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Subject: Clonex vs. No Clonex in Root RIot Cubes Replies: 18
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,533
Two years ago I used a fiber type rooting cubes the problem I found was the material the cube was made from would not decompose fast enough and the cube retained water thus rotting off my new trees at the base.. Hope this is a different type of media cube. Mine were green colored spun fiber of some kind... I have been thinking hard trying to remember the name...  Just remembered ROCK WOOL did not work in the long run. Rooted cuttings fine but trees died later on..... Hope others had better success

Subject: Garage budding Replies: 4
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 605
Also here In south Jersey I just had to move three Black Ischia from my cold storage as they have leafed out and have Breba figs emerging. I am trying to hold off moving more trees out as I have close to 100 potted trees in there and wife will not allow that many in her basement.. I might have to rent a storage unit and put in some grow lights....

Subject: OT Black olives for curing Replies: 37
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,343
Looking for updates Mine are almost done started them mid dec. started in pillow case but it ripped and fell apart so I ended up in 5 gal bucket with holes drilled in bottom placed into another 5 gal bucket to catch juice.. The large ones will be done wendesday the colossal will need a few more weeks they are just starting to shrivel.. tasted a few about a 50/50 mix of done vs still a little bitter. so we let them go another week..

how is everyone else making out....

Subject: Looking for bulk cuttings to buy Replies: 12
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,262
I have 100's of cuttings from various trees You have seen my product let me know what you need I have almost 600 cuttings of 6 different varieties. last year I supplied two different nurseries down south each getting over three hundred cuttings each...I have a refrigerator dedicated to cutting storage..
pm me for the list of cultivars.


Subject: Need advice on thick cuttings Replies: 20
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,205
Just get a horizontal plastic container like a the ones for wallpaper and put the damp spagnum moss in the bottom cover with seran
wrap and let it go. root it horizontally or you can just push it in the ground and let nature take over.. Chris beat with a brick about thirty into the garden like this 2 inches by 18 inches and almost everyone grew to become nice trees.. I Tease him saying he threatened them with another beating if they didnt grow

Subject: GOOD Personal exp with Ebay seller. Replies: 26
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,707
O6picl Is me If you look at the signature on my ebay ads I tell everyone who I am.. I try and keep everyone happy with
what I send them if there is a problem I fix it so everyone is happy. check my rating.
For t
hose that do not know My Story I will give you all some background real quick.
My son Chris is the reason
I am doing the fig thing. Chris has been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. And has several Brain tumors and is currently losing the use of his left arm and left leg. Chris struggles with his learning disabilities and attends a state run school for the disabled. Chris fell in love with fresh ripe figs and we went to a fig seminar in hopes of buying a tree for ourselves. well we got our first tree and aload of information from Bills figs in Flemington NJ. The two hour ride home was loaded with questions from both him and I so after a google search I found this site and registered. Chris and I have been growing trees and selling cuttings for three years now.  Chris and I love to go on fig hunts and talking with tree owners getting the stories of the trees heritage. How many 15 year olds are digging in the dirt and rooting cuttings nowadays. This started out as a hobby and is becoming a starting point for Chris to become more self sufficent. Chris is always thinking of others and does not see himself as disabled he buys ice pops and takes them to Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia everytime he has a test and goes through trash cans to save soda can tabs for the hospital. 

Subject: OT Black olives for curing Replies: 37
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,343
Hoping I got my order I missed out the last two years.. I now have to check my email......Keep your fingers crossed...

Subject: OT Black olives for curing Replies: 37
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,343
Just placed my order should be here friday.. How many days does the whole process take can I have them done for christmas??


Subject: Lost my fig loving dad last night Replies: 67
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,257
Ed my condolences to you and your family if you need anything brother give me a shout...

Subject: Do dormant figs need oxygen? Replies: 14
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,020
my father did the pipe insulation and that alone did not work well. Now with other protection could work.. he is in zone 6 NJ by Ft Dix.

Subject: Just rooted cuttings and upcoming winter Replies: 8
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 701
I water all my pots in winter storage the first week of every month ( gives me scheduling flexibility) 1 gal pots get 6-8 oz of water. no deaths reported last year.

