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Subject: The Fig and The Hurricane Replies: 2
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 490

Eric..  That is good info. That may be reason, so many big fig trees on Ocracoke

island. Figs are tough !  Fredfig

Subject: Unknown Foxcroft Drive 2011 & 2012 Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,014

JD.. No matter the name, they are great looking. Makes my mouth water.


Subject: How do you eat your figs? Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 2,566

 Just eat them off the tree. I loved them when I was young,mashed together with soft butter and teaspoon of honey. All in a bowl, to put on our breakfast biscuits!

 But, I love figs any way I can eat them.   Fredfig

Subject: Wasp Trap Replies: 13
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,865
 All are genericly wasps. But, they are different.
 Paper wasps , usually under your eaves, will sting if bothered.
 Yellow jackets, nest in ground, and will come looking for you!
Very aggressive in Fall, needing protein (worms, grasshoppers)
and sugar to store for winter.
 Bald-faced hornets/White face, The large, football paper nests in trees. Fairly aggressive. I've watched them stalk and kill Yellow jackets for food, while the Yellow jacket was stalking a fly.  Just my observations.

Subject: Earthquake. Replies: 30
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,440
 In New Bern, N.C. just a short litle roll, at 1:50 .
  Earthquakes and BIG hurricane all in one week!
 Hope that noone sticks pins in my picture!!!
I don't need more troubles.

Subject: Rooting Summer Cuttings 201 Replies: 117
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 10,327
 Hey, Cajun Dan.
When y'all left Arcadia, some put leashes on their pet lobsters, then drug then down to the Gulf.
Wore the legs and shell way down! That's why all that's left is Mud-bugs / crawfish!
  Excellent tasting crawfish!!   Fredfig

Subject: Vista - the gift that keeps on giving Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,014

 Envy.. it can be a nice word !!  Fredfig

Subject: atreano figs ready to eat Replies: 13
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,295
Mario..  If you still are offering cuttings from that good looking tree,  I will buy two or three from you this Fall.
   They should grow well here on coast of North Carolina.
You can email me..
Thanks, fredfig

Subject: Tennis ball "can" & scaly visitor Replies: 43
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,557
   A beautiful kingsnake! A big plus for your yard !!   Fred

Subject: Lesson Learned year so far Replies: 21
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,257
 Thanks for the great info and story of your figs.
  For us newbie-types , this is inspiration !!  Thanks  Fred

Subject: Snails, are they a problem Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,054

 I think, that wood ash is very acidic. ??    Fredfig

Subject: how much are you willing to pay for fig tree? Replies: 29
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 2,898
 HA! It's the old story of Supply and Demand versus my Soc.Sec. check !!

Subject: Guilbeau Replies: 4
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 640

 WOW!  Now, that's a fig!  Fred

Subject: White Triana Replies: 23
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,606
Dan..   Great photo. That is what I call a closed eye !
      Looks like a good fig for us in the rain and hurricane belt.  Fred

Subject: Awesome Smith Figs Replies: 6
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,334
 I rooted two Smiths this Spring. Now, in 5 gal pots , waiting to be planted outside next April.
 You guys talking about the taste makes me wish that they were in the ground for 4 years!! I really do not believe that patience is a virtue , when referring to figs.  Fred

Subject: Pictures of New Rooting Technique Replies: 44
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 4,274
Dan..   I am fairly new and more of a "lurker".
But, I have used your info on this forum and it has worked excellently for me!
  When you first mentioned the 3in. Jiffy pots , I started using, as the "not distrubing" roots seemed so logical.
 Anyway, we people in the background listen to you knowledgable "old-timers"!!!!    Fredfig

Subject: cold and wet Replies: 16
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 881
 I'm watering my in-ground trees. TV says, that so far this year , we are 8 inches low on rain. And, it is last of JUne and July when dought/lack of rain usually hits.
Plus, Like Dan, we received no hurricane rains last Sept/Oct.
  I'm going fishing !!!   Fred

Subject: Helpful way to know when to water Replies: 5
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 874

 Thanks..  another weapon to try.

