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Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
Thank you!
I hope I will survive:-)
I real don't like to take any pills and all..
But I real do worry about plants..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
I always was extra careful with Zingarella..
So, I will put your plant in some kind shade, like half at list, under the big tree, and I will keep it inside if you do have a cold winter..
I never keep my outside if temperature try go under 55 F...
This is kind strange..But figs what suppose to be a cold hardy don't doing very good here.. At list may be I still don't find the way to make them perfect..
I do trying very hard..
I today check my small Caucasus I root from cutting this year..Was very infected with FMV so I put it in spot where son come only in early morning.. This was like 2 weeks from now..
I today check this plant.. look much better..
Here in Florida sun very intense..
Some figs don't like it and all and doing much better in shaded areas..
We went to beach today, spend may be a hour..Now I look like I got baked, skin very red and I guess I will in a lot of pain later..
So, my poor plants get hit with this sun from early morning till almost 7 PM..
I do have problems with leaves because of this sun..
I almost wish summer will be gone like today...

Subject: Fracazzano Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,029

Sorry, Martin, I was sure after I upload picture and push on post this will show up, my mistake..Pictures was too big, so I resize them..

Subject: Maltese Falcon Replies: 14
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,601

This one still small, but interesting color

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Subject: pics New Jersy fig Replies: 2
Posted By: Olga Views: 718
I promise to make a New Jersy fig, may be this have a different name..
I got it on Ebay last year

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jpeg DSC05098.JPG (655.20 KB, 51 views)

Subject: Fracazzano Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,029

I just give up date on Facazzano

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jpeg DSC05096.JPG (410.03 KB, 205 views)

Subject: Sultane Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,175
Hi, Martin!
Very beautiful tree!
I lost Sultane when I try to root them.. Now I'm looking for one..
May be you will change your mind..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
Hi, Dan!
I think most varieties may have FMV.. And when plant strees or weak this will show up..
This is like with people all people have for example staphylococcus, and normally this don't show up, but when immune system down this may show up, or some other illness ..
I was reading about nematodes and they saying if plant adult or in a very good health less likely will get sick with nematodes..I do have Katheline Black.. Very healthy, big plant..Only still no fruit..But may be next year..
I was thinking..My experiment of this year with this soil, fertilization, lime and pine bark..Force figs to have many more figs..
I do planning  this week to remove all pine bark from the pots..I think I need to stop forcing them..They will need to get some rest..
All plants done very good, give me lots of new grows, lots of figs.. So, I need to take it easy on them..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
Sorry, Zingarella actually never got nematodes, same with Jordanian Zragi and few other.. So, this is a very good plant for places which may have nematodes..
About mosaic virus I read on forum fertilazer and lime usually help with it..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
I can't say about last year for sure, but this year around January I remove all old soil from the plant, because of the last year nematodes problem.. So, I was re planting all plants to be sure they are healthy..
I was keeping this fig inside for a winter time, so after I re plant and put outside.. And I live in Florida so plant was inside only when was cold..
Most time plant was outside..
Plant start show normal leaves and give a new grows..
I put in pots 10-10-10 fertilazer plus lime, over couple weeks I cover pots with pine bark.. Over 4-5 weeks I put more lime, because my water from a deep well and very salty..
So, I never saw a mosaic virus on this one..I did on other plants..Now they all doing better..
New soil this is profeccional mix Jangle growth, plus Miracle grow pit moss plus perlite..
I see after I put plants in this mix they start grow better..
And fertilazer and lime and pine bark.. which I now know a vitamin C must be help plants with mosaic virus..
And I did have one small Nero this still have a nematodes and plants was don't grow and all, after re planting, fertilizer, lime and pine bark this one now look very good, double in size and look very healthy..
Last year I did have many plants with nematodes..I don't get rid off any of them.. Most survive and now healthy..
So, I think now I don't scare about nematodes any more..I know I can deal with it, Yes, this is take time and some money I guess, but plant can be safe and healthy after all..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
I do have Vernino, still no fruit on this one..
I will make a pics of New Jersy..
This one fast grower..Last year I got a very small plant may be 6-7 inch tall, Now this like 3 feet tall and have few figs on it.. Actually earliest one..For me..
I read about some people real like smaller figs, saying taste is better..
I always try to get big figs..But.. actually I try bring almost all what I can and just try with time to decide which one I need to keep and which one need go..
I guess in different climate, humidity, soils, water figs will taste different..
I only can say..I'm glad many varieties doing good here..
Some..I just keep loosing them over and over again..They just don't like here and all..
Also this forum a huge help and I think not just for me..
Without it..I will never get where I'm now..
And I still try to study everything I can and try to experiment too..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
I got this Zingarella from you:-)
I'm don't saying taste was bad..I just thinking because of a couple days of rain taste was kind watery, still a very good taste..
I don't have mosaic virus on this one, but I do have other problem with leaves, but hopefully I know what to do with this one..
I'm very happy with this fig, last year I had a few figs on this one, but this year size was much bigger and taste much better...
But I agree..I will keep this fig inside for a winter time again..
I real don't want to loose this one..

