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Subject: Growing figs near Cabo San Lucas Mexico Replies: 10
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,409
Thanks everyone. Yes it sounds like the ideal place to grow figs.  I did a "Google Maps Street View tour of Santa Anita, the first town north of the Los Cabos Airport and saw lots of mango trees, including one with fruit [23.181698,-109.701431].

I really need to have my friend explain his he having problems propagating/growing the fig trees, or are the figs just not ripening? If the latter, maybe he tried Smyrna figs and there are no wasps in their area. 

@Forrest - yep he's in East Cape,  closer to Cabo Pulmo than La Ribera

@padsfan - it does get really humid there so choosing a Southern-friendly variety would be smart

I found out there is a Fig Tree Beach ("Playa Higuera") in the vicinity, named as such because of a big fig tree

The info on that page is misleading because the description (35 miles south of la Ribera) differs from the location on the embedded Google Maps (somewhat NORTH of La Ribera), that's nearly 40 miles off.

Here's a larger picture of that fig tree....
 can anyone tell if it's Ficus Carica?

Subject: Growing figs near Cabo San Lucas Mexico Replies: 10
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,409
Hi, a retired friend lives most of the year about 20 miles south of La Ribera, Baja California Sur Mexico,  [23.596711,-109.577564]

Average weather for the area:

He has a nice garden, growing vegetables, citrus, passion fruit, etc. He is a good farmer and is successful at growing many different different things.

I asked him if he has ever grown figs. He said that he tried but he doesn't think the weather gets cool enough for dormancy.   I hear that figs grow all over the tropics so I am not sure that's the issue

I was thinking...maybe the figs he tried weren't able to handle the summer heat there, or maybe the ground has an excess of salt  [it is only 100 yards from the seashore but the citrus and other plants do just fine]

Do you think maybe he just tried the 'wrong' varieties? 
(I was going to suggest that he go to some of the little villages and ask if anyone is growing figs and would be willing to give him some cuttings.)

Can anyone suggest some varieties? he is miles from any town and  so they would need to be figs not dependent on fig wasps.



Subject: how do you sell on ebay? Replies: 23
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,279
When moving to another state...does anyone the restrictions that might apply to the transport of whole [fig] plants also apply to fig cuttings?
Not sure but, in such a situation it might make sense just to leave everything behind and make new fig friends in the new state.

Subject: Pattee, please check in if you can! Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,316
We'll pray that Pattie and everyone else are all right. Praying is OK by me, if they want,  people can translate that term to "thinking good thoughts"; if so, that's OK by me too. :-)

Subject: OT: Productive apple tree found in San Diego CA! Replies: 6
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 665
Over the weekend I was in San Diego, CA. I saw an apple tree in the backyard of a friend's house. 

It's located very close to here:  (32.759706,-117.203847  the intersection of Interstate 8 and Interstate 5)  Being so close to the Pacific Ocean (3 miles) and Mission Bay (.75 mile), the climate is about as mild as San Diego can produce and I have NEVER seen an apple tree in the area.

The neighbors [who knew the previous owners who planted the apple tree at least 15 years ago] did not know the variety. My friend invited me to take an apple and try it.  Without trying to sounds like an apple snob, I have a somewhat discerning palate for apples but I found the apple to be quite tasty. My dad grew up on a farm with apple trees and he felt the same way.

Because the tree is misshapen and ungainly, my friend was about to cut it down, but my dad and I talked him out of it. Dad volunteered to prune the tree once it was dormant.

I found a few 'low chill' apple varieties (Anna, Ein Shemer and Dorsett Golden)  online but none of them look similar to the apples.

Has anyone else found a productive apple tree in such a climate?

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Subject: Beyond Happy! OT Replies: 35
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,188
Congrats on the birth of your healthy, handsome grandson!!

I must have been channeling Seinfeld because I thought "It was a scratch, not a pick, there was no nostril penetration!"

Subject: Some people who come to mind & are missed Replies: 10
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 951
I talked to Sue (svanessa) last week. She's doing fine.

Subject: Channeling/Redirecting Container Fig Irrigation Runoff? Replies: 10
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 728

Hi everyone,

As we know, growing fig trees in containers means a soil/potting mix that allows for quick drainage.  What I see is the water running quickly through the pot, with the runoff quickly going into the ground beneath it.

With a large number of containers, there can be quite a bit of runoff, and in an arid climate like ours (High Desert), I like to get as many uses out of water as possible.