Subject: Alpaca manure for container figs - Your Opinion? Replies: 2
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 891

  Short response.... any fresh manure is not a good idea. (Ex-farmer)

Subject: Fig rust already! Replies: 5
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,578

 JCA.. where are you located? I am in N.C. , we definitely receive our share of rain. But, I have never seen Fig rust on my in-ground trees. Fred

Subject: squirrel damage Replies: 30
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,335
I have my air rifle and the ultimate weapon, the ever watchful terrier.

Attached Images
jpeg drbob_the_squirrel_hunter.jpg (93.88 KB, 62 views)

Subject: Late cuttings Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,318
Jason..  Sorry that the squirrels are hitting you hard.
 My "Diana" air rifle, German made, and the cone shaped .177 pellets do a fine, quite and efficient job here.
  For some reason, I do not eat the ones from my yard. But, will go into the woods, come home damp and tired, but fix Squirrel and rice!
  Again, you offer was much appreciated. Fred

Subject: Late cuttings Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,318
 Members / Fig lovers,
   Last year, my first attempt with cuttings, I killed a few feet of fig wood, with impatience and too much water.
   This year, much better, by following your threads closely , I saved three Hollier, one Hunt and two Well Sweep (so far). My Marseille VS are down the tube! Also, some others.
   I know it is getting late, but I wish to buy a few cuttings.. possibly, Dark Portugese, Raspberry Latte and Brooklyn Dark. A few cuttings would sure save me another year. I'm not a beggar, just hoping!!
                     Fredfig (7b-NC)

Subject: cuttings down Replies: 13
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,156
 Many cuttings seem to die from lack of humidity. I bought a cheap thermometer with humidity gauge at Lowes for less than $5.00.
 It sits in my large plastic bin, that holds my cuttings in their cups.
 Everyday, I open the bin and can instantly see the temp. and the humidity. Usually 72 degrees and 85% humidity. A teacup of rain water in the bin seems to provide the correct humidity of between 75% and 90%.
  This is just my way. So far it works. Fred in New Bern,NC

Subject: Florida -catepillar invasion ? Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 964
Hi .. I was raised in Jacksonville area. Each Spring the "Tent caterpllars" would hatch and infest many trees. In my Pecan trees, all I could do was break/remove the "tents"/Webs with long bamboo poles.
 Others, break the tents and used Seven powder. Fredfig

Subject: my early start project Replies: 12
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 876

 WOW!  A neat greenhouse and interior setup.  For me, if wishes were pennies!  Good for you, my friend!  Fredfig

Subject: Any Reason Not to Go From Baggie To Ground? Replies: 11
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,040
 As a "rooting" beginner , the information and ideas from the members of this forum are great and very helpful.
 Jon.. your sentence,"It is a princples thing, not a recipe thing.", is something for me to remember.  Thanks to all !

Subject: Waxing results Replies: 6
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 813
 Wow!  Talk about novel and forward thinking idea.
Thanks for your sharing of your idea/experiment.  Fred

Subject: Bark falling off + scale + hole Replies: 19
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 2,485
Jason,  Good advice is coming in. Personally, it would be dug up and burned
before another day passes.  I wish you luck!  Fred

Subject: Are you hungry for a fresh figs? Replies: 29
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 2,478

Bass..  You sure are tough on an old man! Yesterday was over 70 degrees and between weather and the forum , I want to dig my yard up and plant more FIGS ! Fredfig in New Bern,N.C.

Subject: Figs in Texas Replies: 3
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 939
cbalducc... I farmed in the Panhandle ,just north of Lubbock. When the "Blue Northers" blow in at below zero , I doubt if any fig would survive the winter.
  Of course, up there on the Staked Plains, the only trees were growing around the house and windmill.   Fred

Subject: Greenhouse using recycled materials Replies: 3
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 781

 Good deal!!!  It will come in handy in your area!  Fred

Subject: ah, snow.... Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,332
Jason..  Here in New Bern, N.C. , I awoke to a couple of inches of snow. TV says it will change to sleet and iced roads tonight. Oh Joy!
  My 6 in-ground, young figs are enclosed with wire mesh and filled with leaves, should have no problems.
  But, my attempt at rooting was pitiful. Too much WATER!!
I must have a slow learning curve.
  Your advise on the forum is great and I thank you.  Fred..7b NC

Subject: Is this enough root growth to Plant? Replies: 23
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,660

All of this is great advise and photos for all of us Newbies !  Thanks.