Subject: Successful winter protection techniques Replies: 20
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,651
Prune back branches tie them up as best as possible. then i put on heavy mulch ring on root area. stuff openings with leaves or straw. and cover with plastic barrels that have been cut to size. put cinder block on top to keep from blowing over. on my larger trees same method except instead of barrel or drum i wrap them in old carpet (from the trash) then a plastic tarp and cover the top with tree pot and cinder block or tie the pot on so it does not blow away. smaller potted trees go into the heated (to 32 degrees) and insulated fig storage room on the side of my garage. last year first time had trees gurdled by field mice so this year moth balls will be added to trunk area on all trees.

Subject: Where to buy trees in Melbourne florida Replies: 6
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 665
Frank the plant might give him an issue.. TSA and all they don't understand...
Get some priority medium size tubes from post office they are free.  Take the tree shake off some dirt from the roots. wrap the root ball in moist newspaper. put root ball into 1 gal zip lock bag and zip it up to the trunk of the tree. Using packaging tape, tape the root ball onto the box. close up the box and ship it to him.. Might cost $10.00 and will arrive in 3 days.. I just did a whole lot from the east coast to the west coast they all arrived safely. Depending on the tree size you can get up to three trees into one medium size tube. (the tube is triangular in shape they call it a tube)

Subject: black spots on celeste overnight Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,060
Follow up on the black spot fungus it is actually located in the soils under the tree you need to make sure you treat the area around the tree as well as the tree.......
I believe Neam oil is recommended..

Subject: black spots on celeste overnight Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,060
Do a google search on black spot fungus for treatment...

Subject: Fall shipped Bare-root trees in the Northeast Replies: 4
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 629
I water my dormant trees once a month last year I have over 100 trees at various stages in pots from 1 gal to 35 gal.  I gave each 1 gal tree about 6-8 ounces of water once a month usually in the first week of each month, they all survived.. of course the 35 gal tree received a little bit more but same schedule.. I have been doing this for 4 years and have not lost a tree.

Subject: Free UCD Trees Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,742
No problem Luke I have the scales and boxes and have done many in the past. The hard part is selecting who gets what from there it really is no big deal..
I will pm you my phone number I am on vacation next week so I have plenty of time...

Subject: Prolific Producers Replies: 11
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 963
I have found doubles increases when trees are pruned properly especially kadotta type.. I have a tree that I prune that is riddled with doubles but it is older and in the brunswick family...

Subject: Free UCD Trees Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,742
Luke I would like to try the ischia green, beal and marylane, let me know I am around the corner from you...I have shipped trees and can help out if you want sending them to other members.

Subject: Defoliating Fig Trees to Increase Fig Production Replies: 14
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,534
Frank I wanted more figs also... I now have more trees......

Subject: how to tell if the fig is ripe? Replies: 6
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 940
When a fig is dead ripe they shrivel or wrinkle up, some crack, some drip honey. You have to watch your weather during this period to much water and they will explode, split open or sour. It is a trial and error thing some say you can press your thumb into the side and the dent stays in the fruit. I just eat them and say I need to give it more time. You will get an eye for it by the end of the season.. Some Breba will not ripen fully and stay dry it is up to the tree.. It is early for main crop figs give it another 4-6 weeks then it will be on.....

Subject: Need Major Pruning Replies: 33
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,216
It can be done but like Suzi stated it takes about three years to fix a neglected tree.. I have done extreme pruning on trees "ie with chain saws" They do require constant attention in the following year to achieve the proper results. But the 25% fall and 25% Spring sounds about right to me...Then constant removal of new growth that is going in the wrong direction is a must.. New shoots from the root mass need to be taken out quickly if they are not wanted...

Subject: List of places to buy trees that are unaffected by FMV Replies: 15
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,289
Funny HA HA

"Read the UC Davis webpage they actually recommend against propagating FMV infected trees "

Seems like that is the only cutting they will send you...HAHAHA


Subject: Roasted garlic and fig spread with pork loin OMG.. Replies: 3
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 733
Vito here is a link..I am sure there are others this is the first one I tried and fell in love with...

Subject: Jon - something questionable Replies: 19
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,251
Barry is a SPY>>>>>>in the famous words of Charlie Brown AAGGGHHHHHHH...

