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Subject: Cuttings in Cups.....losing some weekly...What am I doing Wrong...??? Replies: 61
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,934
Well, Armando, eveybody has different ideas about the best way to root cuttings. I have lost plenty after they appear to be well rooted and I have heard it refered to as sudden fig death. The humidity is important and I use plastic totes like a lot of people. I use 85 or 90 percent perlite and the rest a peat based seed starting mix. I also use a very dilute solution of Hormex when I water. I have learned that they do not like temp. changes when they are young and I wait until they are growing really well before I put them outside. I lost almost all my cuttings the year that I tried to use a little compost in my starting mix and it was explained to me that the bacteria in the compost produce co2 which destroys the roots. I feel like plant food tends to do the same so I don't use it until the cuttings are older. Don't give up - you will figure out what works for you. So many people warn not to overwater and then I found that I tended to underwater. If you use a lot of perlite the weight of the pot will help you figure that out. Even when I pot my cuttings into larger pots I use a lot of perlite - maybe 50 percent. Once they are a year old or so I will start feeding them and maybe put a little compost on the top of the soil.

Subject: Santa's List 2013 Replies: 48
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,473
Alan, tried to send you a pm but your box is full.

Subject: Santa's List 2013 Replies: 48
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,473
Ottawan, I have found Rottweilers to be the answer to raccoons...

As for my Santa's wish is hard to narrow down to one, but I guess it would be St. Rita because of all the wonderful things that I have read about it. And I also like the story that goes along with it.

Subject: 2013 Figs Rated 8 or better in a bad year Replies: 30
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,660
Dennis, I think it is Pane Vino instead of Pan Vito. Jon had a typo on his list a while back and I asked him about it. Bass found the original tree behind an abandoned restaurant.

Subject: Easy to make embossed plant tags. Replies: 29
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,589
GabeE2407, I really like your idea with the cans. The wire from tags often seems to damage the branch it is on but the piece of can, being wider, wouldn't. I'm going to try it! Thanks!

Subject: Off topic? - Olives Replies: 24
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,226
I am growing Arbequina in a pot in zone 6. I have also read that they need good light but cool temps in winter to flower. I am able to put mine in my hoophouse that gets down to 40 degrees when it is cold - just above freezing. But, an unheated enclosed porch or even an unheated room with a window might work.

Subject: Shipping to Bali Replies: 6
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 529
Thanks, Pete. I wondered about that.

Subject: Shipping to Bali Replies: 6
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 529
Thanks for the info. Sounds like more trouble that it is worth.

Subject: Shipping to Bali Replies: 6
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 529

I have had someone ask me if I can ship cuttings to Bali. Has anyone ever shipped cuttings to Bali before. Does anyone know if they will get through or what the law/ risks might be?


Subject: Which rooting method do you swear by? Replies: 52
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,435
Damir, I have had the problem you describe many times and it is difficult to know what is really causing the problem. I don't have the issue with the fungus knats but  the fig cuttings die, anyway.( A few drops of liquid soap in the water you use to water your plants will kill the fungus knat larvae. But they may be showing up after the problem...) For the last 2 years I have been using a product called Hormex - just a small amount in the gallon jug I use to water my cuttings with. I use between 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water. I have not had the problem since I started using the Hormex. I think it is a common problem and I have heard it referred to as "Sudden Fig Death". Try the Hormex - I think it will help.

Also, it has been said on the forum, that cool temp. changes can cause that. Now, I don't take my cuttings outside until the following spring.

Subject: GNAT! Replies: 46
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,920
A few drops of liquid soap in a gallon container used to water your plants kills the larvae in the soil. Also seems to destroy the eggs. My family has always used this method and it works without fail.

Subject: OT -- Che aka Chinese Mulberry Replies: 18
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,204
I just want to add that I think that Che trees are really beautiful trees. I don't think that they have any pest or disease problems and are really very pretty.

Subject: how to deal with scales Replies: 16
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 928
Kerry, I don't really remember exactly. I want to say 50/50 but not sure. I read about it on this forum, though. It worked for someone else on the forum so you might be to find the dilution rate with a forum search. Sorry. I tend to just kind of wing it...I had it on a blood orange and it spread to some of my figs. I would think that I had gotten rid of it but then I would find it on something else a few months later. The spray got rid of all of it. I haven't had anymore in over a year.

Subject: how to deal with scales Replies: 16
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 928
I have had really good luck with rubbing alchol diluted with water and spraying the whole plant. I used to rub them off with rubbing alchol and a q-tip but they just kept comming back. I guess I never could find all the babies. I have used summer oil and neem oil, too, but the spray has worked the best.

Subject: Figloo update Replies: 31
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,759
No, I haven't tried them. They are pretty toxic and I'm not sure I want to breathe the fumes when I'm in the Greenhouse. But I might try putting the around the base of the GH and see if it keeps them out...

Subject: Figloo update Replies: 31
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,759
Well, I hope that you never do! Thanks!

