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Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Last year I didn't pay much attention what going on Ebay, I don't saw this listings..
I'm very upset now..
Not because of me..
She use in her listing the name of a person who done so much for a fig world..
I understand she don't care about her own name, but after this listing people may think Paolo in a fact did scam people too..She try to trash reputation of a person who in no way deserve it..
And also I'm upset.. So many people got scamed, lost they hard earned money..
Seems like nothing can stop this person..
How many more people will pay and lose?

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Rosso Striato 500 cuttings plus?? from Paolo???
I guess you have no idea about fire in his garden last year?
And he never selling 500 cuttings?
Wow.. what I can say.. just wow..
So, I guess this is another scam?

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
So, this is why you attack me and my friend?
So, how abour illegal cuttings from Italy???

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
So, this is you or me got visited?
You start post talking about USDA visited you???

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
OK, we don't talk here about me any more..
You now try to attack another person..
You don't like peonia.. I see you like much better dausername?
May be USDA come because you try to sell Blk Madeira, White Madeira, Vasilika Mavra Sika?
They don't sound local?
I don't see any point for you here to try to blame another person here for USDA visit..
Here everyone know they do watch Ebay accounts and if you even one time got anything from other country they keep watching your account..and they keep coming with visits..
Real I can't understand you...

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
this is very interesting.. First, if USDA come visit you, this is mean they check yours Ebay account, this is the only way they will come to see you, not because somebody tell them to do this..
So, don't blame other people..
You all the time speaking about stopping people from buying from other countries, but right here you saying USDA visit you, this is mean you got plants or cuttings from other countries, so who do you want to stop first? yourself?
You saying you hear first honest answer and you paid your respect..
Do you know why no one post after?

Subject: One more time/last time good Ebay sellers/members Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 7,732
If I understand correctly, first you need to get a permit to bring plants here, on base of this permit Canada will issue a certificate..
But may be, now rules changed?

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
I'm alive proof figs do work..
Your friend need to do research on Internet, here just 1 link for him:
And first he need to start support his immune system, herbs like rhodiola rosea, echinacea will help him, he will need help for his kidney uva ursi, this one is very good..
he will need to support his liver with milk thistle or everlasting flowers( immortele), he will need to support his heart with hawthorn berry.. for his prostate Saw Palmetto..
Plus, he need to start listen his body.. What this mean?
He need sleep when he want, he need to eat what he is craving for..
Now done huge research on cancer ..
In India people eat apricot seeds, but you can't eat more then one in day, they do kill cancer sells..
Your friend life in his own hands..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
I actually glad her post bring me here..
I don't come here too often, only when I want to do research on some fig.. My friend told me about this post, so I check it out..
But because of this topic now I know about situation in Malta, situation with beetles here..
I did  study something new and important..Now I feel little bit more protected from beetles because malathion, at list I can sleep..
I did post this info few years back, but may be this will be helfull for somebody else here..

New Compounds in Figs Kills Breast Cancer Cells: Researchers have just discovered nine new compounds in figs which are toxic to breast cancer cells, killing over 50% of them at concentrations that, in one case, approached the potency of the chemo drug cis-platinum. Although these new compounds are in very early stage research, we already know that figs are a potent anti-cancer fruit. Figs deliver the highest concentrations of cancer-fighting polyphenols (2100 mg of polyphenols per 100 grams fruit) of any known fruit except dates. And this isn’t just theoretical: one recent study on healthy people showed that eating 40 grams of figs actually doubled their bloods’ antioxidant capacity within one hour! As for cancer prevention, fig extracts have proven toxic to melanoma, stomach, throat, bone, brain and liver cancers in lab studies. And in one new fascinating population study out of Jordan, where people eat figs regularly, one serving of this super-fruit daily was shown to reduce colon cancer risk by a stunning 49%. Figs are delicious fresh or dried (but the fresh fruit delivers about twice the polyphenols) and make a great snack any time of day. And for those who are feeling stressed, figs might be the perfect natural cure: a recent study on mice found that fig extracts decreased anxiety and had a mild muscle-relaxant effect. 
#Figs #BreastCancer

this is why I try to support as many figs growers as I can , I don't want people to lose interest in figs, because right now, they real don't make any money..
Figs keep me alive for many years now.. So, I will  try to do everything I can to keep them alive..
We are giving life to each other..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
I do post on Rafed fig group a lot..
Easy to post pictures..
I right now went outside , we have right now 83F..
I made couple pictures a small one Chiapetta what I got from Peter and another one BLk Tuscan.. a gift from my dear friend ..
Wow, I try to resize and even 63 KB can't be post..
I don't sure how to post pictures here..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
I am not selling anything yet. I am just researching," what and why".
I have a farm and looking for plants to grow. May be figs, but need more time to research.
It is why legal aspect more  interesting  for me than rumors and emotions.

