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Subject: something eating my fig tree leaves!!! Replies: 5
Posted By: johnie Views: 4,086
Hi Everyone.

I'm new on this Board so still getting into the drift of things :-)

I've planted  about 25 fig trees already from my own cuttings (learning on figs 4 fun thx!!) I've notice over the weekend something has been nibbling on some of the leaves (and by nibbling I mean some of the leaves completely gone by now) My fionce mentioned he saw a "worm alike thingy" on one of the leaves last week......

Can anybody help me? I've been trying to keep my trees organic by not using chemicals etc. So if there is maybe anything natural I can spray on otherwise I'll obviously have to use chemicals.... any help please!?

(the trees are about knee hight now and planted in very rich soil. We based on the south coast of South-Africa. Maybe this helps.)

Thanks so much!


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