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Subject: Rooting in a bag, NEW Style Replies: 109
Posted By: BikeBoy Views: 11,555
I have used this method, but instead of the plastic bags, I have used the small and large bottle liners that we use for our grandchildren and get trashed.  The large Playtex liner works best as it will bulge a bit more in the middle and it is 6 inches tall.  I recognize the bags that were shown were 8 inches, but the 6 inch works well. Also, the bags that the daughter-in-law catches the breast milk in works well.  It is a bit larger in circumference and is 6 inches in height as well. Thanks - Don

Subject: Moisture,Light & pH meter Replies: 14
Posted By: BikeBoy Views: 1,340
Question on the use of the moisture meter from Home Depot.  What moisture level do you try to maintain on that particular meter for rooting?
Kindly - Don

Subject: Air Layering--Timing? Replies: 8
Posted By: BikeBoy Views: 1,359
I buried three branches in the early summer as suggested earlier.  Each of the three rooted quite well, but I did not cut them from the plant to put in a pot.  They are still in the ground with some leaves still on them.  I live in southern Middle Tennessee so have I waited too late to cut off and dig up??? What are my options??? Thank you - Don


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