

Thanks for the replies. The roots were a mix of milky white and light brown. I actually up-potted them into a mix of perlite, seedling mix and potting soil and have removed them from the humid environment. I assumed that (if the damping off hadn't killed them) it was time for them to get into some soil and get some sunlight. Am I getting ahead of myself or am I on the right track?

Subject: Damping off problem? Replies: 8
Posted By: Cipriano Views: 857
I had several cuttings in clear cups filled with perlite. They were doing great with the roots hitting the sides of the cups. The minimal top growth seemed to have suffered from excessive humidity (they were all in a big plastic tupperware type thing with a tight lid). I had wet sphagnum moss in there also to raise the humidity. Will the damping off, which weakened and killed most of the top growth, kill the roots also? Or will the roots and cutting be fine as long as I dry the conditions out? Should I cut off the brown and shriveled parts? Thanks for any help. 


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