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Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Hi, Aaron!
Yes..Send me e-mail and I will give you more info..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Crystal I feel sorry for you and Vladimiro also..
Investigation on Dall'Osso done, finish...
Good luck looking for "real one"..
I sent you messages, explain.. now I just washing my hands..
I done with you...
We was searching for information on Dall'Osso for month, talking with people who spend they whole life collecting old Italian figs in Italy..Figs this is they life...From father to son.. 
I don't know Vladimiro...
And I think..I have enough figs friends without him, or you..
And also, I was saying nothing..But, I find out some info, about what you was openly lying here..
So, your words mean nothing to me..
I just decide to share info and photos ..
I just love talk about figs and find interesting information..
And if my info help anybody on this forum..My job is done..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Dall'Osso Fetifero was sold on Ebay and some cuttings of Dall'Osso (white) too..
So, I guess in a future they will be available between figs collectors..
I can't tell for sure if we will have more for sale..
Person from who we got it last time, real don't want to sell Dall'Osso Fetifero, he want to save this variety for Italy..
And people who know Paolo can get cuttings from him, only he don't speak English..sorry..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Hi, Paul!
Sorry, I don't understand, do you asking about fig what we give a name Dall'Osso( white)?
Or for Dall'Osso what have one part more green and another one black?
If you asking about Dall'Osso ( white) cuttings what was sold or share early this year..
Mother tree was found in Florence Italy in one very old garden, this garden more then 100 years old, one rich man bring rarest plants from all over the world to this garden, now he is dead and people can walk and see the plants..
My friend saw this huge old fig tree with many figs on this tree what look like Dall'Osso or Fetifero double form, only color was green, not a black..
My friend root one cutting and when plant was in 3 gallon pot , this plant was shipped to Paolo so, he can tell what this is actually is..
This is kind interesting..But I saw on my Red Lebanese (Marius) one double fruit, tomorrow I will make a pic and post, now too dark and raining here..
I saw double form before on White Genoa in my garden and on few others..
And, real don't pay much attention to it..
But after this posts, I start looking more on my figs:-)
If you asking if I know where to get Dall'Osso with one part looking more green and another one black.. Sorry, I was hope I can get both and completely black and half and half, but both places have  a black figs...

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
This is pics of fruit inside on second year old plant. Foto0325[1].jpg 

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
And now I will tell you little story about this fig..
I think Giorgio Galessio saw this fig in 1800 and he just was surprise about this double form or mutated for of this fig and decide to make a picture...
And this variety was not so rare up to few years back..
In North part of Italy was many trees of Dall'Osso, but one winter was very cold weather and kill all those trees..
Before this happen, figs collectors got cuttings and start they new trees..
Last year, was huge fight on Italian figs forum..
People start telling each other who have wrong ones and who have right one..
I don't come to this forum very often.. sorry..
but time to time I open and read..
And some people saying they think in they area this variety can produce different color, or taste. or even size of fig..
And I think they are right..
Plant what move from south area to north will need addapt to new climate or die, or be sick and weak..
So, because Paolo live in South Italy his plant have this black color on both parts..
Lots depend from soil, water and sun..
And also, not many people know, but Dall'Osso Fetifero producing only 15-20% of this double, or mutated form and I think in a beggining I think you will see normal fruits, but with age you will see more and more double or mutated form..
Now, people who got plants from me..
I now know both parts will look black..Just like Paolo..
I was hoping part near branch will look more green, but not, they look like Paolo..
He saying, this is normal, so much time pass from 1800 and this is how this variety look now..
I hope, I give info you are was looking for..
And say another Italian fig Piombinese.. Info about this one go back 400 years, but this one produce normal figs, no no pics..
I think we like to see something different..
Say like Jolly Tiger.. Most people want to get vegitated form..
I personally got myself not vegitated..
I just tired to kepp it in a shade and never see fruits..
So, now I got a normal one, so I can try it..
I collect figs, so I can eat them..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Now I will put picture of Fetifero or Dall'osso frpm Paolo Dall'Ossocollezione-fichi-2-1.JPG  Dall'Ossocollezione-fichi-2-2.JPG  Dall'Ossocollezioni-fichi-3-7.JPG 

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
I'm back on Internet with my computer..
Ok, here a picture sing:
Particolare della stampa del fico 'Fetifero' del Gallesio (1800) Biblioteca Malatestiana Cesena

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Hi, sorry, I got adapter today and this is a wrong one.. If some how I will be able to connect my computer to the Internet before the right one will get here, I will post the picture..

