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Subject: Heat & Drought Damage: How Serious? Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,165
Watch your soaker hose's if you are on well water with high mineral content they clog up quickly and stop working.(once they clog up they are trash cant clean them out)Most hose bib connections from house is not treated through most house water sytems and all the minerals clog the hose material.. Even with irrigation systems drip or soaker hose you still need to check your plants every few days a blown hose, clogged emitter or soaker hose could ruin your season. I lost a leg on my drip system last year trees survived but the fruit all dropped from the stress and the fruit is what I do all the work for.... Getting ready to install a drip system for a friend 150 1 gal pots and 130 3-15 gal pots. plus a zone for the in ground trees.

Subject: Which of your fig(s) are up for elimination? Replies: 47
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,174
I have a black Mission that was doing good but froze off to the ground last year. it emerged full of FMV It is going to the fire barrel just as soon as I have found a suitable replacement. Might go with a Chicago Hardy I have a few in 1 gal pots.....

Subject: Figs at the whitehouse Replies: 48
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,254
I have a few figs from Monticello. My father had extensive discussions with the head gardener and was even invited into restricted areas to attain cuttings from the trees. Six figs are grown at Monticello, including Thomas Jefferson’s favorite - the Marsailles. The other five are Brunswick, Green Ischia, Angilica [Angilique], Brown Turkey and Osborn. These are not the original trees they are part of the restoration project. From writings and documentation they are historically correct varieties.  I like it that Thomas Jefferson liked Brown Turkey figs...

Subject: it's getting crowded. Replies: 19
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 968
I just got done watering and talking to the babies..

55 large pots 5 gal to 25 gal
42 1 gal babies
11 in ground trees.
45 different varieties.

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jpeg downsized_0629122033b.jpg (22.39 KB, 32 views)
jpeg downsized_0629122031.jpg (33.78 KB, 35 views)

Subject: Free fig trees- Pick up only! Replies: 12
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,028
Deuce I can pick them up tomorrow or this weekend I will even ship the Brooklyn white to BLB for his neighbor.. Let me know

Subject: time to start some cuttings Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 734
The rockwool was a failure it would hold to much water on the roots at the base of the cutting causing the cutting to rot. Out of 75 started cuttings I only had one survive to be potted into a 1 gal pot.

Subject: How many variants are there? Replies: 4
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 658
I like the old Italian farmer down the street from me. I asked him how many different Italian figs there are and he replied 3.. There are Red, White and Black the rest are just watered down versions of these figs.. Look at the names most are just places the main tree is or the owners name. If you get into the Hybridized man made figs you get a number. I like to think back in the day of Adam and Eve there were only three fig trees in the garden. Take a Brown turkey grown here in my yard in NJ plant another tree from a cutting in Florida it will taste different and grow different simply because of the mineral content in the soil. Something like Pizza dough has a different flavor depending on the water used.. Same with Bread and so on... It is amazing how trees get their names and in the end they are all so closely related. I dont know if is ever possible to get a true cultivar count or identification it is all in the mind of the collector...
Now for a serious question do hunters wear camouflage so the deer cant see them or so they look cool standing at their truck?

Subject: Bills figs Replies: 13
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,470
The last tree I got from Bill was two years ago and it was $35.00. And no you dont have to buy the system.. If you buy from Bill you get an invitation to fig fest a celebration of the fig held at harvest time. Different varieties and served different ways... Fig bread fig and cheese all different fig recipes...\

Subject: Clipping leaves before shipping? Replies: 24
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,294
They will be fine as long as they take 2-3 days no problem

Subject: Clipping leaves before shipping? Replies: 24
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,294
It depends on the heat at the source or destination. If packaged properly it should be fine. I dont like to ship in july or August due to the heat. I would rather wait until sept or oct to send out trees.  It will still go into shock but placed into a pot of moist medium under a tree for a week it will be fine.. It still has all its original roots i would worry more about digging up a tree in the heat

Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,060
If you are not completely off the grid a simple drip system is way cheaper. they seem real expensive and you have to go out and fill them up every week.

Subject: Spacing on gallon pots? Replies: 18
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,299
Remember to mulch up to the pot rim exposed black plastic pots can become root cookers in direct sunlight the delicate roots can be cooked. bury as deep as you can then mulch up to the pot rim. I have used straw as a mulch it is cheap and works well.

Subject: Northeast fig growers gathering Replies: 48
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,610
Ed you are in my prayers I feel your pain brother.........

Subject: A Cutting Dilemma. Which end is up? Replies: 26
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,220
Look at the leaf scar.. There will be two scars the large scar is the leaf scar the smaller one on top is a fruit embreyo. Fruit sets on top of the leaf so the smaller fruit embreyo goes up. My son says he looks at the node ring most will have a slight upward growth to somewhat of a point. therefore pointing up.
from looking at your photo they all seem to be in the same direction pointing upwards....