I had thought about a french drain system....that would channel the runoff water to trees or other medium/high water use vegetation.

Has anyone designed a way to channel or re-divert that runoff flow?



Subject: Weirdest places you've seen figs grow Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,465
Zafra, Extremadura Spain  (approx GPS 38.41974,-6.417239)

The fig tree was growing out of a small crack between a building and the sidewalk. There was nothing but hardscape (buildings, sidewalks, streets) for at least 100 feet in any direction, so I have no idea how it got there.

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jpeg zafra-fig.jpg (447.68 KB, 386 views)

Subject: Happy Thanksgiving! Replies: 8
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 558
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
Three of my eight great grandparents were Canadian



Subject: How do you eat your figs? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,499

1 Make sure spouse is out of sight
2 Walk to fig trees
3 Pick and eat figs
4 Walk back inside the house, acting if nothing has happened.

Just kidding! She swears that's what I do, however I do share them with her.


Subject: Rafed In Hospital Replies: 105
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 5,216
WOW, like CJ said, being off the forum for a while and then I see this. Our wishes and prayers for a complete recovery!!


Subject: Off Topic: Memorial Day Replies: 22
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,248
We lost several family members [from US and Canada] in that war. And friends like
Peter Scott, my uncle's B24-copilot, died on a mission in November 1944.
My uncle turned 90 in January, and Pete would have been 90 also this year.
However, his life ended at age 22 and he is buried at Arlington.

Subject: Rooting in a bag, NEW Style Replies: 109
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 11,555
The air pillows work pretty well.  They are various shapes, some of them pretty large so they hold a lot of the rooting mix. The bags are thin enough that they are easy to slit with a razor blade....making them easy to remove. My rooting percentage is not very good...we have big temperature swings in the spring [wood stove heat so the house doesn't stay an even temperature], and the climate is very dry. However I will persevere!

Subject: OT: Solar Eclipse Pictures Replies: 9
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 892
Taken in Albuquerque NM  [GPS 35.139481,-106.554013]  yesterday

[you don't need a Facebook account to see the pictures]

Subject: Thank you Lowes Replies: 26
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 2,437
I need to comment here about the self-watering containers, because I have made about 15 of them so far this spring.

I have found that the standard orange Home Depot buckets are better for this because when stacked, there is a lot more space beneath the top bucket compared to the Lowes buckets...meaning much more water can be held there.

Subject: Two Italian Honey Air Layers available Replies: 5
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 801
I found two nice healthy suckers on my Italian Honey that would make fine air-layers.  I'd be especially interested in an air-layer swap. If you're interested, send me a message.
Thanks,  Paul

Subject: It's like going to Costco! Replies: 6
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 924
I bought White Greek, Beale and Macaulay [the latter because the source tree was just about a mile from where i was born].   I've been putting my smaller fig trees in Global Buckets, so we'll see how they turn out :)

Subject: It's like going to Costco! Replies: 6
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 924
Going to Encanto Farms is like going to always get more than you had planned.  [To our friends who don't live in North America, Costco is a wholesale store. It seems that you go there to buy just a few things, but always buy more.]

I am in San Diego for the weekend [Dad turns 85], and stopped by Jon's to buy one fig tree. I had brought a large suitcase, and realized that I could fit three trees rather than one. So, that's what I bought....Thanks Jon!! :-)


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Subject: Farm labor restrictions Replies: 17
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,183
I might be a city kid but by age 9, I was hot-tarring our flat roof with my dad and brothers. I'm sure nowadays that would be a criminal offense and my dad would be sent to prison.

Subject: pruning, Grafting, and planting by Montserrat Pons Replies: 6
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,271

Bass, thanks for posting the link to the video. Very informative and enjoyable.

Hi James I might be able to help describe the cultivation.  My wife and I visited Monserrat on a day trip from Barcelona two years ago. Monserrat showed us some of the planting holes, which seem gigantic compared to the cuttings being placed in them.

A unique characteristic of his land is that there is a damp clay layer down about 2 meters. As the tree grows it is deep-watered a few times [and the hole is filled in around it up to the surface], the deep anchor roots grow in the crevices of the soil and search for moisture in the clay layer, while other roots grow between 10-50cm beneath the surface to take advantage of rain and nutrients. 

The cultivator is set between 20-30cm deep. If some of the smaller roots are broken and pulled to the surface, the tree doesn't suffer but must use energy to regenerate new roots.


