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Subject: Anybody Still Waiting on UC Davis? Replies: 42
Posted By: twraman Views: 2,152
hope your knee is ok. u did receive the cuttings i sent then??  did they look ok?? ive got mine in bags with paper towels. should i try to start them a different way?? does the SM work better?? i just followed the instructions on this site.  what will work best? thx again

Subject: Spring 2010 Replies: 14
Posted By: twraman Views: 1,180
your figs look great. good pictures. i have grown vegetables under plastic for years.  it works really good to control weeds, thus eliminating the trees competition for nutrients and moisture.  the way we do it we first work in fertilizer in the soil, then we lay drip tape irrigation, then plastic, then set our plants. later in the growing season we use a flowable fertilizer and run it through our irrigation drip tape which is near the plant and under the plastic.  it is very easy and requires very little labor after u set it up.  i grew a 187 pound watermelon last year that won first place at our fair last year. that method works well for us and i hope it does for you, but DO NOT FORGET WATER UNDER THAT PLASTIC.

Subject: 100+ Year Old Fig Tree In Cairo, IL Replies: 31
Posted By: twraman Views: 7,034
hello all

this is my first post and i live in east tn and have all of my life.  this spring i have really become interested in figs. a guy i work with has a brown turkey near morristown and brought me a fresh one last year and i swore i would get a tree too. it was wonderful as you guys all know. so i went to lowes and to my surprise they had a black mission fig. i bought it and am pretty sure after some research it will not do very well here in east tn zone 6b. the guy that gave me the fig said his dies to the ground every year but comes back and makes a few figs. so anyway with a lot of searching on the net i found you guys. i chekd out the pics of the fig in oak ridge and thought i would try and find that one. i only live about an hour and a half away!! i am always up for an adventure and this sounds too fun to miss. so anyway if somebody could email or private msg me as to the exact location of that tree i will go check it out and trade some cuttings for some 6b hardy cuttings or something else. anyway we can figure something out. thanks guys and i look forward to hearin from yall. later


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