Subject: air layer help Replies: 19
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,453
You want to see a great deal of roots. Cover the bottle with foil to shade the roots from sunlight. Continue to monitor moisture in the bottle. When you have alot of roots cut the air layer off remove the bottle and plant be careful not to disturb the root mass. then remove half of the leaves on the top of the air layer. you need a few leaves but the majority will need to be removed or cut in half remember you cut the main plumbing and the new small root mass cannot continue to feed the original top growth. I usually remove leaves from the bottom up to the top two or three leaves. place it the shade for about 7-10 days and put the new tree on my weekly water soluble fertilizer schedule. you will see it start to put on new growth then you can move it back into the full sun.

Subject: Root ball trimming and changing pot UPDATE Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 905
Did you water the new soil around the roots real well to remove any air pockets? Air pockets will kill the roots they need to be in contact with the soil.

Subject: Root ball trimming and changing pot UPDATE Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 905
I always remove the larger cable roots when I pot up my trees. I up potted about 25 trees this past spring and they all got their roots cut. like Al stated in a container the larger roots just take up space the fine roots do all the work. I even root prune trees just before planting them in the ground.

Subject: I need some help. I am going on vacation and trying to figure out a watering system. Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,344
To change the water amount to the larger pots just change the emitters to a higher gph. for that individual pot. You can get more specific emitters at an irrigation supply house. What ever you set up you need to run tests to make sure there is enough water and not too much.  Allow the emitter to drip into a pail run the system and measure the water output adjust and do it again until the desired amount is achieved. This is not something you want to set up saturday and leave for vac. monday.... Also heal in all the pots and you can leave it run the rest of the summer.

Subject: pimples? call the doctor Replies: 13
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 749
It appears if the plant is oriented the same way in the photo as my screen that it is a breba figlet. unless there was a leaf in the same area that has been broken off the main crop fig should set ontop of the leaf axle. breba would set on old wood and main crop would be ontop of the leaf axle.

Subject: I need some help. I am going on vacation and trying to figure out a watering system. Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,344
simple drip system..
200 ft 1/2 inch black irrigation tubing.  14.00

Raindrip 1/2 In. Poly Drip Watering Hose, 200 Ft. Coil, Black

one drip emitter for each pot. .17 cents each

one timer   29.00

one male hose adapter for the end of the black tubing.. .79

line up the pots run the black tubing over the top of each pot. Put drip emitter into hose where needed to drip into the pot. 1 gph emitter run about 15 min a day.. this will give each one of your babies a drink every day or you can customize it for every two three days ....I suggest buying the hole punch tool for the emitters makes life real easy.  All supplies are available at your big box stores......

Subject: Figs for sale part deux Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 971
I ship in the priority box tubes from the post office they are triangle tubes I remove some dirt package the root mass in gal zip lock bags tape them in place I have been able to get three trees into one large box. Priority three days to texas from NJ tracking included (.70)around $15.00 Boxes are free from post office order them online they drop ship to your door.. Wrap the root mass in damp newspaper this will allow the root ball to stay damp in transit and the plastic bag prevents evaporation. Look into shipping soils as some states will confiscate your package and destroy it. without phytocert from local agricultural department. I am currently being inspected to become a licensed nursery. Alot of information I have been researching for over a year now...

A quick, easy and convenient way to ship Priority Mail packages or extremely urgent shipments, via Express Mail. This dual use shipping box offers the flexibility to use either service with one convenient package. This corrugated box is the perfect size for large drawings, fishing rods and golf clubs.

Inside Dimensions: 37 11/16" x 6 1/8" x 5 1/8" x 5 1/16"
Outside Dimensions: 38 3/16" x 6 9/16" x 5 9/16" x 5 5/16"

Subject: Northeast fig growers gathering Replies: 48
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,610
Cant make it this year and I am bummed.. I have a wedding to attend at 1pm Was even thinking about showing up in my suit then racing off to the wedding they can start without me...Enjoy yourselves tell everyone I said Hi...
Al Richer

Subject: My first Pictures ( I hope ) Replies: 14
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 949
Luke You might want to space them out a little. make rows no more than three pots deep the hardest one to reach will taunt you by setting fruit.. Looks good brotha...

Subject: will be away for a week, and need idea on how to water 1 gal cuttings.. Replies: 24
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,177
Place the one gal pots in one of those kiddie pools it will act like a large tray catching the excess water the trees can wick it up as they need it..Place a hose on a timer with a brick to weigh it down allow the timer to run for a few minutes this will add more water to the pool every 3-4 days or what ever interval the timer is set for.

