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Subject: UcDavis Order Recieved Replies: 30
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,941
I didn't too..
I think Fed ex.. kind expensive..They charge me 78.76$..
And this was not a  very big and not a very heavy box..
I wish UCDA use UPS or post office..
But, on other hands.. cuttings was good..

Subject: Need help on my Panache???? Replies: 19
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,573
I live in Florida too..My plants never was dormant.. And I will wait till winter and may be cut some...
I don't know..This is just me...I real want them to became big..I cut tree in ground last winter, they almost don't give me new grows.. But they in half shade,  may be this is why...
But I real want them to be list 5-6 fits.. before I start cutt them...
I just very happy to see any new grows on any of my figs..

Subject: UcDavis Order Recieved Replies: 30
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,941
Hi, everybody!
I got my package today too..Lots of fun..
Only I don't know how I suppose to pay for it?
I check my fed ex account and I don't saw any open invoice or bill or anything..
I don't sure what to do.. Contact UCDA? Contact Fed Ex???
They was very nice to me, sent me lots of cuttings..I will love to pay for them, or at list for shipment cost..
Please, if anyone know what I need to do..
I real don't like this situation...
Thank you!

Subject: Miami Replies: 4
Posted By: Olga Views: 732

I live 3 hour from Miami north..

Subject: Cold Morning Replies: 66
Posted By: Olga Views: 3,199
Hi, everyone!
Here in midle of Florida already 2 night 28 degree..Cold..
I'm thinking.. our short winter.. may be will never happen again.. Last year, like never before winter was long and cold..I live here 10 years.. And winter.. this is like 2 weeks..But not the last one.. And I'm thinking climat chanching..Summer will get more hot and winter longer and colder..
This is actually why I start getting all my figs ..I lost 3 mango trees last year...But figs seems to be Ok with cold..
But..I manage to bring almost 500 potted trees inside..I just don't want something else happen..Bad enough I fight nematodes..And..I won..But this cold weather..I don't like it and all..Even I come here from Russia.. And winter in Russia very cold..
So..I'm feel everyone pain right now..And this is too bad most of my figs tree now have little figs on them..I think..I will remove them...
Hopefully.. One day .. soon.. warm weather will be back.. Cold.. is sucks..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Noss!
About evermectin this is was just a idea, because this is worms killer..
And if you will go to doctor for worm treatment..I don't think they will give you ivermectin, more like a pyrantel.. for round worms..
But, my dogs eat grass.. And sometimes get worms from doing so.. And I got from them couple times.. Nothing help, so I took ivermectin.. Help me real fast.. and how you can see I'm still here..
Yes, this was scary things to do, but..I have a girls friend she is a vet.. And she have turtles .. So, she got something from them.. and took they medication.. and she still here too.. She is American.. So, basically this is was her idea, not my..
But, this is just was a idea..
But, then more I think about nematodes..I'm thinking from tomorrow I will start cutting sick roots, dip them in Pine Sol  with water and put them in this mix of soils and I hope this will work.. Also, I will read more about benefishial nematodes  and may be after this over couple of weeks will use them too...
I just will try be careful with mix of soils..
And on ground I will put Diatomaceous Earth just to sure..I afraid to put this on in a pots...
So, this is my plan.. at list for now...
And cold weather coming, of course not so cold like up north, but I think this can help too..Here during the day still hot, but at night will be cold soon..How I understand nematodes don't like heat or cold...
Nematodes just worms... something will kill them, too bed, they don't sell now nothing what real work.. can be so much easy...

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Noss!
I'm Russian and I come here from Ukraine 10 years from now...
I was thinking about nematodes problem..
First I was thinking to order good nematodes and put them Sunday on plants..
But now I think I will do something different..
If we already know nematodes don't like lime, fertilazer, cow manuvre, pitt moss..I decide I will clean my sick plants from land, cut all damage roots, dip them in Pine Sol and after this I will put them in pots with mix from organic compost, cow manuvre, pitt moss, lime, fertilazer and perlite..
I think this will naturally take care about nematode..
I check my VdB this morning before I went to work.. She look good, not worst.. So, I just will give her time to heal..
Now, why Pine Sol..
For a long time I know you need be very careful with it, because yor pets or children can get real sick from it..Pine Sol a very toxic...
Yes, Neem oil, also a plant and work different, basically they can't breeze.. if you can say so..But again neem iol very toxic..I know this because last year I try put it on my dogs and I got a real toxic poison on myself, hear bad...
But I know this is very difficult to mix neem oil with water, on other hands Pine Sol mix very easy..
So, I think I will do this way..Because this way sick plants will move in healthy mix and sooner...
If any one have idea about mix like this can damage roots, please, let me know...
I deal with worms in pets and people quit often .. So, I have idea how to use ivermectin .. And evermectin will kill more then 33 different worms.. So, I think about this too..
I just need to think about this little longer..I know I will find a answer...
But if plants can be save this way, this is good for many people..
Easy decision, not always the best, they just moving economy...

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Hi, Noss!
You real have a great idea..
I will see what I can do..
And I will try to make a pics, only I read people have difficulty with putting pics here..
About playing with fire..
I do playing with fire for a very long time..
Do you see..I got a medical degree  and became a doctor long time from now..
And when I was only 18...I find out I have a blood canser..
My doctor told me.. you have 5 years.. no hope, no cure..
Now 25 years later..I'm still here..Because I never give up.. And I manage not only stay alive...I'm try kill myself with work all this time..
So, playing with this problem... I hope.. everything will be just right..
But..Yes I will see if something working and let everyone know..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
This is 3 years old plants, they are  big and I want  try to save them...
But, if I will see nothing working..I will try or airlayer, or just cut and root them again...