I guess I can't listen my husband next time when he will tell me any adapter will work..
Very sorry again..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Hi, Crystal!
I have pictures on my computer, hopefully tomorrow I will get my linkys wireless adapter for my computer so I can connect to internet. And post pictures on a forum.

Subject: Vasilika Sika & White Greek Pictures Comparison 14th Sept 2014 Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,964
Hi, Paul!
I do have White Greek and this is a good one, real good, I mean taste.
Lately I start to think they are the same with Vasilika Sika, I lost my last winter.And was thinking just keep my White Greek, but now.. I think to get another one , so I can compare.. I hear here someone was saying Stella and White Greek are the same.. But my White Greek don't split in rain. And Stella don't doing too good here, so, may be they are different..
Ok, wil put Vasilika Sika on my order list:)
Thank you for pics!
Your plant is ready to be shipped..

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Vladik ?, just for you, I will make sure to put pics as soon as I can. Too bad I don' save them on desk top. My computer out for now, but I will look if some pics saved on my Hp,
Somebody was talking about 2 figs collectors in Russia and I even was reading yours
forum.. yes, in Russia variety what no one even want to buy here real rare..
At list even I' m Russian and I'm glad I can watch any movie from Russian websites, I live here in Florida..
I hope one day in Russia figs collector will have lots of real rare and interesting figs varieties..
If you like, contact me and I hope, I will be able to help you...
Good luck!

Subject: Mule figs not Dall'osso aka Fetifero Replies: 91
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,194
Hi, ediblelandscapings,
I send you message.
But, for people who got Dall'Osso from me have nothing to worry about.
They got a real deal. I don't selling figs to make a living.
I don't put fake names on plants or cuttings, so they can be sold for more money.
I truly love figs and respect people who helping to bring here rare figs...
Buy the way, do you hear about another one very rare one
Lupo or
I have this one, but in Italy only 2 mother tree exist of this one...
Dall'Osso rare and very difficult to keep alive..
I myself keep loosing this one..But, I will get another one and will send you pictures personally...
And how do you know who have what in they personal collection?
I have more then 1000 figs in my own..
But practically no one else know what I have.. Only me...
Have a good day!

Subject: Fracazzano Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,029
Hi, Frank!
I'm pretty sure Tatyana have Dal'Osso bianko..

I lost all my FN cuttings this year..
So, hopefully I will do better next time...

Subject: Durio nursery Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,367
Dalton is a very good..I got many figs from him, too bad I almost have all of his figs now, so I can order only couple ..

Subject: Lost my fig loving dad last night Replies: 67
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,257
I'm very sorry to hear about your father..
Hopefully he is in better place now..
And one we love always stay with us in our heart..
My prayers and best wishes for you!

Subject: How would you rate the Fig trees from Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,582
I real like San Pietro.. This one on list of my favorites figs..
I do have this one for 2 years now..So, good luck..

Subject: Looking for Lisa Replies: 0
Posted By: Olga Views: 452
Hello, everyone!
I'm looking for cuttings of Lisa and Abebereira...
Please, let me know..I will love to buy, or we can trade..
Thank you very much for any help!

Subject: Possible Zidi breaking news Replies: 21
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,317
Hi, guys..
I always want to have a Zidi plant..
And now this Zidi plant only like 11 inch big, but I real love how this one look..Hopefully they will get ripe..

Attached Images
jpeg DSC00014.JPG (90.75 KB, 71 views)
jpeg DSC00015.JPG (88.35 KB, 74 views)

Subject: NEMATODES Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,136
Thank you very much Vasile and Darkman!
I don't think I have problems with nematodes in my yard..
But here very easy to get nematodes..I use pots from my friend nursery.. And they may have nematodes.. I buy soil.. And soil may have nematodes..
Nematodes a worms, so I think this is possible even wind can bring them..
So, this is why, I think this is a great when you can get solution what actually can kill them and this don't cost too much..
Actually for the first time I see a fig on my older plant after treatmint with this solution and lots of new healthy leaves.. So I think this one actually work..
I real need to get me a new camera.. To post a pics..My old one.. don't work any more..
But.. seems..I always see new figs I will like to get, so no money for camera...

Subject: Fiorone Di Ruvo Breba Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,230
Great looking figs! Congratulations!
I'm not jealous , but now I have a hope..

Subject: NEMATODES Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,136
I only do have one fig in ground and rest in pots..
But now I see figs here real love to be in ground and you will have no need to take care about them if they in ground..I mean watering..
Figs love this soil so far.. So, I will plant few more figs in ground this year later..My only worry..My husband with his lawn morot.. He kill many trees already..So, now I always near him when he cut grass..
And I can't allow other people to cut grass here..I try.. they keep brakening branches on my plants..