Need to know how to buy and sell, what is good and what is bad. And fig authenticity seems a huge problem.
Like an idea that one can use this forum as a platform for free advertisement big time.

Wow realy?
I still have our e-mails from few years back..
And you are don't try to sell??? Wow..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
OK, "pofigist" or "Peonia" Or how you call yourself now? you did have so many names in the past..
First of all.. USDA know me very well.. We comunicate all the time..
Second I don't have sick plants.. But because I'm getting plants all the time, I want my plants prevent from getting sick..
Now.. you try to sell figs all the time.. with little success.. how I understand..
But, I hear you scaming people with other plants too..not only with figs.. You putting " fancy names" on basic varieties..I guess hoping to get top $???
I just don't understand, why you don't want to try at list one time to be honest..
And beside.. What about Greece? And other countries?
You jumping all over here.. why? Because you try to find the way to start making money?
I told you before.. Most people here grow figs because they love them, and yes, some to grow to make the money..I don't blame them..But at list when they sell them, they sell them with the right name..

Why I decide to share this time?
I real don't like to sell, real don't like to cut my plants..
But like you are saying.. With situation what going on in South Europe, how I can be the only one, who have this variety, specially If I know how good this one is?
I already got my lesson with LUV..
I did have this variety and lost few years back..
If before I share this one with somebody else, now we will have this variety, the past I did have my collection very private..
But if something happen to me.. all this varieties will be lost..My husband hate figs.. he will get rid off all of them..and will don't think twice..
I love my figs, I'm watching them, try to do everything for them..but I'm not a 20 years any more..
How now I can have them only for myself when right in this topic people saying about problems?
And no..I don't planning to sell any..
But they will go to good hands.. to people who real love and care about figs..
For some reason you choose figs for yourself.. just to make the money..
You real don't care about figs, or people..
Few years already you trying.. and things don't work for you like you wish..
Ones again.. may be find some other way to make the money?
I almost dead..I don't care about money..why I will?
I can't take them with me..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Hi, Vinny, my own still have no figs on..
But , they originally come from the same place..
And another thing..
I don't want to say about this before..But this #1 most likely on the same line like Ponte Tresa.. They are so good..
But, because of auctions in the paste went crazy..
Was just buy it now and not a crazy price..
But I real don't want to keep this just for myself..
This one deserve to be shared...
And I'm happy were they went..
Hope they all will root and this variety will make people happy..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Here only few figs go dormant, or go in different time, right now many start grow again..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Mike, last two years I got lots of figs from North parts of US,and from all over US... nothing from outside... so I'm worry..
I think better to be safe then sorry..
This is was a fight for me here for many years to keep my plants alive, last year I found the way to don't worry no more about nematodes, rust, FMV,  rain, flooding, plus hurricane didn't help.. 
I do know about loonghorn beetles for few years now..Paolo warn about them few years back..
But.. we do have a real problem here, becides them..
And.. even I live in south part.. I'm very worry..This climate too good for any bags..
So I bath today all my figs.. many still have almost ripe figs, but I spray any way..I can wait till next year..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Hi, John!
Thank you very much for information!
We do have many people who grow figs in area you are talking about, please, tell how we can protect our gardens?
Like I said before..I'm crazy about my garden, so I today already went and got Malathion, mix it with water and spray all my plants.. just in case..In store on some bottles I saw some kill Japanise beetle, do I need to get those solutions too? And how often we need to spray?
I also got Captain Jacks deadbug, this one also killing borers , beetles, bagworms, caterpillars..
Thank you very much!