Subject: ronde de bordeaux wont grow :-( Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 917
Last year my Ronde de Bordeaux was in 1 gallon pot and was may be 10 inch long..
Now this in 3 gallon and 4 feet tall, already have figs on it..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
Last year I got on Ebay fig , owner call this fig New Jersy..
This is dark fig and red inside, almost size half from Zingarella..
Taste is sweet, may be even too sweet and have a very strong fig taste..
I do have more on a tree..I will make a pics next time..
About Zingarella..My tree may be 30 inch tall..I now account I do have 34 figs on it..Interesting how many will actually ripe..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
Hi, Dan!
Actually I think this one will be biggest one:-)
I today pick up Celeste and this one was small:-)
I see two other Zingarella may be ready over week or so, but I think they will be smaller.
So, so far I do have 3 figs this year..
I do have many on trees, but they still not ready..
I check today and Fracazano may be ready over couple days 2 of them..
Strange before this rains what come in last 3 days I don't see Fracazano will ready to pick up soon..
This year they are bigger then last, still smaller then Zingarella..
I do have one big Magnolia still green and one big Conardia, still very green..
Can't wait to see if I will see bigger figs then Zingarella..
I make my husband try New Jersy, Zingarella and Celeste..
He like most Zingarella..
Even my husband don't like figs and all:-)
I real like taste of New Jersy, but I pick her up before the rain..
This one was  wtice smaller then Zingarella, but have a very strong taste, if I can say so..

Subject: ronde de bordeaux wont grow :-( Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 917
Last year my Ronde de Bordeaux almost don't grow and all..
I change soil this year..I mix profeccional mix Jungle something, sorry, don't remember exactly, Lowe's selling.. Plus I add Miracle Grow pit moss and perlite.. After this I plant it kind high in a pot.. And seems like tree start grow, but after I cover pot with pine bark .. This is when plant took off...
I was surprise..I speak with one old guy my friend..And he told me, when I cover pot with pine bark I just like give plant a pure vitamin C..
Actually after I done it, practically all my figs took off and start show small figs all over..
Now..I little bit worry.. I think some varieties don't like too much so much vitamin C, so I remove from couple of pots now pine bark and keeo watching rest of my trees..
So, I think in case with this sick plant..
I will try to make this mix of the soil I speak about, plant kind high, and try water very careful, don't let it dry completely, but don't keeo it too wet..
And with time I will cover pot with pine bark at list for a week or so..
Actually I did experiment here after reading about experiment with honey and aspirin..
Whhat I did..
I boil 3 gallon pot of water I add 1/2 a plastic cup of black willow leaves and stick, and half a cpu pine bark..
I boil may be for 30 minutes..
After I cool it..I put a table spoon of honey  in almost 2 gallon jar, add water what I boil and add to the top clear water..
After this I add just a little bit of this to each pot or cup with cuttings I try to root..
Seems like plants like it, start look better..
Over 2 days I add more clear water to a jar and water again..Little bit..
Plants love it..
But..I done this not so long time from now, like a week or so.. So, this is still experiment..

Subject: Zingarella Replies: 35
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,421
I today pick up my first Zingarella fig this year..
Taste was good, but little bit watery, 2 days of rain, no split, look good.
Yesterday I pick up a fig I got from Ebay New Jersy, was smaller, but taste was I think better, very sweet and figgy..

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Subject: Where's GeorgeK? Replies: 16
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,249
Australia have a real bad rule for bringing animals or plants..
Also..He may be decide he will start a new life, so he just walk away from the past..