Subject: NEMATODES Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,136
Hi, Jason!
Last year I was searching Internet and I find for sale a cure for nematodes, but price was real close to 500$ for a small ammount..
This is why I was very happy to see my friend find this new solution..This may be not a new, but I never hear about this one..
So, far after few days after treatment plant look much better, so, I will treat it agan over one week.. And may be again over couple weeks.. And around October I want to remove all soil and see roots and if I will find no sign of nematodes this is mean .. This solution work..
Label saying about if possible treat soil without plant.. And dosahe bigger then I use..But I use it for pot with a small plant..
In Florida.. we do have problems with nematodes.. They love sand..
And soil here mostly sand..
So, I think if this solution real work, many plants can be safe and soil treated.. And many people can afford it..
Also..I real don't like to hear people get ridd of all plants if they find just one what have nematodes..
I actually was thinking..May be if this happen, just mix this solution with lots of water and dip roots in this mix..
I will continue to search to way to kill nematodes..
Hopefully I will lucky..

Subject: NEMATODES Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,136
Label saying:
Sesame oil is a natural nematicide that reduces nematodes  populations and humic acids are a natural source of organic acids that boost soil flora and improve general soil characteristics..
About rooting hormone..I got 2 weeping willow trees , you suppose boul leaves and branches and spray on cuttings..
Trees grow well.. Still have no time to boil :-)
But I think next year I will try this method..:-)

Subject: NEMATODES Replies: 15
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,136
Hi, guys..
Last year I talk to my friend who own a plant nursery about nematodes and if have any solution what will kill them..
I visit his nursery not so long time from now and saw " Sunniland" Nematode Control for Lawns and Gardens.. Cost 20$, for 16 FL but how I understand this will enough for a year treatment.. So, I of couse got it..
And when I come home I try to find a fig what have nematodes.. After looking and looking I find one.. So, I mix solution only not like saying label but much less and water a plant and after this water with water.. Plant was sitting without leaves .. for a long time.. But after 4 days after treatment I see new green leaves and seems like I don't kill this plant, but plant actually like it..
So, I'm thinking I will try mix it again say in couple of weeks and see what happen..
This solution have sesame oil and humic acid..
I will continue to watch and treat this poor plant..
Hopefully this is a solution what actually will kill nematodes and don't cost too much..

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Rafed!
I'm Ok.. Seems nothing on this planet can kill me:-)
If you will come to Florida, please, let me know..My SC still green so you still have a chance to try it here:-)
And hopefully some other figs too..

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Martin!
I don't think you a wus:-)
And this is a full time job to take care about many figs..
I understand what you saying about keeping just finest one..
I do have Mavra Sika and this year this one real start grow and after fertilizer start show many figs.. They still very small, but hopefully I will be able to say about taste later..
Birds real start drive me crazy..
I let them eat all my mulberrys this year and they decide to stay and now eating my figs..
We just get ridd off rats (poison from Home Depot done real good job)
But now birds eating all blubberys and figs..
Martin, please, tell us which one yours favorite figs, I ask about taste..
I think you are right and in different places and may be for different people figs are perform different..
But for you which one perform best in taste?
Thank you!

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Noss!
I do have a Dogue de Bordeaux..Just 5 of them now..
And I did have a 14 of them here one time..
I understand what you saying about feeling..
I heal many people myself with my own energy..
I try don't do this now.. 26 year of leukemia start let me know I need to take it easy on myself..
I got my SC from Vasile too.. So, may be you just need to be patient.. And may be just help this tree time to time with fertilizer or lime..
I never give up on any of my plants..
I always try to find the way to help them out..Must be being a doctor and never give up on myself or on any one other I know..
But, I will see how this year my SC doing..I didn't cut this one last year so this one a big and can be easy cut..
From my experience figs are actually react different on fertilizer, water, light, even cutting them down some like it and some don't..
Yes, I was not on forum for last 9 month, but I spend all my free time with my figs all this time and I see how different they react on things I try to do for them..
I think if we will pay more attention and be patient we will better understand each fig what and when she need..
I live in Florida and this may seems more easy to grow figs in warmer climate.. But I do have a sulfer water, sometimes too much rain, sometimes too much heat and sometimes too much cold..
I did plant one fig in ground..
Two years from now I went to Lowe's just before freezing night and guy sold me huge "Brown Turkey like 7 feet tall for 10$..Just because they was thinking cold will kill it..
So, last year I plant this one in ground..And for a year this one was just sitting doing nothing..
But this year tree start grow and produce lots of figs.. They are was very good.. I know..Now I start thinking may be this was not a Brown Turkey, just a lable.. But after this experience I'm planning to plant in ground more figs.. This way I almost never need to water this one, and seems plant love it too..

