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Subject: Yellow Serbian? Replies: 1
Posted By: markalbob Views: 621

Anyone here have yellow Serbian that can comment on it's hardiness and fig quality?  I saw Herman called it "average" but said others felt differently who were in dryer regions.  Can anyone else let me know their thoughts on its quality?

Subject: anyone try window wells? Replies: 6
Posted By: markalbob Views: 770
interesting....still leaves me with a "grave" to dig out and cover, but it's food for thought.  The flat trunk is easier tham massive tying and covering a 5-foot bush


I was thinking of not adding dirt, the well has a lot of sand/gravel as a base for the frost expansion reasons you mention (and drainage) but that was also part of the thought--it should provide a relatively arid and harsh environment of lots of heat and little water in summer to maximize ripening and minimize vegetative growth/assist hardening wood, and then also leave a spot to easily cover the trunk.

Subject: anyone try window wells? Replies: 6
Posted By: markalbob Views: 770
I am sort of new to figs and have been thinking about how best to keep them in-ground in colder climates.

The procedure of wrapping them in several layers of cardboard and carpet doesn't seem ideal to me with my small yard, and neither does burying them in a large grave-trench.  I'd prefer something less involved, and I suspect my neighbors would as well.

I'd rather not grow in pots forever, although it seems as though at least a few years to toughen them is a must.  From what I gather, potted plants yield less, and there's still the issue of dragging them to the basement or garage, plus potted plants dry out fast and we are gone a lot in summer.

There are a few figs like hardy chicago that can grow back fron a complete top die-off and still yield, which is encouraging, but even those apparently do better if you can over-winter a few feet of wood on top, I believe from reading.

So, i was thinking of these issues, and also some of the things that are supposed to improve hardiness and range figs can be grown at.   And I have an idea so simple, I'm guessing there must be an overlooked issue:  Grow them in the window-well.

Grown in the window-well, a fig would have very limited water, facilitating hardening off.  Depending upon size of well, they could be cut off at between 12 inches and 3 feet.  And since windows and foundations leak some heat, I suspect you could protect the plant from sub-zero temps with little more than a large square of insulation to cover the top of the well and some boards stacked over that.  In fact, the same arrangement would also protect the fig from overheating on warm spells.

So, what am I missing?  Why couldn't/wouldn't this work? I believe eating figs are not supposed to have invasive roots, it would shelter them with far less eyesore and potentially even greater security for less work.  The sub-well growth would see relatively little sunlight, but it would maintain protected buds to send up shoots much faster and thicker than coming from the ground itself and the ground would warm quicker in the spring.  AND, it should be protected a bit more from cold snaps, or easy to re-cover.



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