Subject: Verte (Green Ischia) or St Anthony Marseilles Replies: 7
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,062
I saw Jon selling a Strawberry Verte on Ebay..I have may be 10-12 of them, they from last year cuttings..They may be 14-17 inch long but each one cover with figs..
Kathelin Black..I have this one may be 3 fut tall..No fruit yet.. St Anthomy very, very slow, no fruit yet..
Get Sal Corleone, Or Marseleive VS, they give lots of fruit fast..

Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047
I can't use neem oil even if I will like to do so very much..
I do have horrible allergy on this one, even if neem mix with water and just a drop touch my skin..Everybody telling me I need rush to the hospital..
But, I read more forums today.. And I now sure more then ever.. This is my water what doing this to the plants.. and the sun..
I'm buying water to drink and for dogs..But I real can't buy water to water my 400 figs trees..This is will kind expensive...

Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047
I don't sure about leaves.. Seems like first leaves look good, but over time they start have spots like rust and after this they turning yellow and falling down..First I was thinking this is rust so I put copper dust all over plants.. No effect.. And one time..I don't know why I put my well water on perfectly healthy green leaves and next day I saw this spots..
Also plants which I move from full day sun don't show so much this spots and leaves stay longer and look better..
So, I don't know.. may be this is combination my water and sun..
I spay plants with castille oli mix.. Seems like this one did have no effect..
This is still mistery for me what going on..
May be somebody have idea what this can be?
Leaves start show like rust spots and after this turn yellow and ages even look like they born like on fire paper..???

Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047

I try 768x1024 hope this help

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Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047
I try and try and I was not be able to appload bigger pictures, so I had no choice but go for web size..
I will try size you talking..actually now..Thank you!

Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047
Thank you!
I only can hope for this:-)

Subject: few pics of my figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,047
Sorry I'm not a very good with camera..
And Thank you all very much for all advices!
I can't do it without all of you!

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Subject: Varieties To Grow In Ground In The Tropics Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,558
Last year I did find out about nematodes.. In a hard way..
Nematodes love sand and compost, so I don't use any of those.. And I can't plant any figs before they became mature...
About more varieties I look, LSU purple have few figs on.. And Tarantella too..
Bornabat.. this is one have one huge fig on it.. lost it, after this another small come out and felt off..Now I have 3 more.. hopefully they will stay...
I read people don't have a good success with this one...Italian Schar have few figs on..And seems doing good..
For some reason Italian Honey don't doing too good..But I have a Lemon what I grow from a cutting what I got from Jon and this one doing good now..
Conardia last year very late produce figs so I pull them off, now I see this one start producing..
Janice seedles have many figs but leaves don't look too good..
White Genoa have a very strange looking figs on it..
Trojano.. have many figs.. Even this year rooted cutting loaded with small figs..This year Bl Bethlehem real took off and have a few figs, Bl Jack doing great, China White just now show couple figs and this one big size plant..
Grathams Royal very good and figs look great too, Kathleen Black a big size plant still no figs on it, This yea Madeleine De  Deux Saisons start grow..I real hope this one will be good..
Black Madeira...I put this one in a shade.. Very slow still no figs..
I got a fig from Ebay with Name Dark portuguese, not from Bass last year, this one doing good, but I don't sure if this one real a Dark Portuguese, same with Abebereira even this one was very sick in a beginning of this year with FMV
 now look good and have figs on it...
Marabout just now start show some figs..
Smith last year was doing nothing, now start grow, still no figs, Jurupa grow fast, no figs, Brown Greek last year many figs, done real good, this year still no  figs..Hunt big size plant still no figs, LSU Gold big plant still no figs..
San piero real good small plant already few figs on it..
San Pietro big plant, but still no fruits..

Subject: Varieties To Grow In Ground In The Tropics Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,558
I'm in Florida.. I do have many varieties..
So far I see this climat love and got lots of fruits...
Zingarella, Fracassana, Sal Corleone, Marseilles VS, Schar Amber..My Hollier don't doing so good now..I still don't sure why..
Strawberry verte doing good but not in full sun..
Sicilian Bifara doing great...
I hope to make some pics tomorrow.. if I will find the camera and find out how to make pictures smaller..
Many more figs now start having figs, but I need to check names..
Jordanian Zragi, Weeping Black, Giant Amber, Long yellow..
White Greek, Ronde de Bordeaux, Mediterranian, Fiorone de Ruva, La Goccia D'oro,Haikel Lebanese, GM 15, Quarter pounder,Maltese Falcon( GM5), Drap D'or,Blue Giant  and many more..
Negronne, Violette de Bordeaux and Panache.. still don't doing too good..Negronne and Violet de Bordeaux don't like full sun..
Scott's Black..I still don't sure..I have few, and one now seems start doing better, but still to early to say anything..