Subject: Desert King Breba Crop Starting to Ripen Replies: 16
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,892
My Dk got hit with an early freeze so I gave it a good haircut and then thought I just lost all my breba for next year.. Well she fooled me and I have two breba that are good size and will be the first two of this season..Cant wait...

Subject: Lets Wish "Ottawan" Good Health Replies: 55
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,373
Continue on the road to recovery you will still be in our thoughts and prayers.

Subject: Mary Lane, cuttings and FMV Replies: 19
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,073
I used 1/2 strength mg on my rooted cuttings with no ill effects. This year i went with full strength still no ill effects follow the directions and all is well. I do stop the fertilizer as the fall arrives to allow slowing of new growth. But I agree with Al the new fine hair like roots are the ones that take up the fertilizer and they are the first to grow so why would it damage the roots. I do water my trees first then go back and give the mg fertilizer on damp soil but that is the way I have done liquid fertilizer for years.

Subject: i was counting.. Replies: 27
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,120
The cuttings can be given away or just disposed of. the figs can be eaten or put out front of the house on a cart like tomatoes the neighbors will be cleaning them up for you.. The little man could make good spending money selling figs at the end of the driveway...My son trys to sell everything out in front of our place  He even dug up a few hyacynths last month shoved them in pots and put them out with a sign $1.00 each. He sold one before his mother found out her flowers were gone....Funny times...

Subject: how to go for stunt growth? Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,256
Pete I see you have pinched good for you that will force the embryo to produce fruit. Pinching can be done at any point it is your tree you pinch where you want... Remember the branch will fork just below the pinch point..

Subject: how to go for stunt growth? Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,256
It sounds like he is trying to force fruit production on his Kathleen black here is a quote

Kathleen's Black, however, has not done anything as far as fruit is concerned. i mean the tree grows great. lot of leaves, healthy branch.. but it's not putting out fruits or even think about putting out figs.

Subject: Frost was present last night,here in Willingboro NJ! Replies: 18
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,201
Luke look at the local fields.. ROW COVER.. this is a thin cheesecloth type fabric and it keeps the frost from settling on the plants.. it does nothing for temp but it keeps the frost off the pumpkin....  Any cover over the top will prevent the frost from settling on the leaves.. Remember we are talking frost not a freeze.... simple steel fence posts and a tarp will keep the frost off the plants. build them a roof cover that can be put on and off in a matter of minutes......

Subject: how to go for stunt growth? Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,256
Active growth pruning will stimulate fruit growth.. AKA PINCHING.. I pinch out the leaders after every sixth leaf this causes the plant to slow down on generating new growth and allows the fruit embryos to pop and form fruit.. Then the branch will branch out, and again after six leaves I pinch out the leading tip to set more fruit. Using this technique I have forced new rooted cuttings to set fruit their first year.

Subject: PURPLE PASSION FIG Replies: 10
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,881
Thanks guys please keep us informed as these trees mature as to fruit type and other information. Mine are about two years away from fruiting they are just going into 1 gal pots from last years cups.

Subject: PURPLE PASSION FIG Replies: 10
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,881
I got a few rooted cuttings last year marked PURPLE PASSION. Does anyone recognize the name if so please contact me trying to get more information on this variety and cant locate reference material.

Subject: When,how and what to fertilize potted cuttings? Replies: 35
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,391
I have followed Als advice for years on another forum he is well educated and scientific in his answers. I applaude Al for all his knowledge in all forms and forums.. I enjoy searching out his topics and educating myself through his words.. Again Thanks Al for sharing your knowledge.

Subject: Remedy for a Broken Tree Replies: 8
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,282

I would hill up the soil around the base and only have the green tips sticking out of the soil allow the new wood to set roots. then next year dig up the tree and set it deeper in the ground now you have new and old roots supporting the tree.

Subject: Remedy for a Broken Tree Replies: 8
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,282
I would just wrap the node back together using rubber band it will deteriorate over time then mound up soil around and just over the node and leave it alone there should be enough energy in the root mass to push a new shoot. Mount up compost will feed it and protect it it will send new roots and then the damaged area will be top of the root ball.
Every time you pot it up plant it deeper and it will eventually not even matter where the damaged section is...  If in ground just plant it deeper or mound up the dirt higher in consecutive years....

Subject: Timing the unwrapping of figs Replies: 21
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 2,332
I unwrapped most of mine already lost two and had one damaged by field mice.. They ate my peters honey right off There was about 6 inches of good wood on top so I just cut it and buried it in the old trees spot. Hoping some of the root ball survived but it will be about two months before I find out. Lost one of my Brooklyn white and had my Black jack damaged... I have another Brooklyn white in a pot but I was really upset when the first two trees I unwrapped were damaged.. I was frantic unwrapping the next few will have to try the moth balls next year or something else to keep these critters out......