Subject: Roasted garlic and fig spread with pork loin OMG.. Replies: 3
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 733
Just got done eating a pork loin with roasted garlic and fig spread glaze..  All I can say is OMG... What a pleasant play on flavors... The spread is from Robert Rothschild farms. however I could not find the exact spread online only a smoky fig and roasted garlic spread.... the jar of spread is only 4 oz and it is almost gone already.. I have to experiment this year and try and make this spread from scratch.....

Subject: Figs first year in the ground ... Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,202
(this is Hermans post)
I was keeping notes on fruits development
in my climate and here it is how it goes.

=Stage one:Growing
Embryos as small as a rice seed can be seen at the base of leaves and they grow for 30 days till they get to a stagnant stage.
At stagnant  point depending on cultivar,they can be the size of a Bing cherry,to the size of a sugar pear.

=Stage 2:
Stagnant stage:In this stage they will be for 40 days doing nothing,just hanging on the Branch.

Stage 3:
Getting ripe:When they become older than 70 days,the fruits ,get swollen overnight,and almost double in size changing color from Green to yellowish white,for light skin cultivars and purple, blue, earthy, or black, for Dark cultivars.
After about 5 to 8 days in this stage the fruits droop down become very soft and the skin shrink a little.
This is when the fruit is ripe and can be harvested.
Harvesting differ if people like the fruit totally ripe or only half ripe,as they can be taken out sooner or later off the tree.
Some people like to leave them on till they dry on tree in warm dry climates,but if rain come they can spoil if left too long.
So from inception till ripe it takes 75 to 80 days in my NJ climate.
Hope this will help new Grower figure out when their figs will ripe.

Note:In order for me to insure my fruits will ripe in the Fall:I remove all fruits that are smaller than stagnant stage on August 15,as they will retard the maturation of the fruits that are already in the stagnant stage on that date.

Edit note :The above schedule is true only for main crop fig fruit,starting on new growth.
Breba grows and develop faster,on older branches,and they in fact are fig flower,not fruits.


Subject: Surplus Fig Trees for Donation or Cuttings Replies: 2
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 577
Welcome to the forum good luck with your trades and a great way to introduce yourself..

Subject: Which is rarest fig tree? Replies: 49
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 5,164
Barry hit it on the head it really should be what will grow well for the buyer in his area.. to many questions to answer. pots or in ground, winter protection or not, dark or light, heavy fruit bearer or occasional is the buyer willing to do the fig shuffle or wants to plant it and pick it,  there are to many variables. I understand alot of lurkers out there have read alot and might know alot but a good search will answer alot of your questions...

Subject: Jolly tiger fig Replies: 3
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 655
Better be patient

Subject: Figs for MIssouri Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 725
If they get dumped on that might be a good thing snow is an excellent insulator I was thinking if he just puts the tree by the barn and covers it with a barrel or trash can and then it snows heavy it should at least survive enough to come back from the roots. after he eats a few he might be more inclined to take better care of the tree..

Subject: Figs for MIssouri Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 725
Rafed he is in between st louis and springfield just off rt44 Rolla is the closest intersecting town with rt 44 to him in edgar springs... I am trying to get him to plant it by the barn where it will have some protection then have him stack hay bales around it top it with a piece of plywood and cover with a tarp.. He seem to feel that might be to much trouble....

Subject: Figs for MIssouri Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 725
Any grower in Missouri I have a good friend that moved out there and I want to send him a tree.  He stated the summers are 100 degrees desert like conditions and -10 degree winters.. He is older and probably will water the tree but as far as wrapping it or moving the tree in and out of a barn is out of the question... I will have him plant the tree in as best a protected area as possible.. Just trying to get a local opinion I have a few ideas of my own but wanted other input.

Subject: Watching fig sales on ebay Replies: 65
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,798
The buyers that have bought alot of my trees are uneducated in the fig world. I get alot of follow up emails. The trees arrived in good shape what do I do with them now?  Most are baby boomers and middle aged that grew up in other parts of the world trying to find that childhood memory of eating figs from grandmoms back yard. One of the most common statements I get is " I remember it was a small dark colored fig"  I refer alot of them to this site and alot have joined. I recognize several names from my shipping addresses.