Subject: Black Tuscan??? Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 808
Hi, Navid!
Do you think I will be able to root them?
To be honest with you..I'm not very good in this rooting process...
May be 50/50...I try to do my best, but sometimes plant seems doing good new roots and leaves and after some time just died..And I still don't sure why..I try to do everything I can, but some survive and some not...
I real do care about my plants..Every day.. But I still too new for a figs.. And I still don't sure about my persimmons.. Seems like they doing great, but still loosing fruit..But every day from 4 pm till dark I'm outside try take care about all my plants..This year seems like my figs doing better...At list I see figs on them...Hopefully they will get ripe...And I never cut them before.. So, this is actually first time I want to cut some... But for some reason for a long time I want to get Black Tuscan.. So, I will be glad to cut some for you...
Thank you very much!

Subject: Black Tuscan??? Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 808
Thank you very much!
Please, keep me in mind..
I do have many varieties and I will send you some as a gift if you will sell me Black Tuscan...
Please, please, don't forget about me..
Thank you very much!

Subject: Black Tuscan??? Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 808
Thank you! I did..
May be somebody else have it for sale, please..

Subject: Black Tuscan??? Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 808
I'm looking for a small plant of Black Tuscan..Please, if anybody have for sale..
Thank you very much!

Subject: Seeking Paradise Replies: 18
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,090
I have a loquat tree..And this one produce big size fruit..If any one interesting..I can send seeds next year..I don't know if this is a right way to start this kind tree..But if any one want to get the seeds, just let me know..

Subject: Adding Limestone Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,088
Hi, John!
I have a deep well water..I live near ocean.. So.. water is a very salty..So, I need to put a lime just to make a soil less salty...
I use before white organic lime, now I will use garden lime, cheaper and because this one in granules last longer...
Before I mix with fertilizer 10-10-10..Now..I think I will mix with long lasting fertilizer what have ironed, so plants also will be greener Also I was thinking to add copper duster, because something going on with figs leaves. For no reason older one last couple days look like they got rust and some look just like they are born from the sun..???
So..will see what will happen...
I will put mix under older figs tree, also I cover soil in each pot with pain bark, this help me to keep soil damp and add more asid to the soil.. Also I think this can help with nematodes..
So, I will put this mix on top of pine bark  just little bit and I will water after this and wait one week or more..and I will see what will happen..
I live in Florida.. here hot..I'm watering my figs every day.. when we don't have rain..But after I put pine bark.. even smaller figs now have little figs..
I'm not a very good with camera..But I think I need try to use it one day..
Just to show how look my figs..

Subject: Sad day for me Replies: 37
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,418
Hi, Gene!
I'm very sorry..This is a very hard for us to let go the one we love the most...
The only cure I know.. keep yourself busy as much as you can...
Sge always will be here with you..You love her too much...
Be strong...

Subject: Young tree...lots of fruit Replies: 13
Posted By: Olga Views: 992
I don't know why you need to pull figs and all..
I was thinking about it for a some time now..
Nature is a very smart..So, I think if tree can't keep them all, tree will loses some on they own..
Also, I was thinking about pulling figs from a young trees..I think if you don't got them gust with feeding, but plant kind decide it on his own to get a fruit.. Why not???
I all the time watching my fruit trees.. They do it on they own..
And I real don't try to force them to get fruit, but each year I see more and more fruit stay on trees before I pick them eat..

Subject: Fig Orchard complete....well almost Replies: 55
Posted By: Olga Views: 4,307
Hi, Dennis!
I'm seeing you having fan:-)
I'm watering my figs every day plus other my fruit trees around 3-4 hour..
I had a system, but my husband broke it when he move the grass.. So, now I have fan every day, plus at night I'm watering my huge trees..
But..I don't think I will create watering system for the figs..Seems to me, like different varieties need different ammount of water.. So, I just give every one just what they ask for...
But one thing real help me..I cover all pots with pain bark, I cover all soil like with a 1 inch of pine bark..Every fig over couple of days start look much better, and every one have new and healthy leaves...
So, I even start to think cover with it my in ground trees..
Seems like plants real feel better with it..