Subject: ID help please...this one is different Replies: 32
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,960
I grew up and live in rattlesnake country. I don't mind them around [most of the time] because they want to stay out of your way and give you as much warning as possible. However, from what I have heard, Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin are more aggressive.

Per the head and body shape, I'd say your co-workers are right. As to why it wasn't aggressive...having a mouthful of frog [and thus unable to use its fangs for protection] might explain that. 

Subject: What else do you grow? Replies: 48
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 2,632

Crandall black currants
  Thompson seedless grapes
  unknown grape variety [labeled Flame Seedless but has seeds and tastes better than flame seedless so no complaints]
Three varieties of apples:
  Newtown pippin [I fear this was mislabled because they are mushy],
  Arkansas Black
  Hauer Pippin

Subject: Sal's Corleone Replies: 3
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 764
Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the forum. As a heads-up, asking for cuttings on one's very first posting may cause people to be less receptive (you couldn't have known that, so not a problem).

Therefore, please tell us about yourself [for example, where you live...which can help a lot when people offer you climate-related advice].

PS I might have a Sal's Corleone cutting  [sent to me by the generous member Gorgi mentioned] that I could send you.  I'll check tonight.

Subject: Planted cutting upside down Replies: 16
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,236
My uncle told me this [modified Gorgi's image as an example]:

"Look for the smile, not the frown. If it's a frown, it's upside-down"

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png smile-frown.png (723.14 KB, 107 views)

Subject: Couple Memories From Last Season 2011 Replies: 36
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,774
I have a miracle dog story. 
On Saturday evening, our tiny, toothless dog got out of my in-laws' house [they have passed on and we are cleaning it out] 230 miles south of there. 

She has never run off before, and we finally realized she was gone at 1am when other people got home and she didn't come to the door to greet them

My wife was heartbroken but even after searching all Sunday, we had to return that night because she was on jury duty, for an ongoing trial.
Monday, we put an ad in the paper for a week, starting Tuesday. We put a picture in the ad, and also made an online ad for the same paper with more pictures.

We got a call before 8am Tuesday, a lady found the dog Monday afternoon just as she was about to cross a busy street, 3/4 mile from my in-laws' house. She recognized the dog in the picture.

The lady who found her was really nice and took good care of her.

The miracle was that this sweet little dog survived 36 hours of awful dust storms, in an area filled with predators [coyotes, feral cats, etc.], and presumed lack of food and water.

Subject: think UC Davis cuttings will come earller this year? Replies: 89
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 5,885
Per UPS, mine arrived at the sorting facility here this afternoon, so they will be here tomorrow.   hooray!

Subject: Weather in your neck of the woods? Replies: 18
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,032
Snow on Saturday afternoon, 60s on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 70s tomorrow, probably more snow this weekend.

Albuquerque, NM

Subject: Book review LES FIGUERES A LES ILLES BALEARS Montserrat Pons Replies: 53
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 8,910
Because the currently available edition of the book is written in Catalan [which is more closely-related to French than Spanish]  and a Spanish version is coming,...if I wanted a copy of the book for *reading purposes*, I might wait until the Spanish edition is available. It is a visual masterpiece, so if someone mainly wanted it for the pictures, perhaps the Catalan version would suffice

  I will talk to Monserrat and ask if he has an idea of when his book will be available in Spanish. 

Subject: Book review LES FIGUERES A LES ILLES BALEARS Montserrat Pons Replies: 53
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 8,910
I conversed with Monserrat by email today. He said that a translation of his book from Catalan into Spanish is underway. 

Subject: Visited Wolfskill Today Replies: 11
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,203
Glad you're enjoying the pictures. Unfortunately no fig leaves this time of year. I wish it had been later in the year but because work activities had me only 25 miles away, I knew I had to take advantage of the proximity to have a visit.

If I understood John correctly, the wooden blocks were originally long stakes that supported the trees when young. When the stakes are no longer needed, the part with the tags are retained, attached to the tree via a cable.

More pictures here [don't need FB account to see them]:

Subject: Visited Wolfskill Today Replies: 11
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,203
I was in the area, so I visited Wolfskill Experimental Orchards today.
John Preece, the Supervisory Research Leader/Horticulturist, gave me a tour.
Weather was wonderful and John gave a great tour.