Subject: Moles and Figs Replies: 8
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 720
I had voles in my hoophouse last year. As soon as the sap started to rise they were on everything. They killed several fig trees as well as a couple japanese maples, lilacs, and plum trees. I tried several different kinds of traps and poison but the only thing that worked for me was to get everything at least 18 inches off the ground on benches. They not only tunneled into the pots and ate the roots, they would eat 12 inches of bark above the soil line and some trees were completely severed. Hundreds of dollars worth of damage in only 7 days. I have dogs in the neighborhood that will kill cats so that isn't an option for me.

Subject: Figloo update Replies: 31
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,759
John, I haven't seen you mention any problem with voles or mice. I had a horrible time with voles last year in my hoophouse and the only way I was finally able to solve the problem was to get everything at least 18 inches off the ground. I tried several differnt traps and poison but couldn't find anything that worked at all. How are you preventing the problem?

Subject: Please help, IDK what I'm doing about winter. Replies: 9
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 530

I also let the frost knock the leaves off then I put them in my hoophouse or in a cool unheated room for the winter. They seem to do fine as long as the pots don't freeze. I can't use my garage because it gets to cold and they would freeze.

Subject: Overwintering in a greenhouse. Replies: 11
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 941
Hi, everybody. I have posted about my old scrap wood greenhouse before but I had a 6X8 greenhouse made of scrap wood and covered with 6mil builders plastic for years. Had to replace the plastic each year but I heated it with 2 inexpensive ceramic heaters from Walmart. I kept one on a thermostat set at about 38 degrees and only used the second one if the temp was going to drop into the teens. I used it for at least 10 years. Now I have a 12X24 hoophouse also covered in plastic but it is greenhouse plastic. In one half I have added a second layer of builders plastic with an air space in between the plastic layers and use 1 ceramic heater. I couldn't tell any difference in my heating bill with this greenhouse. My old greenhouse may have cost a lot to run the heat but I don't remember it being a big deal. But that second layer of plastic really makes a difference. Last winter I would go out at night and it would be really cold out, like down in the teens, and the heater wouldn't even be running.

Subject: Anybody ever buy from Burnt Ridge? Replies: 24
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,519
I have ordered from Burnt Ridge for the past 3 years. I had trouble with a few of the plants but I thought they had great customer service and the plants were replaced. I have not bought figs from them but I have bought 6 pawpaws and quiet a few other plants. One issue I have with the pawpaws is that they have been fully leafed out and most of the leaves get knocked off during shipping. But the plants have mostly been fine and I will continue to order from them. My favorite nursery is Raintree. Great customer service and the nicest plants. I have never lost a plant from them.

Subject: Santa gift Replies: 3
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 420
Santa delivered a wonderful Christmas present to me today. What a delightful surprise! It was what I really wanted for Christmas and I sure didn't expect to get it. Thank you so much, Santa! It is the best gift ever!!!!!

Subject: Santa's List Replies: 90
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,124

The fig at the top of my Santa's list is Ronde de Bourdeaux. Everything that I have read about it is good and it is such a beautiful fig! Should handle the weather here, too.

Subject: Good Fig Cookbooks or Recipe Books? Replies: 24
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,301
Patty, I don't know where Middlebury is, but my sister used to live in Munster, Indiana. I wondered where "Hoosierquilt" came from...

Subject: Good Fig Cookbooks or Recipe Books? Replies: 24
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,301
Patty, I have the book Fig Heaven. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but some of them look very interesting to me and I hope to try them in the future. Under the Fig Leaf looks interesting, too. I think I will add it to my collection. Thanks for pointing it out.

Subject: GOOD Personal exp with Ebay seller. Replies: 26
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,707
I wasn't making fun, Tony. I really hadn't even thought about it. I'm sorry that you thought that.

Subject: GOOD Personal exp with Ebay seller. Replies: 26
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,707
Bill (saxonfig/fruitnut), yes you ARE one of the good guys! I have bought cuttings from Bill several times and his communication is friendy, quick, and cuttings are top rate! I have bought cuttings or plants from most of the people on Peters list and have always been pleased with the plant material and the great communication. ( Peter, thanks for including me on your list!)

Subject: rooting hormone or not? Replies: 22
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,174
Dave, I think that Herman talks about that - figs becoming increasingly cold hardy over time. The thickness of the wood has something to do with it, too, though.

Subject: fine netting to prevent tiny flies. Replies: 12
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 683
I also use soap. Just a few drops in the water you use to water your plants with will kill the eggs and larvae. I think that if you have a big problem with them your soil may be to wet.

Subject: rooting hormone or not? Replies: 22
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,174
I use rooting hormone with a lot of plants but not when rooting figs. I do use hormex after the figs have rooted and it seems to help prevent "sudden fig death". ( "Sudden fig death" is when a well rooted fig cutting just wilts and then dies for no apparent reason...)

Subject: OT Black olives for curing Replies: 37
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,343
I love all kinds of olives! Last spring I bougt an olive tree named Arebequina. It is supposed to be hardy into zone 7 and living in zone 6 I will keep it in a pot and move it into my hoophouse in the winter. It set a couple dozen fruits this summer at only 2 feet tall but I removed them while they were small to keep the tree stronger. It is the only olive tree around so it was self pollinating. They are such beautiful trees and I hope to get a couple more of different varieties.