Subject: Potting Mix recommendations Replies: 33
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,519
Sara, I have 1 acre for my plants..And I hope to get 2 more next door.. hopefully soon..But when figs in pots they don't need much space...When they in ground.. they will need much more room..with time..
But for now I'm a fig nut just for last 2 years.. So, most of my plants not a big in size...But, this year I hope to try many more then last...And hopefully after all my hard work..I will get some joy..

Subject: Potting Mix recommendations Replies: 33
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,519
Hi, Noss!
Last year I try hurry up.. I was not patient and ignore advise about pots size
.. the end..I move plants back in smaller pots..Plants was not doing too good.. But this year I move them again in bigger pots.. After winter.. And my plants never went dormant, they was growing all winter..Now they are Ok in bigger pots..
I don't sure who Jon or Bass was saying you need re pot when you start seeing roots from bottom holes...
But now I listen.. And..I see a result..Now almost all my figs have a small figs on them, they all look good, healthy.. and happy..if I can say so..
So, I don't sure if this is because of too much water staying or roots can't get air...I don't know for sure..But last year show me I was not right when I was try to hurry...
About ground tree..I'm watching one Celeste in ground ..Now this is 4 years old and now this real start look like tree became mature, strong..Look good..I check yesterday.. tree loaded with figs..And even some parts have damage from winter..Still look good..Owner now.. or ever don't care about this tree..But..I can see this one for last 3 year.. And this year tree  real look good...
I hope.. to have more of my own trees in ground..But..I know..I need to be patient..

Subject: Potting Mix recommendations Replies: 33
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,519
Sara, soil will change with a size and age of a plant..
Like when you plant a fig in one gallon pot you add like 50% perlite, after this you move your plant in 2-3 gallon pot and you already use may be 30% perlite and when you move your plant in 5 gallon pot.. I guess little bit of perlite and in 7 gallon pot no perlite and all..
Bill speak about adult figs.. and if you read.. he don't use perlite and all..
So, don't think like you will just put your plant ones..Figs don't like when pot too big so too speak...You real grow them..
Of couse..I'm not a good example here..Because I'm a fig nut..I all the time working planting and re planting..But this is because I have no less then 500 figs tree here...And only 3 I plant in a ground...
Here in Florida..One's you put it in a ground.. you can forget about this tree..No more list.. every day when we don't have rain...
I don't use black plastic..I think this may kill my trees..Too hot here specially in summer..
But yesterday I was reading about root know nematodes and they saying if you have nematodes you put black plastic like Bill does and this will kill nematodes.. So, I think his idea great..Just don't working for me..

Subject: Potting Mix recommendations Replies: 33
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,519
I think you also need to choose soil depending from where do you live..
For example..I live in Florida.. we have lots of rain and this mean.. soil must don't keep water too long.. But on other hand.. when we have here real hot weather.. soil dry real fast..
And I think watering.. biggest problem with a figs tree, specially when they small.. Too much water will kell them..
Also..I don't sure where I read.. but like when you just put your new small fig or just rutted cutting in a 1 gallon pot.. you need add lots of 50%
And other 50% you can choose...
So, you will need try on your own, but good you already have lots of help..

Subject: Advise on transplanting large in-ground fig? Replies: 12
Posted By: Olga Views: 922

On my opinion he just can trim little bit side what go on drive way and live it alone...

Subject: Spring storms Replies: 5
Posted By: Olga Views: 606
I'm in Melbourne Florida..
We lost a power yesterday for 4 hours..
All day today strong rain, wind and on TV they speaking about tornado..
I hope all this will stop soon..
I'm very worry about my figs..
Soo much rain can't be good..
Even I check them today.. they was Ok.. But I bring inside all figs I start this year..
They got hit with strong rain on Monday.. Rain start around midnight and continue all day..I put plants inside around 9 morning..And I was very worry I will loose all of them, but I think may be 6-7 look not good.. but this is from 70.. So, I just glad I don't lost all of them..
Now I decide to wait with rest of my started cuttings.. They will sit in cups for a some time now.. And again I will need to change a soil..
Yes, all this rain.. hard..

Subject: squirrel damage Replies: 30
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,335
I'm very sorry about everything what going on..
I know this is sound crazy, but my husband all the time asking me if I see them in yard..
Yes, I do..They eating mulberry all day long on top of my huge tree with the birds..As long as they staying away from my figs I'm Ok..
Thanks God around my property I see few foxes and cats.. And huge birds..Seems like they all love to eat them...
But..I think you need try to catch them and relocate, or find another way..
Very sorry again..