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
So you saying in Malta this beetle a long time now?
I hear they got in South part of Europe not with ficus carica with ornamental ficus..
But, this is real scare.. And you saying this longhorn beetle already in US???
I was watching links on Internet.. and this is real bad.. One guy born his huge fig tree with tourches and kill them, tree survive..
Interesting if Clorox will kill them? 
I hear in Asia they have some other insect what kill this longhorn beetle..
I was myself very surprise when I saw on papers from USDA about they Ok with China..I think they come from China, so I talk to guy from USDA and told him , they need to change it, because of this beetle..
Fair sound good too..
I was wondering why couple years back In Italy they start collect samples from all varieties..I guess they was know bad things could happen..
I was hoping we don't have them here...
I still can't get over the Malta..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
About longhorn beetle.. I think this is a real dangerous..And everyone need to be very careful , if this creaure will get here.. we will lose all our figs, so, please, please, be careful.. Our country have no defence to this beetle.. 
On other hand.. I find out here in US we do have ambrosia beetle, what also killing figs trees..
And this beetle live in north part of US.. So, everyone need to be careful and check they plants all the time..
Before I find out about this ambrosia beetle I was not so paranoid.. but after I find out in the middle of the night with flash light I went outside and start checking every one my plant..
And I find out few plants have deformation on the trunk near soil, this deforming happen must be 2-3 years from now, nothing fresh.. I think because I'm putting figs on top of red mulch, covering soil in pots with red mulch, keep spraying plants with 10% Clorox and mix of neem oil and dish soap, I must be kill them back then and even don't know about this till now.. So, I guess, me spraying kill them all.. So, everyone, please, check your plants, and be very careful..
Thank you!

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Hello, everyone!
This is very interesting..
I was wondering who is a "pofigist" and why this post happen now, when this listing go for few weeks already..
And why this person don't put the name anywhere?
Harvey.. this will be interesting for you..
You remember scamers from 2 years from now who made crazy my auctions? Guess who???
This person.. who I did try help in beginning trying to put me in trouble for a some time now..
Harvey..I think you need to finish what you start early..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
I'm pretty sure you can get cuttings from Canada, Thailand, China,  somewhere in South America..
If I will find papers from USDA I will tell you exactly..But they saying info keep changing, so first you need to check list of countries from where you can get cuttings on USDA web..

Subject: Is it a new scam? Replies: 84
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,064
Hello, everyone!
Thank you very much for nice words..
Yes, I don't sell on Ebay all the time..
Only if I can share something real good or unique..
I think I write in description all info, and when people want to know more I always answering the questions....
I don't advertise my auction on any forums..
I crazy about figs myself and if I can help other people to get something good..
And yes, I try to buy as much as I can, I hope people in US will continue to grow figs and we all will be able to have more varieties in our collections..

Happy Holidays!

Subject: Fig leaf tea and Diabetes. Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 741
Many people know here I do have a leukemia and I grow figs, because I find out they could cure leukemia..But..My health got worst, not because of figs, but because of my work, so I have all symptoms of diabetes.. And feel myself real bad...So, I look all info.. And try pills what you can get in pharmacy or on Ebay Cinnamon plus Chromium, Biotin.   Vitamins B 1, 2, 3, 6,  12, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine, Selenium, Copper, Molybdenum, L -Tyrosine, Schisandra powder, Ashwaganda root powder, Bladderwrack powder, Cayenne pepper, Kelp. Other pill have Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Guggul GumOleo Resin Extract, L-Tyrosine, Phosphalidyl Choline..
I try those pills and in 3 weeks I real start feel better..
I add figs leaves and mulberry leaves when I boil all other herbs when I real feel myself bad and they seems helping.. 

Subject: bark mulch for better roots Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 720
I try to cover pots with pine barks 3 years from now and first plant was doing great, but after few month they just start slow down.
Last year I use red mulch and I real love it.. Will use it again and again..

Subject: Why? Replies: 109
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,005
Hi, guys!
I actually was thinking this cuttings will go for more money..
Why? I think this is still cheaper then fly to Swiss, look for the mother tree, some how to bring cuttings here..
If I won money in power ball, I will bit much more money..
And question was why?
I think this one of the best tasting figs..
I'm hope to find this one.. one day..
Hopefully Lolita real good in rooting cuttings and this cuttings will became a beautiful plants and produce lots of figs..
If not.. This is will be real sad..
I understand art, color, wish..
But, still, this one for a real fignut..

