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Subject: Say goodbye to mold (for the most part) Replies: 10
Posted By: Lee_in_Iowa Views: 2,130
Thanks, Jon. I think I'll try both methods. Today I'm heading over to the cemetary to snip some willow branches & make willow-bark rooting hormone. Noplace in town has the commercial stuff except in fig-rotting powder form.

Subject: Zucchini Fig info? Replies: 28
Posted By: Lee_in_Iowa Views: 2,107
Rafed, me too. Used to get assigned to men's phys. ed., men's dorms, get letters from the marines, and such. Then they figured out I was (ahem) a girl.

And yeah, for spelling and names and all, Zucchini fig beats Zheltoplodnyi Okruglyi fig, right above it on the site. But Zheltoplodnyi Okruglyi (which I'm NOT spelling, but copying over from the Varieites list!) grew in some horrible-climate-sounding "Ick-menistan" place, so MAYbe it would like Iowa....hmm??

Or Michigan??? On the other hand, Jon's pile of long green 'figs' would sure make great eating, if there were just figgy goodness on the insides.

Subject: Say goodbye to mold (for the most part) Replies: 10
Posted By: Lee_in_Iowa Views: 2,130
I'm going with Mario on the cuttings. Last year was my first with figs, after a lifetime (like Jon, since diaper era) of other happy gardening. For one batch of cuttings, I was religious about the baggies and the Perlite and so forth, and only a few of those cuttings made it. But I was busy and impatient when another batch of cuttings arrived. The second lot went straight into a very very light seed-starting mix, with about 20% Perlite added (by me), and a hefty scoop of my vermicompost. (Yeah, fanatic gardener with worms in her basement. Go figure.) The second batch, just potted up without roots, did very very well. We had a rainy spring, they got soaked often, and they were in very high humidity.

So now what, y'all? I've got a new batch of scions coming from Jon at Encanto Farms (hurray for Jon!!)  Do I go back to baggies and try to figure out why I did so badly with that last year, or stick with success and just pot up the little devils in my super-starter mix?


Zone 5 but persevering

PS. One of my first-ever gardening experiences was planted a fig bush in Virginia with my dad when I was a teensy kid, like four years old.


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