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jpeg DSC08577.JPG (585.40 KB, 264 views)
jpeg DSC08583.JPG (733.47 KB, 262 views)
jpeg DSC08589.JPG (578.00 KB, 266 views)

Subject: White Genoa Pics Replies: 10
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 2,158
Nice pics,  thanks!  I was recently given white genoa cuttings by an elderly man who had been the next door neighbor of my great uncle and aunt for nearly 50 years

Subject: Cajuns Came To Visit Replies: 4
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 625
I have not yet had the privilege of meeting Gene, but hope to someday. Gene has been incredibly helpful and generous...a true gentleman.  Enjoy the olives Gene!!!

Subject: ficus sycomorus cuttings? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 2,987
I sent you email.

Subject: Keeping fig records -what to keep? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,927

Great work Ruben, thanks!

Subject: Action in the South, Spring is here. Replies: 15
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,323
Not even mid February and I am already getting leaves. I think these weren't stored in a cool enough area. Hope they will be ok.

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png awakening-figs.png (665.23 KB, 111 views)

Subject: Keeping fig records -what to keep? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,927

@Reuben, I totally understand. Anyone have a blank template they can share?

Subject: Keeping fig records -what to keep? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,927
Ruben, if you did want to post your spreadsheet, you can put it into a .zip file.

Subject: Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss - 6 Cubic Feet 56% off only $39 now Replies: 23
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 3,016
Looks like it's no longer in supply on Amazon, but it is still available on their own website (for $6 more), and the shipping [at least to my zip code) is the same. 

Subject: ficus sycomorus cuttings? Replies: 25
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 2,987
Hi, does anyone have ficus sycomorus cuttings for swap or postage?
I am helping a friend get cuttings [including his orders in mine], and he asked about

ficus sycomorus

Thanks, Paul

Subject: Touring the Wolfskill Experimental Orchard Replies: 4
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 923
Thanks for the contact info. I contacted John about visiting because I'll soon be in the general area.  

I hope to take pics [yes the trees will still be dormant] and ask questions. If anyone has questions they want me to ask, feel free to pass them to me and I'll do my best to pass them along.

Subject: Fig 4 Fun fig cuttings Replies: 95
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 9,026
I hear ya GoodDaughter.

Jon, thanks for all you do.

Subject: Help ID brown fig Replies: 7
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 904
Is it Mike's Sky Ranch?  We used to go there when I was a kid.

Subject: To many figs to choose from! Looking for a productive tasty container friendly fig Replies: 6
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 719
Hopping on this thread because a friend of mine would like a productive tasty container friendly fig in Colorado Springs CO.

She's a pretty good gardener and knows she'd have to roll it in and out of the garage, etc. as needed.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Subject: Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss - 6 Cubic Feet 56% off only $39 now Replies: 23
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 3,016
Leon and Jose, any interest in splitting a block of this stuff?

Subject: Paul and irene's generosity Replies: 4
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 827
You folks are far too kind.  I had been out of town so frequently in the past few months I was concerned I wouldn't find time to send the cuttings. Glad it worked out.  (if I forgot anyone please tell me and I will try to make it up to you.)

If anything, I am just hoping to emulate the "esprit de corps" so prevalent in this group, the overwhelming generosity and ever-present willingness of members who share their time, talents, and treasure [ expertise, ideas, pictures, cuttings, etc  ]  with so many others. Members wildforager, svanessa, lukeott, Bass, FMD, kudzu9, Leon_edmond,  Jon, and many others have been so good to Irene and me.

I have so many blessings in my life.... a wife who puts up with me and my myriad of hobbies/interests; parents in their 80s who are pretty healthy and still in love after nearly 60 years; brothers with whom I am only distant geographically; friends all over the country and world who are but a forum/blog posting or email away.  Our home may be simple and in need of many repairs in the upcoming year, but it is warm and filled with the aromas of Irene's cooking.

Now, if I could only improve my truly miserable rooting record! I swear, I get but one of 25 to go from cuttings to plant.

Subject: cuttings Replies: 4
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 834
Welcome to the forum.

What kind of black currants?  I have Crandall black currants, also known as clove currants or buffalo currants.

Subject: 2011,best tasting ripe fig in my garden. Replies: 11
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,435
I use something similar, and like Herman put a plastic barrier about six inches from the top to keep the center of the tree from getting wet. I had fencing [with larger holes] given to me so because the holes were big, I wrapped the outside with burlap to keep the leaves in better.

We had -12 degrees F. in February and my three in-ground trees survived without problems.

Subject: SCORE! - Temporary Winter Protection Replies: 13
Posted By: paulandirene Views: 1,181
Great score James!


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