Subject: "Lebanese Black/Purple" Figs - For the record Replies: 6
Posted By: Olga Views: 489
I think this fig is beautiful and Nick saying taste great, so I think many of people will like to get this fig..I got 2 myself already and very happy about this, so I think this is great Nick share with us info about his fig..Specially this one available here in US..

I don't come here too often, I just don't like some people try to be not very nice..
This is why I more often go on Rafed figs group..
I wish this forum become very friendly too..I think everybody will win from this..
And this way people will more post here, more pics of rare and very good figs..
I myself will try to post and here and on Rafed fig group..I just have a thick skin and get upset not very easy.. but some people very sensitive and when they stop posting..I think we all in loss..
I like this forum , I like John..I have friends here, so I will continue to come here in a future...
So, please, lets continue to talk figs..

Subject: "Lebanese Black/Purple" Figs Replies: 41
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,601
Welcome Nick! Very beautiful tree! Congratulations! I hope to eat your figs one day:-)
Hopefully lots of them...Please, let us know about your other figs too..

Subject: peonia-scammers on Ebay Replies: 21
Posted By: Olga Views: 870
Thank you very much everyone for support!
I post all this information, because I don't want anybody else go thru what John, Harvey, Bass, me and others already did..
I know, Harvey told me hundreds of times, but this is just hard to believe people can act this way. I just want no one else go thru this... Most people I meet in our figs world a very, very nice and good people and I'm very happy I'm a part of this world..Here my best friends, some became like family to me. So, I just don't want anybody to get hurt. Or lost they money...Thank you very much again and my best wishes for everyone!

Subject: peonia-scammers on Ebay Replies: 21
Posted By: Olga Views: 870
Yes, I blocked all accounts I know, but they use another one I still don't know..they leave me negative feedback on orders I cancel, so you can check they new accounts

Subject: peonia-scammers on Ebay Replies: 21
Posted By: Olga Views: 870

Hello, everybody!
Now I hope everything end and I just need to tell this story.
Last October- November I got cuttings on Ebay from seller and when I paid I saw she is Russian, so I contact her and we start talk, and I share with her some contact info where she can get rare figs, after this she refund money for cuttings, I ask why? She told me, she is not sure if they are true to name. After this I got plants from Tatyana and start put them on Ebay..Tatyana contact me asking about this woman, asking me why I don't respond to her? I was very surprise, beause no one contact me. After this this woman start bid on my auctions and ask me for private sale for all my plants or cuttings..I told her..I can't put a price on plants, this is why they go to auction.. So, she told me she will win them all.. And she start to raise prices, I ask her not too, she just laugh.. Sometimes I bag her, please, don't bid, please, cancel your bids, let somebody else to win.. She won 6 auctions.. And every time she didn't I was happy..She paid for all auctions she won and plants still was here with me, but she continue..But time come and she ask me to ship her plants, so I did.. As soon as she got them, she start saying I didn't pack right, even I pack 4 plants for 2 hours, like all soil come out from pot, and I tight a bag around pot real well, like plant was broken on half and this is imposible, because I secure plant with bamboo stick.. And she ask what will happen if plant die..I told her she will get a replacement.. She told me, no, no need...But I start have strange feeling.. And same day she won 4 more auctions, but continue talking to me such way..I start have feeling like something going on here..This 4 auctions I check and saw she raising the price from her few accounts..I ask her what she is doing? And she told me she want make sure she will win, or she raising auctions trying to get more money from Harvey, because she saw he bidding too..So, she won, but start saying plant is dead..And she have plants just 3 days.. All plants was happy and healthy when I ship them.. So, I know something going on..So, I cancel all 4 auctions, right after this she sent me return for first Dall'Osso..I agree..I got plant..Oh, soil was soaking wet, plant was completely black.. She kill the plant with water.. Here I real start to worry.. So, I ask her, please, don't bid on any my auctions any more, and she seems agree.. I had 6 auctions, and I was working that night, so I come home after auctions was end..I check and person who won 5 auctions have a namr Raisa Gulinok..I know from Harvey Rais Gulinok and Ekaterina Sniktovskaya if not the same person on Ebay, but may be real close friends..I start understand peonia again won 5 auctions.. So, I cancel orders again and I getting another request for return another Dall'Osso.. I decide this time I will not let it go, so I fight and today Ebay decide in my favor.
But what I was don't know and now this is very clear to me..What peonia try to do?
I find out she did 7 returns for John, 6 for Harvey, 1 for Bass and she was hoping to get at list 4 from me.. She try reputable sellers to leave Ebay, so she can sell people who know what..
I'm very glad people from Ebay listen to me and understand what this woman try to do..
Harvey post here before names of all her accounts..
I decide I need to tell you all story, so you know what happen..
I know everybody study only on they own mistakes..But if I can save anybody from any loss I will be happy