Subject: rooted cutting for sale $100.00 or BO Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 893
Yes jon I agree it has no real value just another experiment.. The title was to get people to look and see that even a tree trunk will root if buried in the ground..There as another thread that said people prefer pencil size cuttings. while I personally prefer thick cuttings finger size or larger...Then again I root most of my cutting directly in the ground and leave them alone for months...

Subject: rooted cutting for sale $100.00 or BO Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 893
Okay now that I got your attention..Today while transplanting raspberry runners I accidentally uprooted this cutting. I remember all the talk about cutting size and wanted to offer proof that size really does matter... You can clearly see that there are four trees coming from the middle node and one from the top node. All the growing trees were pruned back in the fall. you can see the pruning cuts. Look at the root mass on the lower node.. This cutting was photographed and immediately returned to the ground and covered back up with dirt and straw. This is a brown turkey cutting that I just wanted to do experiments with. I dug a trench dropped in the log and covered it up...Simple yet effective...
Now if anyone wants it and Is willing to come pick it up it I will let it go for a trade...

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jpeg bigcutting1.jpg (58.11 KB, 111 views)

Subject: looking for raspberries Replies: 1
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 497
Looking for raspberry plants Willing to buy or trade cuttings or trees. really looking for KIWI Gold and other yellow varieties. Red and purple would be second.. Let me know what you have..I am putting in 3 rows of raspberries 25 ft long rows. And I currently have 5 plants looking for another 15 plants or so of different varieties.

Subject: Potting up from bag method Replies: 5
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 952
Use a soda bottle until the tree matures more. Remember to protect the roots from uv light wrap the bottles to prevent uv damage to the roots. A mature tree with extensive root structure will take the disturbance of potting up better than a newly rooted cutting. Look around you can always find a temporary pot 1/2 gal milk container 24 oz soda bottle, juice bottle. I have been caught several times in our works recycle bin taking soda bottles....

Subject: Off topic - Finding local sources for greenhouse & nursery supplies Replies: 7
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 886
Tim here is the closest griffins location to you about a 45 min. ride for you. I have found that placing an order as a cash customer is no problem they will order over the phone and then you pay for it when you pick it up in a few days. cant beat the prices on the perlite. I have not been to this one but the one by me in south jersey is awesome.

100 Ludlow Drive
Ewing Township
(609) 530-9120

Subject: Leafing to early Replies: 14
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,187
Luke how many pots do you have in the basement?
Is it feasible to move them outside to one of the outbuildings??
If they have started to leaf out they are going to need sunlight but still need protection from freezing and worst yet frost.. I was thinking put them in one of the outbuildings with a plastic tarp in front allowing sunlight in but protecting from harsh wind. Last year my trees hit the green house 1st week of march they did great..I did have supplemental heat by way of propane heater on cold nights but this year might not be needed...

Subject: Best way to store and ship unrooted fig cutting ???? Replies: 32
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,501
Momma goose that is good to hear.

Subject: Best way to store and ship unrooted fig cutting ???? Replies: 32
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,501

Alot of new fig fans do not understand the large cuttings. They all want pencil size cuttings. I send out a variety and try to include a cutting of a larger diameter say sharpie size because I know how much stored energy is inside. i keep the large for my own plantings. i have burried entire branches 4-6 inches thick 4-6 foot long and harvested trees from it.

Subject: How Do you Prune/Train/Shape your Fig Trees? Replies: 7
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 9,573
Prune your tree annually at the end of the growing season when dormant. Prune out all damaged, and inward growing branches, any branches that cross each other and touch should also be removed. you want an open center tree allowing light and air to get to the center. Open vase shape as james mentioned. Cut just above an outward facing node this will have the new branch grow out away from the center of the tree. Use a good sharp pair of bypass pruners and you will be set. You want to remove 1/3 of the new growth from last season. My in ground trees are more bush form for production of fruit and my potted trees are more traditional center leader trees. Fig trees are real forgiving  when it comes to pruning because of the rapid new growth.

Subject: Off topic - Finding local sources for greenhouse & nursery supplies Replies: 7
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 886
Griffin greenhouse awesome dealt with them many times
Lancaster Ag. excellent source headed there tomorrow...

Subject: Greenhouse Replies: 12
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 1,371
Is that a white sharpie you use on the outside of the pots to mark the cultivar?

Subject: Tree is not producing fruit. Replies: 17
Posted By: northeastnewbie Views: 3,645
Ruben You are correct I have to reread my articles sorry if I created any confusion..


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