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Subject: Good Day and a Hello Replies: 2
Posted By: social_misfit Views: 677

Good Day and a Hello  to all you fig growers :)

I regged for you forum yesterday I am bidding right now on some Fig cuttings

on ebay and the seller said he was a member so I thought I would check it out

Very nice forum you all have here and great  info

I am in New York state in a colder zone 5 and really would like to try some Figs

I am bidding on 6 cuttings of Florea (Serbia) and 6 cuttings of Chicago Hardy

I am going to try to grow them in pots and have a spot I can winter them inside

a barn

Can anyone tell me of a grower or nursery I can find plants at here in New York? 

I would like to buy a few plants to get me started at growing figs and at this time I am

unable to drive to New Jersey to pick them up 

I not sure on how well plants will ship from the West Coast 

if anyone can share how shipping worked out for them please do as that would

be very helpful

all the best and a great day




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