Subject: Fig heaven, South Florida? Replies: 17
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,380
I live in Central Florida. Here nematodes is a big problem too. But if you putting lots of mulch around plant in ground this will deal with nematodes..
Pots figs.. different problem.. Sometimes we have so much rain and over watering kill many my figs, plus I have deep well.. sulfer water, so if we don't have rain long time I have no choice but watering.. figs don't like this kind water.. They don't like salt too much..
Best here grow citrus trees, mulberry, mango if we don't have cold winters doing good..Persimmon trees doing OK..Pears, apples will don't produce..
So, if your property will not flooded in big rain , you can plant figs in ground, put lots of mulch around you they will do good..

Posted By: Olga Views: 812
I try all kind chemicals in the past ..But fire aunts work the best..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Actually first Dall'Osso was sold for 83$..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Right now I don't have any more for sale..Hopefully I will get more, but don't know when..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
How much will you pay for a unicorn???

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Yes:-) 2 of them:-)
They from 2 different places, I want to see if double form same or different.. and post pictures here..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
This is because you are lucky:-)
This is interesting..My husband 100% Italian.. And he hate on forum so many Italian men who love figs..
My husband love only his guns...

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
I know..I'm working non stop and spending all money on figs..
My husband thinking I lost my mind..And promising me when I die to run all my figs over with his tractor..
So, I just trying to stay alive...:-)

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
I'm personally think this is crazy.. And I'm very sorry we be able to bring only very few Dall'Osso here...
But good news..I think soon here in US more people will have Dall'Osso then in Italy..
And..I need to say Thank you to Navid..Few years back he was speaking about Dall'Osso non stop.. And first I don't pay any attention..But after awhile I decide to search info about it.. And here we are..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
We don't ask about Black, Preto.. Picture of fruits and leaves was shown to nurseries and private collectors..
I was thinking about Boujassotte noire.. And was thinking this was change just in translation from Italian to French..
Interesting to ask here people who have both Brogiotto Nero and Bourjasotte Noire.. And here they opinion if this two the same..
Also Brojiooto Florentino..This is what I want speak here..
In list of one nursery in Tuscany they have 2 Brogiotto Nero:

Brogiotto Nero o Fiorentino - Tra i fichi neri di Toscana,sicuramente ilpiù saporito. Frutto medio, schiacciato e con  peduncolo corto.  Maturazione molto tardiva.

Of the black figs in Tuscany, this variety is considered to be among the tastiest. The fruit is medium sized, with a short stalk giving it a flattened appearance. It ripens very late.
And another one:

Brogiotto Nero Romano - Simile al precedente ma con frutto più allungato.

Similar to Branziolo,  but with a more elongated fruit.

Paolo have on his list just Brogiooto Nero and I think he must be speaking about Brogiotto Nero o Fiorentino..
Frank I real like your translation better, so I hope you Ok with me using here your translation..
May be Brojiotto Florentino again just was change in translation?
And picture of leaves what Dave post here and on my Blk Madeira look very similar..
Sorry for red color..Don't know why this now start be in red..

