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Subject: Cuttings wanted near 10541 Replies: 19
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I'm in 10921 and I have two different varieties growing in ground and in pots. Chicago Hardy and VDB. Cutting were obtained from members here many years ago. I do not wrap  or care for the plants over the winter. All I do is cover the crown with fall leaves. They grow bush form. I cut the bushes to the ground every year and they grow 10' with fruit ripening in September/October. I have several sucker branches with established roots I can cut and put in a pot. You can p/u if you like. You'll avoid the unpredictable rooting process.

The easiest way to propagate figs is to find a local with a tree. Cut a 1 liter clear bottle lengthwise, fill with soil, Find a healthy branch and scrape the bark off near the leaf lobe, place the bottle around the branch and tape together. Keep soil moist. Roots will form in a month or so. Once roots are established, cut the branch and plant the new tree.

lmk, Rich

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My inground plants took a beating this winter. I cut back trees to 18" a few weeks ago. All are showing growth now. All the vintage trees I see in the neighborhood are still dormant.

Subject: 100% failure Replies: 32
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try putting some in a vase of rainwater. Let the roots grow a few months. Transplant to pint clear plastic cups with no holes. Keep soil fairly wet until new roots show. Put drainage holes in cup. Works for me every year!  

Subject: Thank you Ed - ejp3 ! Replies: 10
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Ed got me started years ago offering cuttings of his fig varieties. Thanks Ed!

Subject: I have extra Replies: 91
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KK, I work in Moonachie. I see lots of homes around here with very old trees growing without any winter protection. It's amazing when your a Figgie you notice all the trees growing...

Question, how many years in general does it take before these locals gave up protecting their trees. Is their a timeframe in years before a well established tree doesn't need protection?

I started growing figs about 6 years ago with some generous members sending cuttings. I have three different varieties growing well in ground the last 4 years. This was the first winter I didn't trim and wrap the trees. Guess what, I don't think they did well with old man winter. Lots of dead brown but I'm hoping they come to life within the next month.

I have two container trees that have leafed out already as backup.

What varieties are you growing?

Subject: Rooting Cuttings: Water Bottle Method Replies: 27
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I've had very good success over the years rooting cutting in a vase of water and transferring the tangled roots to potting soil after a few months. I use fluorescent lighting, well water and my office @72 degrees. When potting cutting in 16oz clear cups I keep the soil very wet for the first two weeks or so until I see new roots develop. I then put holes in the cup for drainage. I wrap the cup in paper to keep the roots from sunlight.

I have noticed rotting sometimes when the cut is made far away from the leaf node. You want to make your cut as close to the leaf node to prevent stem rot!

Hope this helps from my experience.

Subject: Confessions from a cutting killer Replies: 19
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Jo, try putting some cuttings in a vase of rain water, place under some fluorescent lighting and roots will grow in a few short weeks. Change the water weekly. One thing I have noticed is to make sure to trim the cutting close to the bud/leaf node or the bark tends to rot below the node.

I took some cutting last month and have good root growth to date. Come spring I will pot up and the plants will take hold. I've been doing it this way for several years now.


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