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505

Hi, Barry!

I'm very sorry to hear about yours problems with hurricane..

I myself this year have floating problem.. Actually I seems have this kind problems here every year.. And I moving my plants under rain for few hours, try to find dry spot..
And every time this happen..I'm thinking I need to stop buying figs..
But..Another one come out I still don't have.. And..I can't help myself..
But if you need help, please, just let me know..This year some of my figs doing great, so I can cut them easy..


Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Noss,
My SC split in a eye.. But quarter pounder split like yours SC..
But..I think may be we all just need to wait and see if with age splitting will stop.. Taste in my Zingarella and Fracazzano real start be much better with age..This year Fracazzano start producing even different shape of figs if I can say so and taste very sweet..
But still even SC split, this is very good tasting fig..
I think now I do have around 1000 figs here and only few I real like and SC is one of them.. I will see if my SC will don't split this year and all I will send you cuttings this year around October, November, or if you like in a spring..
I'm watching figs here and sometimes I see figs with same names perform different..
For example..I do have few Negronne but this year I see couple what actually look real good and I think will actually grow and produce, not like other few..
Last year I don't have great success with cuttings from UCDA, but this year they real doing great, look very healthy, strong and grow well..
May be if cuttings was taken from plant with some kind health problem will continue to have problems after rooting too..
So, may be you just need another SC...
I now try to get few plants with same names and I see they do grow different, some doing great, some are don't...

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Barry!
Last year we did have here lots of rain but only few SC split.. Still this is one of my favorite figs..This year for some reason I only try few figs myself.. Nevid give me last year UNK Dark Greek and this one start producing first and continue already may be 3 month..Earliest fig and produce lots of figs..
My Sal's Corleone now start produce figs but they still green.. I try one on my Zingarella, this one another my favorite, loaded with figs and each year produce even better tasting figs then last year...
This is may sound strange..I'm in Florida but I do have late season this year..
I just now start seeing figlets on many of my figs..So, may be later I will be able to post something if something will taste real good and produce lots of figs..
Hopefully birds will leave my figs.. This is first year I do have problems with birds..

Subject: Sal's Corleone questions Replies: 63
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,505
Hi, Dennis!
Last year I try SC and Martin's UNK they are different, I have both of them..
Martin's UNk don't split last year.. But SC did..
I like taste of SC much better then Martin's UNk and Weeping..
My Weeping don't produce real good figs last year, they was kind small and don't taste great..
Please, tell me, why do you think this 3 figs are the same?
I do have lots of figs here and I think I do have many what have different names but they are the same, but I don't think this 3 are the same..
Thank you very much!

Subject: Mulberry tree Update Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 3,049
Hi, Tony!
I do have huge black mulberry, what very sweet and more then 1,5 inch long..
I do have white too, but trees still small and I never taste them before..
So, send me e-mail with address so I can send you cuttings..Hopefully you will be able to root them..
I try this before and they never root for me..

Subject: Mulberry tree Update Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 3,049
Hi, Tony!
I do have a huge mulberry tree, like 30 feet tall, fruit huge and very sweet..
Only one thing..I'm in Florida..And before I try to root cuttings and always fail.. So, I'm planning to trim one of my mulberry tree very soon so, if you like I can send your way, only I don't sure about cold weather..
If you live close I just will give you 7 feet tall tree in pot..
Last two years I try very hard to give away mulberry trees..No one want to get them..
I do have a white one too, only I still never try them, they still young..

Subject: best pot fig for atlantic coast FL - right on ocean 7 floors up. Replies: 4
Posted By: Olga Views: 917
I live few miles from your mom..
Salt is a problem here..
About which one grow well here..
From black Marseleise VS..
White..Long yellow..I think this two more easy here..

Subject: Help. What to do. Big dog loves figs. Replies: 20
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,949
All my dogs love figs, so I put a fences all around my figs..
This help..

Subject: 6 Cuttings On Wish List Replies: 176
Posted By: Olga Views: 17,501
I love this topics..
For me, this is like a New Year wish..
And hopefully this one will come true.. one day..
This is my wish list:
1. Abebereira
2. Berbera.
3.Bl Tuscan
4. Negretta
5. Morucha.

Subject: Your Favorite Tasting Fig Replies: 82
Posted By: Olga Views: 28,551
Hi, Martin!
This year I like Zingarella, Sal's Corleone, White Greek and I don't sure about the right name of this one, seller call this one New Jersy, this one remind me Mareleise VS, but teste more rich and unike.. And Nero was very good too..