Subject: Cuttings Replies: 43
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,073
Joe, I do cut the cups but the perlite just doesn't hold together - it just falls away from the roots. Not every time but often.

Subject: how do you sell on ebay? Replies: 23
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,279
Some states have restrictions, CA and AZ are states that I will not try to ship plants to and I say that in my listings so buyers know.

Subject: Cuttings Replies: 43
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 2,073
Joe, the method that I use for rooting is very much like yours. I also use mostly perlite but I mix in a little seed starting mix instead of potting soil. I works pretty well but I do have a problem rooting up because the perlite is so loose that the root ball tends to fall apart when I am up potting.  -  Your cuttings look great and so do the trees outside!

Subject: White Triana shines in Jersey! Replies: 4
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 707
Looks great! I have read that they have really good flavor.

Subject: Warming a Greenhouse... Replies: 15
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,001
In the new permaculture book by Peter Bane a heating system called "the climate battery" is used in Colorado greenhouse. I don't understand it very well but it pumps air through the soil and somehow the soil warms it. Maybe it is kind of like geothermal but I don't think it is as expensive and I got the impression that it is more simple.

Subject: Fig bananas Replies: 21
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,254
That is the  cutest banana I have ever seen. I would love to have one. Bass, if you get a sucker from Jon, then please save a sucker for me! Bass, are you getting any fruit from your bananas?

Subject: Nordland Fig Replies: 22
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,999
They look great, Marius! Raintree Nursery offers a fig called Nordland - wonder if it is the same.

Subject: Anyone buy from Floridahillnurserycom or wellspring? Replies: 50
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 4,217

I bought several banana plants and a hardy orchid from Floridahill spring of 2011. The plants were all small but looked healthy and I was happy with them. A couple of months later the orchid bloomed and althought very nice it was not the color that I had ordered - pale green instead of pink. I emailed them half a dozen times but they never responded at all. It was an $8 plant so I just let it go but I will never order from them again. My bananas have all done very well but who knows what they are?

Subject: Cost of cuttings from Encanto Farms in Feb. Replies: 35
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,617
I used to work with a woman that lived here in Southern Indiana, and she grew a dwarf banana. She didn't know the variety but she used to get bananas every year. She grew them like cannas, planted them in the garden each spring and then dug them up in the fall and stored them in the basement in a cardboard box over the winter. She told me that she had given pups to all her neighbors and had populated most of the county with bananas. I was inspired and bought 5 varieties last summer and another this year. Maybe I will get some fruit at some point. I think that they are beautiful and I am enjoying them. They are all in pots and will spend the winter in my house in a cool upstairs room.

Subject: Tastey Pawpaws Replies: 58
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,403
Dan, Pawpaws need some shade the first 2 or 3 years but then do well and are supposed to be more fruitful in the sun. Shade can be created with branches or shade cloth.

Bass, I hope to get some more seed from you this year. I send you and an email a couple of days ago about it.

Subject: Tastey Pawpaws Replies: 58
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 3,403
I have read that pawpaws come 80% true from seed. I bought several grafted trees from Nolin River Nursery this spring and thougt I got very nice trees.  I plan to order from them again this spring. England's Nursery also has some interesting grafted trees for sale. I have started seeds the last 3 years and they are still in pots. I plan to plant some in the woods behind my house next spring where I have several nonblooming stands of pawpaw. I think the stands are suckers from the same tree and can't pollinate itself.

Subject: My unknown Spain Replies: 10
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 874
Marius, those figs look wonderful! My cuttings are doing well - Were all the cuttings from the same variety?

I have been calling them "Marius' Spanish Unknown".

Subject: Your First Fig Tree Replies: 71
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My first fig tree was a Hardy Chicago from Lowes about 5 years ago. It produced a couple figs the year after I got it and that was the first time I had ever tasted a fresh fig.

Subject: White Triana(Joe Morle) brebas Replies: 14
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,706
Marius, is that tree in the ground or in a pot? If it is in the ground what zone are you in? Dan has mentioned that tree very highly if I remember correctly.

Subject: Any suggestions where to buy a persimmon tree online? Replies: 48
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 14,357

I have some american persimmon seedlings that I started last year. If I understand correctly I can graft kaki persimmons onto the american seedlings?

Subject: figs on ebay Replies: 8
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 1,466

I have bought multiple cuttings from this seller last year and this year and have been very happy with them. I am sure that I will buy from northeastnewbie again!

Subject: # 161 Replies: 2
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 804

Thanks, James!

Subject: # 161 Replies: 2
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 804

In the bundle of cuttings that I received were some marked #161. I tried to use the google search but it didn't work for me. I think that these were supposed to be BT/TE but the numbers don't match. Anyone know what they are? Jon?

Subject: My preferred rooting method Replies: 57
Posted By: possum_trot Views: 4,813

I really like this idea and have done something similar outside later in the spring. I have just started them right in 1 gallon pots and then don't have to worry about losing them from up potting. The problem for me indoors is the space it takes.


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