I don't saying anything wrong with people don't know or care about remembering name of variety..
I speaking this was great idea to bring here this variety so other people can have this one here too..
We all here looking for great tasting figs..At list I do..
And when I see great looking fig and people speaking the taste is great..I want it..
Still.. interesting to find out from where some figs come.. And seems like I keep having questions.. all the time..
For example.. Galisia negra.. I real hope one day I will find out what real name this one have..
Also Early Violet here and in Hungary are the same variety..
And I do have many questions like this..
And I keep looking for answers..Because this make interesting.. to study, find something new all the time..
I love eat figs..But.. I always love to study anything new I can find out about them..
But..I guess.. this is why..I'm a fig nut...And I talk about figs every and each day..
And I'm very happy when people willing to help, share info, speaking about they experience...
People asking me.. are you ever will stop.. looking and buying..
I did try before to stop and fail..So no..I will continue..
This way I'm happy..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
When I first saw Blk Madeira for sale on Ebay..I talk to Fransisco and he told me he is going to visit Madeira..I ask him to find any info about this fig..He went, talk to all nursery he found and found no info..they never hear about such variety..
So, I was wondering about what this is all this time..
But after seeing this pic on Paolo web this is just hit me.. This must be Brogiooto Nero, but people who grow this fig in they back yard just was don't know about it, or forgot, because this one grow a very long time and they real don't care remembering what this was.. One thing good some people have this variety here..
I need go to work, but when I will get back home..I will put some info about Brogiotto Nero..
Thank you!

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
I think so..
I show picture to Harvey..I ask him on your opinion what this fig look like.. And his respond was Blk Madeira..???
This is what was on my mind when I saw this picture on Paolo web..
What do you think?

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Hi, Vladis! 
thank you!
Yes, you must be saw this one on Paolo web..
I think many people here saw very similar if not identical picture on Ebay when people was selling plants or cuttings of Blk Madeira, Madeira Blk.. In reality this is Brogiotto Nero ..I was reading..In Italy people call Brogiotto Nero a king of figs, or best tasting fig ever..
And many people here speak very high about Blk Madeira..So, I guess many people agree this one great tasting fig..
One time I talk to Montserrat Pons and he show me one Russian guy collection..I translate him from Russian varieties, some was from Russia, some from US, and some from Italy.. Montserrat was saying many, many figs come from Italy and people was travel to other places and bring figs cuttings with them...And Italian figs now grow in many other countries too..
So, must be somebody bring Brogiotto Nero to Madeira, people grow this fig and because this is black fig, now we have Blk Madeira..

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Last year on plant from Central we had one normal fruit, here is a pic..
Olya Foto0300E001[1].jpg 

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
Dall'Osso and cuttings what now on auction come from central part, so here a good chance for 2 color in double form..Normal fruit was completely black..I will put few cuttings from South too, but double form will be completely black on cuttings from South..
This year I hope to have double form on plants and from South and on central..I will post pictures here..

But I want to share something interesting what I find out just few days from now..
Harvey, please, don't tell anybody..
I want to ask everybody opinion on what variety this fig can be??
Thank you!
Olya. fig.JPG 

Subject: Dall 'Osso on eBay Replies: 65
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,816
When I first put Dall'Osso they was dormant, but in last 3 weeks they grow 2-3 inches, have small branches and leaves..
I try add info about plant already not a dormant, but for some reason was not be able..Sorry..
Paul.. next time I will cook for you pork roast:-) I think you will like it:-)

Subject: My battle with the big rat! Replies: 95
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,256
we had a problems with rats few years back..My husband just was sitting quetly at night and wait with night scope..He kill 22 rats in 7 days.. After this we never saw them..
So, if you have a air gun.. use it..
Good luck!

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Thank you, Mike!
I trying to do my best here..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
I'm surviver..
I do have leukemia for 29 years now..
And when I find out figs can keep me alive..
This is when I decide I need to find the best figs for my area, so I can eat figs from May till December...
But many herbs will help too..
But.. here we talking about figs..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Out of respect to me???
You have no idea how many e-mails I got after your post..
And not even one where somebody told me I'm wrong..or they don't believe me, or...
I will like to find a plant look very similar with Galessia.. 
But, because I live in Florida color still will became black.. no green..
May be in your area same plant will produce figs with green part...
Like I say before.. A lot depend from soil, water and sun...
But, you surprise me..
I was thinking you have a plant nursery and know a lot about plants, adaptation..
I now try addapt plants from Amazon..
I collect plants what can cure cancer.. And many of them grow near Amazon river..
And, this is not easy.. I lost many, but I continue trying..
And few seems start doing better.. Only still no fruits.. But, I keep hoping..
Figs.. one of the fruit what a cure for a leukemia.. 
This is why I collecting figs..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Crystal, I see you very well know Paolo..
So, you can ask him, why he calling his fig Dall'Osso Fetifero..
I'm sure, him being a very nice person,  have no problem and tell you why...
But.. I feel even after this you will continue...


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