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Ok, I put all 13 sick plants away from the rest, put each of them on a pile with aunts, put lime and fertilazer in each pot..
Next week, I will put or benefishial nematodes or  Diatomaceous Earth..
I went to Hope Depot today and guy I talk have lots of info..He told me about Diatomaceous Earth.. Also about crushed seseme seed shells.. Also cow manuvre and pit moss...
So, My VdB standing separate from all other figs..Look good today..If I will see great grows next few days..This is will mean Pine Sol working too...
And benefishial nematodes very easy to buy on Internet..
So, I will try everything with one week period.. And hopefully something will work...

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
I check..I don't have this problems with all plants, just a few , they all come from the same place..
I have 2 huge figs trees in a ground.. No nematode on they roots..
I have ants all over.. And I try to get rid off them, but.. can't.. And I was thinking they can help, so I stop trying..
I have a friend here.. And because of him..I became a figs nut...
He have a Golden Celeste in a ground..He put lots of mulch around a tree..Never watering, never feed the tree.. And this tree huge with lots of figs on it...
He live right around corner from me...
So, I still have a hope..I will be able to deal with this problem..
For a long, long time..I cure people and animals.. And..I try to do my best don't use traditional medicine...And I have better success then many vet or doctors..
I just always try keep looking, studying.. And I always finding a cure...
So, this plants, just my patients right now..
I will try to do my best..
And I hope I will have a success this time too...
I have neem oil here, but..very difficult to mix with water...
Neem oil use same like a Pine Sol on pets..
So, may be will work with nematodes too..
Thank you every one!
Nematode a big peoblem...But I hope this can be deal with..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Thank you! I will.. Actually tomorrow I will try to check all plants, this is will be little bit difficult with 500 or more plants..
But..I real will need to treat all my property..I was moving plants around.. And I think this plants was here for a few month, so just put a plastic bag..Little bit too late, but I will do...
Funny, but all this plants come from one person, who you can't stand...
So, good nematode for a property and individual treatment for each sick one...
Thank you every one!

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Thank you!
I find on this forum previous info about netatode..
This is very interesting..I like idea about lime.. I don't think I will do sugar..
And today after I remove all damage roots , they was for a few without soil and they dry up.. And I don't know why but I think this was good to put a plant in Pian Sol solution with water, so I must be kill all netatode with it..
But, just to be safe..I think I will put a lime tomorrow in each pot...
I have a salty water, so this will be good for plants even from this point...
I will love to treat sick plants and make them healthy, this may work in the future for somebody else...
I afraid to use hot water...
But, what I didn't know before.. Actually any one can have this problems and with other plants too, so this is could be great to be able to cure plants without just trashing them...
If somebody find 100% result, please, share...

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
all plants in pots..
So, you think no hope to cure sick plants?
I don't got too many from this person..
I check other plants they all good..
But, may be I can treat sick plants some how???
In my life..I find out.. you never can give always need to fight, and you always must look and you will find the way...
I will see how this plant I work today will do...
I have a pain trees and I can tell you.. No problems and all in area where they grow.. Actually not many plants can grow around them also..Acid from pine don't allow it..
And lately I find out you not only can clean with Pine sol, but if you will wash your pet with shampoo with added Pine Sol in it will real kill flea and mite and mange on your pet.. So, must be this is a very strong stuff...
This is why I put plant in backet with water and Pine soil...
I will keep looking..I need to find the way...
Thank you very much for your respond..

Subject: Nematode Replies: 34
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,744
Please, if any one know what I can do..
I today check my Violet de Bordeaux and find out nematod on  roots...
I was looking for a treatment on Internet.. just in case before.. And some saying you need get rid off sick plants, some telling keep change soil again and again.. Please, if any one know what I can do to cure the plant..
I check couple other plants I got from same person and they also sick.. So, I'm very worry now...
I know this sound may be crazy..But I clean roots from soil, cut all sick roots and put plant in a backet with water and Pine Sol for a few minutes and after this I plant it in a new pot with a new soil..I get rid off old soil and roots...
If this will work I will leave a post..
But if anybody know what can be done, please, I need help..
Thank you!

Subject: Master gardeners meeting Replies: 5
Posted By: Olga Views: 969
Good luck, Bass!
But everything will be just perfect.. So do not worry..

Subject: Worse Theif Than Any Animal Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 890
You are lucky!
My eat mulberry leaves too, but this is Ok, because a tree is huge and I let them, they eat mulberry too..So, I share..
But almost all my figs  small, so I real don't like idea my dogs eating they leaves..
But, this is true, even in hurricane when we was without electricity for 2 weeks, no one, ever try come to my property , even all doors was open days and nights...
And now, almost all houses around me was rob..I never have any problems..
Nothing leave alive from my property...

Subject: Worse Theif Than Any Animal Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 890

This is one of my baby

Attached Images
jpeg Zeus.jpg (12.82 KB, 31 views)

Subject: Worse Theif Than Any Animal Replies: 8
Posted By: Olga Views: 890
I don't know if this can help you..
But I never have a problems..I have 8 Dogue de Bordeaux- French Mastif .. And no one ever try come to my property..I have only one problem..My dogs love to eat figs leaves, so I'm putting fences to protect my figs from my dogs:-) But no more people or birds, or animals..

Subject: Melanzana Mer--scola Replies: 10
Posted By: Olga Views: 1,294
Please, let me know the name of the web you will post this cuttings..
I will like to get them..
Thank you very much!


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