Subject: I'm quiting Replies: 46
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,363
I'm so very sorry, Bass,
but I think many of us have some of yours trees, so, just let us know, we all will be very happy to help..
And.. if you decide..You always can move to Florida..
Even last 3 nights killing me.. was 40F at night...
But still.. you will don't need to cover figs for a winter...
And I agree.. some kind poison can help..

Subject: Florida -catepillar invasion ? Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 964
Hi, Noss!
I think I was be able to kill nematodes because I use all info I find on this forum..
Nematodes don't like cow manurve, don't like pit moss.. And they like sand and compost..
So..I had no choice but change all my soil in pots..
And also O decide to cut most damage roots, so this way they will stop have any effect on a plant..
And I wanted to clean roots before planting again, just to be sure I will don't put nematodes to a new pots..
why I use pine soil? I know this one is toxic and real killing all kind bacteria and insect.. I have neem oil and this can work too, but very difficult to mix neem oil with water..And I don't think I had a pyrethrin at home..I think this one can work too...
And I was afraid plant can get nematodes from the ground where pots standing, so I put eucalyptus mulch on a ground..This one little bit more expensive then regular, but maker promise this one naturally will kill all insect in ground..
So, I just was paying attention to everyone on this forum, put all this together and this work...
Actually now I put all cuttings in mix of cow manuvre+ pit moss with miracle grow in it + perlite and roots coming real fast and leaves too..I just try keep eye on humidity in a rom, moisture in cups and temeperature and light..But seems like cuttings root much faster and no one died yet...
So, even this may be little bit more expensive then compost, but if I can avoid nematodes, plus I don't think I will need to add any fertilazer at list this year...
I decide to go this way this year.. And over couple month I will see if I was right about it..

Subject: Florida -catepillar invasion ? Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 964
Sorry, I didn't remember before and just was home for a few minutes..
So, I cover ground with eucalyptus mulch ..
And I'm planning to buy on Ebay Dr Bronner's Org. Castile Soap mix with water and use it to kill all kind spiders and may be other insects too..
If I remember correctly this is one was used by member of this forum for this..
Also I saw on Ebay Thuricide Bacillus thuringiensis15% CaterpillarWorms GL
think this one will kill this spiders..

Subject: Florida -catepillar invasion ? Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 964
 Hi, Noss!
Ok, about nematodes..
I don't know if anybody remember..I lift a question about nematodes last year..
So, this is what I did..
First I clear roots from organic compost and perlite.. After this I cut most damage roots..In backet I mix pain soil with water, just like you mix to clean a floor, just little bit..
I dip all roots few times in this backet and dry it up little bit.. After this I plant this plant in mix ow cow manurve, pit moss and perlite and put in a shade area before plant start show me new leaves and look good, healthy..
My friend give me a Hi Yield Systemic Insect Granules and told me they will work, but I never try it yet...
And I put all my plants on ground cover with mulch..I need check the name, but this mulch what killing all kind insect.. I don't keep them just on ground any more..
So, may be this is why I don't have problems with other insect for now..
But, I want to get some stuff from Ebay and start mixing with a water ..I need look what it is, but I remember this help other member of this forum ..I think with spiders and other insect...

Subject: Florida -catepillar invasion ? Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 964
Hi, Kerry!
I live in Florida.. Don't have this problem..Last year nematodes was a real problem..But..I find the way to kill them..

Subject: 6 Cuttings On Wish List Replies: 176
Posted By: Olga Views: 17,501
I think this is a great idea..
Oh, I have more then 6, but..
1. Unk Pastilliere
2. Jolly Tiger
3. Lisa
4. Black Tuscan
5. Lebanese shtawi
 And..I can continue.. continue
Sorry...this is must be just me..I think I will never stop looking..

Subject: Variants Easy To Root Replies: 31
Posted By: Olga Views: 2,355
Hi, everyone!
Last year..I lost lots of cuttings..I was a new.. who was trying to study..and first I lost many.. but.. Blue Giant, Brooklin White, LSU Gold done good. Nero and Strawberry Verte 8 plants each..I don't think I lost any of them..
And 50% Scot's black, Unk Yellow, Vernino, Osborn OC, Portland 4, Preto tarde, Long Yellow, Flanders, Dark Portuguese, Celeste JN..
But, this year..I change almost everything.. hopefully this way will work better... Stella doing good this year...but..for now..I afraid to say anything...


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