Subject: Will She ? Or Won't She ? Update. She Has! Update #2 and again on Dec. 6. Replies: 17
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,890
Zingarella..My best producing fig.. Even now I still picking up rpe figs and this one was first fig I pick up in a season...I don't sure how many crop..
But all season I pick them up..
But this is fig 3 years old..Last year I just try couple this it..
But this year, I real love this one..
But I think this one will need to be inside for a winter time..
Here in Florida we still have 80 F during the day.. And I still have lots of small figs, no dormant figs, they all still growing..
So, I hope next year you will real love your Zingarella too..

Subject: Nero Replies: 4
Posted By: Olga Views: 810
Thank you very much!
I hope so..Actually I keep loosing now many other figs, because of weather condition..But this one some how got ripe, not sore, don't felt from the plant.. So, I'm hope this one will be a very good one..

Subject: Nero Replies: 4
Posted By: Olga Views: 810
I today pick up my 2 first Nero..
We don't have a sun lately, so I'm kind surprise they turn this way..
They was very light color till today.. Taste kind weak.. But no sun and rain every day..Hopefully in a future they will get better taste..

Attached Images
jpeg DSC05222.JPG (429.72 KB, 39 views)
jpeg DSC05223.JPG (567.00 KB, 48 views)
jpeg DSC05224.JPG (626.82 KB, 62 views)

Subject: Too many fig trees... Replies: 17
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,110

Don't move

Subject: Nardi Black Breba Replies: 13
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,832
Congratulations, Paully!
Figs look beautiful and plant look very healthy!
Just one dream plant!

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Frank!
All my plants was in compost with perlite when they got nematodes..
And I find some info.. Nematodes love sand and love compost..They don't like cow manurve and pit moss and pine barks..
Only one thing about cow manurve.. Figs seems don't real like it too, in my experience slow them down..
So, I still will continue to plant in profecional soil Jangle Growth from Lowe's, yes, this is kind expensive almost 12$ for a bag, but fig love this one and nematodes not..

Subject: Maltese Falcon Replies: 14
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,601
I eat one Maltese Falcon, second rat got..
Sorry, I didn't make pics..
Hopefully for the next one all rats will be dead, so I can wait till this one will real ripe, so I can make a pics and say something about taste..
I still have 3 more on a plant..
Interesting, but rats go for the best tasting figs..
They got White Greek... actually 3 of them, lots of Sal's Corleone, Maltese Falcon and they got my first Parsotta when this one still was very green..
So, I hope to try this one this year too, I do have few more on a plant..
So, hopefully when next Maltese Falcon will ready I will make a pics and post them..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Dave!
My pots was cover with pine barks and before this I put in pots lots of lime and fertilizer.. I find out about nematodes when I start removing pine barks from the pots..
Nematodes like compost very much..
i remove all compost from pots..
If I will be on your place..I will try to put beneficial nematodes couple times.. And after this plant marigold or garlic under the trees..
I don't try ivermectin:-)
This was just idea..
About over watering.. Few years from now I kill couple figs with over watering here in Florida, so this is possible..
Also I think may be not a bad idea to cover all ground around trees with black plastic at list till end of summer..I don't think this will hurt your trees..
My friend have a Golden Celeste in ground..He put lots of mulch around the tree.. Tree very healthy and produce lots of figs every year..
I was hope myself on cow manurve.. After clear all roots from compost I put them in mix cow manurve, plus perlite, plus pit moss..
They don't die from nematodes, but they don't grow much, they just sitting..
But after I re pot this plants with Jangle Growth soil, they took off..
So, if I will plant any in ground..i will dig big hole and fill it with Jangle Growth soil and put lots of mulch after all..
And put lime and fertilazer 2 times in year..
Jangle Growth have pine bark in it..
I'm little bit worry about using pine bark in big amounts for a long time..
I think in the end this will kill the plant..
But in small amount I think this is Ok to use them..
Nematodes love sand, love pompost, so this is hard here in Florida to have inground trees...
I will try may be next year..
I want to wait..
Some varieties don't get sick with nematodes and all..
But some like Atreano, Mary Lane seedles will get it for sure..
So, for inground planting we may be will need to plant one what don't get sick with nematodes..

Subject: E-bay seller Replies: 50
Posted By: Olga Views: 3,822
I'm glad you still curious:-)
How many do you have now?
And which one your favorites?

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Cecil!
Thank you! I trying this one now on Kathellen Black..
This my first air layer..So, I'm kind worry..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Thank you very much!
This is very interesting to see what other people to do!
I may try this method on couple of my trees..
I all the time try experimenting and most time I get lucky with solutions..
I guess as lon as you looking .. you will find the answers, or cure..
Thank you very much again!


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