Subject: Stella ,old and young comparison,today pixies! Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,403
Noss I have a few air layers started if they take you can have one...

Subject: What The Ficus?! Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 597
Just a deformation in the flower cells could of been stress at a crucial point in growth could just be young tree

Subject: Stella ,old and young comparison,today pixies! Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,403
copy that sounds just like what my tree is doing. Thanks again

Subject: Stella ,old and young comparison,today pixies! Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,403
Herman on your stella when does the eye start to darken I have a three year old tree in the ground that just started setting fruits this year. I am not sold on the cultivar yet and have been waiting on fruit to confirm.. The eye on the figs the size of my thumb is still white..

Subject: Seeking guidance, growing figs in Delaware (zone 6) Replies: 8
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,136
Tim I would suggest Marseilles VS Black. This is a hardy grower great tasting fig can be kept small and produce alot of figs. I have two in 5 gal pots and two in the ground. They all get pruned back to about 12 inches high easy to store in the basement. That is a good staring point then travel around in Sept. tasting fruits from your found trees get some cuttings and root your collection. the number of trees grows quickly as like chips you cant just have one. You want to look for a ripe fruit with a tight closed eye to prevent spoilage from fall rains. then go for taste what you like stick with it dont be scared off a cultivar by others opinion. I am just over the bridge in NJ if you want to come by I will give you a few starts but remember it is contagious....

Subject: Fig for a shore house? Replies: 15
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,041
Barry I don't think there is a variety that would not do well I have a few I take care of that are two blocks from the ocean in Cape May. Besides doesn't salt make things sweeter I know it does with Chocolate......

Subject: Atreano Ripe Breba pixies. Replies: 28
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,680
Saw one today over at the celts waiting a few more days to pick it.. Dan you better get it before the weekend rains...

Subject: Figs first year in the ground ... Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,202
Yes read Hermans post well written and informative on fig growing stages.

Subject: Another unknown, small black fig Replies: 163
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 10,090
I concur I told Jason what I think and after the last set of photos I am 100 %.

I/B aka B/I

Subject: Another unknown, small black fig Replies: 163
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 10,090
I already gave a hint

Subject: Another unknown, small black fig Replies: 163
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 10,090
Awesome Jason Looks like it is one that others are judged by..

Subject: Anyone buy from Floridahillnurserycom or wellspring? Replies: 50
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 4,217
I got a few Black Missions two years ago they were all good growers bush type until this year they have emerged this year with FMV one real bad they are headed to the recycling center..From Wellspring

Subject: Ronde Fig Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,018
You never know with the french????

Subject: Ronde Fig Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,018
is it my computer look at the branch back about two nodes the wood looks striped like Panachee. Looks like even stripes of dark and light wood that start just at the node running back..

Subject: sorbello red brebas Replies: 13
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,017
Yes the Sorbello red came from Italy many years ago to the family Farm in South Jersey many years ago. The fruit and leaves have been examined by many an expert on the forum. It is most likely a sport of the same fig we call Sals Corleone.  The tree is pruned and wrapped in a tarp every winter not much more protection than that. The Breba crop is not that favorable mostly watered down lacking flavor. however the main crop is highly Desired there have been many that line up to get the few from the main tree on the farm. Mrs Sorbello has tried to sell them at her produce stand but they never hit the shelf..

Subject: Drip irrigation for my figs-OT Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,706
You need to have a drip system designed for your specific layout and type of trees. The box store systems will not do for our set ups to expensive and cant buy parts..I buy all my parts at Reasonable and a good design will save you some time.. You will need to inspect the system some do the daily walk I check mine about every three days.. Emitters clog up hose blow apart. things just happen.. I am doing the celts system in a few days 150 gal pots 130 5-20 gal pots and a dedicated line to his in ground trees four zones for around $300.00 this is just parts no labor..It can be done read up on the internet undestand the system get a good pressure reducer and multi zone timer and start laying out a design.. The 1/2 poly feed tube can be left ontop the ground for now but really should be burried as soon as possible the sun will heat up the water in the poly and you end up blanching your trees roots... Any questions pm me I will do my best to help you out....


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