Subject: Seedless figs Replies: 8
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,635

No , but interesting for people that suffer from Diverticulosis !!

Subject: Need help ID Pest Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,752
The hateful White fly. They love my Gardinia bushes.
Martin is correct..Ortho Insecticidal soap works for me.

Subject: Cold Morning Replies: 66
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,199
WOW!  After reading the Freezing stories , I think we have some tough
fig fanciers ! But, the few days of 19/20 degrees here is enough for this old, fat man! Fred

Subject: Cold Morning Replies: 66
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,199
Dennis, Here in New Bern , it was 27F. by the backporch gauge.
All my young one / two year old trees are planted outside. None in pots.
  I put screen containers around them and filled with crushed leaves, that I raked up. But, this winter is starting off early and serious!
  Good luck to you .  Fred

Subject: Terrential rains bombing Pennsylvania Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 885
Hoorah! Friday and the rain is gone.
  Tv said, 14.83 inches, since Monday.
Yesterday, my young, ingrounds were standing in 5 inches of rain. Thank God for our sandy soil, today no standing water.   New Bern, N.C.

Subject: Thanks For Helping Replies: 11
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 959

Unstable or bitter people are best ignored.   Fred

Subject: Off Replies: 13
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,065
 In the late summer/Fall , Yellow Jackets are looking for anything to store. Sweet fruits or pieces of hotdog near your patio. Yellow jackets live in nest, below ground.
 The "paper-nest" wasps live under your eaves,etc. They are not as numerous or aggressive.
  Be wary of Yellow jackets!  Fred

Subject: You Cover Your Figs I Cover???????? Replies: 19
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,737
John/Georgiafig..   That English import may be the universaly hated Johnson Grass. I have fought it from a farm in No. Texas to the red clay near Augusta ,Ga.
   And, gypsum will help divide the clay platelets , takes time, tho'.
  And, in spite of all , our Figs continue to survive !  Hoorah!!  Fred

Subject: First figs showing Replies: 4
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 994
Yuri..  My weather here is dry and over +40 each day now. The leaves do droop. Just give them water ,at base,on ground. They will revive.
 Water on leaves in bright, hot sun may burn the leaves, like a magnifying glass.  Fred

Subject: Some finds to share from today Replies: 17
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,551
Jason..   Wow! Great photos of old, thriving trees.
  Keep up your "Daniel Boone" treks of finding these old treasures.  Fred

Subject: Something is bugging me Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 961
 I always thought that caterpillars, insects did not eat the leaves, buds of Fig trees. That, the lymph / latex was how the tree protects itself, even if a random "bug" nibbles on a leaf , he will give up quickly.
 Young mantis will catch and eat each other. Great predators!  Maybe, ease some of them over to your other trees.

Subject: Ocracoke Island figs Replies: 7
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 2,169
John.. I have been to the island and saw the figs trees with all of the oyster shells under them. I did not know there was a nursery there. I should have asked ! I live in New Bern.
  If they have fig trees in in pots , any time is ok. I think that most cuttings are taken in dormancy. But, I am new to the forum and hobby.  Fred

Subject: Varieties that Root Well Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,304

John /Ga.fig  ...  What was month and approx. temps. , when you placed the cuttings/sticks into your "rooting bed" ?  Thanks, Fred

Subject: New member from a bit far away Replies: 41
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,577
Привет Юрий   It is good to hear from a fig lover in the Ukraine.
  Good photos. Later, send photos of leafed out trees and figs.
Keep us informed.   Пока !!

Subject: Please tell me which figs smell Replies: 39
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 5,386
 OK, you guys have freaked me out.  My figs are grown in-ground outside.
 So, I am going outside now to smell my fig trees. I don't know about cat urine or coconuts , but if my neighbors start taking photos of me running around smelling fig trees , it's your fault ! Fred , in New Bern

Subject: 40-55L pots Replies: 5
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,022
Mike.. great photos! I wish you luck.
Today, I put some cuttings in Sandwich bag with damp paper. I should be as lucky as you !   Fred


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