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Subject: My figlet is sick :( Replies: 1
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 472
You all may or may not remember, I had 3 cuttings I was working with. All three rooted and grew leaves just fine. Two were kind of wimpy, and one was a superstar - with lots of roots, and big, healthy leaves. I gave the wimpy ones away, and kept the superstar.

Sadly, it's not looking so super, these days:

The leaves started drying out around the edges, turning crispy, and falling off, starting from the bottom, and going up. This morning, I noticed the main stem is getting thin in the middle too.

I had a tomatillo seedling in the same tub as this guys, and it succumbed first, and died.

It's hot as blazes out. So I brought the fig indoors, hoping to reduce its stress. But I don't know what else to do. I think it's some sort of pest that's invaded my garden lately - maybe thrips. But I'm not sure.

Subject: You guys called it Replies: 10
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,009
Hi Sal,

I actually didn't speak to anyone, but grabbed them on the sly, when they were closed. ;c )

When you go to Bianco, stroll around the rest of Heritage Square, and you'll see fig trees tucked away here and there.

There are also several pomegranate trees planted around the parking facility, if you are interested in growing those. They can be grown from cuttings, but should be taken in February or March.

Also, if for any reason, you can't get into Bianco, give Pizza A Metro a try. So far, it is my favorite in the Valley.

Subject: You guys called it Replies: 10
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,009
Thanks loslunasfarms!

Dieseler - I see trees all over, here in Phoenix. These are all in the same general area, all from places located in Heritage Square, in downtown Phoenix.

The biggun, and the one where I got my cuttings, is at Pizzeria Bianco.

The next one, with the slightly elongated fruit, is at the Rose & Crown pub. It has LOTS of suckers growing up around it. I don't think they maintain it at all. I'll have to investigate growing from suckers.

The last ones are on two trees, outside the Science Museum.

Subject: You guys called it Replies: 10
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,009
So true! I only wanted one good one. The others were "spares"

Oh and check it out. I just went on a walk, and decided to take a look at the fig tree I took the cuttings from. Holy moly is it going crazy:

Look at the size of this bad boy - it's as big as a baseball!

There was the gnawed-on remains of one from last season just above it -- as big as a tennis ball!

Seems a couple other trees nearby are doing pretty well too. Maybe I'll get cuttings from them next year:

Subject: You guys called it Replies: 10
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,009
I remember when I first posted pics of my cuttings, someone said something to the effect that I had one winner and two maybes on my hands.

Looks like you called it.

The third one (not pictured) is also scrawny, like the one on the left. I just gave it to my folks. The remaining scrawny one if going to the boss.

Guess who gets the overachiever? ;c )

The other things are baby tomatillos.

Subject: A couple things Replies: 1
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 665
Hey y'all. I hadn't been in in a while. So I thought I'd check in and say, "hi."

First off, an update on the cuttings I requested ID on. I went on vacation for 10 days, and when I came back, some of the leaves were dry and curled, and there was plenty of mold lining the inside of the cups.

I know they got utterly doused by rain while I was gone. Maybe have gotten some frost too. I thought they might appreciate some fresh growing medium. Plus, the old stuff had some worm poop mixed in, and I think it made it a bit too dense.

When I un-potted them, they looked pretty nice:

I cleaned up the cups, and re-potted the cutting with just perlite and vermiculite. It been a couple weeks, and they seem to be enjoying the change.

Also, last year, I foraged some figs from an abandoned tree, and dried them:

Last week, I rehydrated them in some water. Then yesterday, dumped them, and the water into a pot, along with some charentais melon cubes from last summer's garden that I had frozen, and some ugly old grocery store pears that I froze as well.

Added about 3 cups of brown sugar, a vanilla bean, and some lemon zest, and let it simmer for a good long time.

And then canned it up

Turned out slightly too sweet for my taste. But I guess if I use it for something savory, it would be nice diluted with some balsamic vinegar, and maybe add some black pepper.

That's all! :c )

Subject: Thanks & ID help Replies: 16
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,024
Little John - Yep, that's me! IIRC, Chris was collecting the cuttings for a lady who was growing them for some sort of project. Don't know what came of it.

And for all y'all planning to dine at Pizzeria Bianco, set some time aside for it. The wait can be hours long, and they are only open for dinner. But apparently, it's very worth it. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have shorter waits too.

Alternately, if you have a party of 6 or more, you can make a reservation. Though, you have to do so a couple months in advance. That's what I keep planning on doing, but haven't gotten around to it.

However, it was recently reported that Chris will no longer be manning the oven. So maybe the demand will taper off a little.

I see figs, dates, pomegranates, and citrus growing all over the place here. More often than not, the fruit drops to the ground, which is just plain sad.

It also reminds me that I need to raid my neighbor's lemon tree soon. ;c )

Subject: Thanks & ID help Replies: 16
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,024
Bass - it's a pretty famous pizza place in downtown Phoenix. The current occupant moved in in 1997. The building itself has been around since 1928, but I doubt the tree is nearly that old. Here's the full story:

Well lookie here. I found a pic of said tree from Nov 2006:

Subject: Thanks & ID help Replies: 16
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,024
Thanks for the additional ideas and welcomes. Brown turkey is certainly possible. I see those for sale at nurseries all over town, so I guess they are pretty popular.

I wouldn't say the taste was great. It was good, but had a sort of astringent undertone. I didn't care for any of the ones I picked raw. I thought maybe they just weren't ripened enough.

A little brown sugar, a quick turn in the broiler, and some goat cheese made them pretty tasty however.

There's another tree in town I thought about taking some cuttings from. The fruit was tastier, but they were always full of beetles - ew!

Subject: Thanks & ID help Replies: 16
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,024
Thanks for the info, gorgi - that's a start!

I only really need one to succeed, so I'm OK with those stats. Though, I told my boss I'd give him one too. So I hope the middle one gets a move on! 

Jojoba nuts are mostly used for topical applications. You see "jojoba oil" in a lot of hair and skin products, because it's moisturizing, but doesn't clog one's pores.

Sources online will say that they are toxic. But traditionally, they were, and sometimes still are used a food source by Sonoran people -- either eaten straight off the shrub, or  roasted, ground and used like coffee, or sometimes made into little patties that are boiled.

I've eaten a couple, and they taste pretty good, like almonds. But you have to go easy on them, as they can have a laxative effect, thanks to their waxy composition.  Yikes!

Subject: Thanks & ID help Replies: 16
Posted By: grrlscout Views: 1,024
First of all, I want to thank you all for this site. I've been lurking around for a while now, and used the rooting instructions to try my hand at propagating some figs. So far, so good!

Secondly, for this little project, I snagged some cuttings from a tree I spied outside of a local restaurant. I stalked a few different trees around town, and liked the looks of this one the best. The flavor of the fruit was pretty good too.

Well, now my little cuttings are growing:

And I'm wondering what in the heck they are.

I realize (from reading this site) that's a pretty impossible task. But I was thinking if I could at least get the possibilities narrowed down some, I'd accept that.

Here's what I know.

The tree is very full and bushy, and probably 15' tall:

Here are some fruit I picked. Not sure if they were quite ripe yet (ignore the jojoba nuts!):

Sorry to say, this is the best pic I have of the interior of the fruit. I had lopped off the tops before I put them in the oven:

Thank you for any information you can provide! :c )

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the tree is in an old part of downtown Phoenix.


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