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Subject: Seeking cheapest object to support SWP Replies: 22
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 716
  I had a stroke..
Free Fig trees , Hollier, Smith, Green Greek, Others... 3 to 6 ft.
Come dig..    Fredfig  New Bern,NC   252-638 4357

Subject: Smith and Unk. Pastilliere PIX Replies: 29
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,404
Smith , Hollier, Greek Green ,others...
I had a stroke. Come dig 3 to 6 foot Fig trees. FREE
  Fredfig in New Bern,N.C.  252 638-4357

Subject: My Fig Jam Replies: 6
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 547
At a "Hunting Camp",Near Mobile, Ala. The cook would make /mix ripe figs, butter and honey. Then, we ate with hot biscuits.
Fifty years ago , but I still remember that taste, that experience.  Fredfig

Subject: Skinky goodness Replies: 20
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 905
 Skinks are good around any yard.
The electric blue young ones and females.
The larger, red-headed males are around, but more secretive.
   I watched a big male eat a slug, a few months ago.

Subject: Jungle Jims Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 599
I wish, that we had a Jungle Jim's here, in eastern N.C.
 I used to shop that Fairfield store.  Fred

Subject: ton of turtles on the road of late. Replies: 19
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 668
 It is mating time !!
Three types of "turtles".  Water.. the Red-eared Sliders and the Snapping Turtles. Laying eggs or looking for girls.
                                       Land... The Eastern Box tortoise. Black with yellow markings on shell. Endangered and protected. Same reasons. Rarer, save if possible.
                                         Box turtles/tortoises love watermelon and will eat Figs when offered.  Fredfig

Subject: beetle problems Replies: 7
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 760
Beetles !
   Yesterday, I found hundreds of small brown beetles on new growth of my Celeste tree.
The size of Ladybugs , except brown.
The County Agent called them  Kudzu Beetles.
Brought here to eat the vegetable pest called Kudzu vine. Now, they are spreading!
They eat / suck most fruit trees, etc. HA! One man told me they will eat plastic house siding!
  I sprayed , only a few strays now.   Keep your eyes open for these pests.

Subject: Why can't they all grow like this Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 792
Mike... Looks good and healthy !!  Enjoy!  Fredfig

Subject: Anybody worried about cicadas? Replies: 35
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,432
I think , that the "latex" in our figs deters the females from depositing eggs in fig trees.
A few may be eager or confused , but I doubt if a big problem for us.
                                    Fred   7a   N.Car.

Subject: Southeastern Fig Gathering - CANCELLED Replies: 60
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 4,017
A little input :   September is a good time for event.
                        Location , your choice
Topics, my choice .. In-ground trees , grafting , Fig cultivars
 and my big hang-up , confusing names.
 Tree presentation / door prize /tickets  whatever works.
BAR-B-Q .. my favorite ( what can I bring ?)
   Can you suggest a motel close to you ?
Looking forward to seeing everyone !!!

Subject: Southeastern Fig Gathering - CANCELLED Replies: 60
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 4,017
     Sounds great!  I will attend.  Fred in New Bern
     Keep us advised.

Subject: did i mention NC doesn't have much of seasons? Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 618

  I know that, I am not many miles north of you , but my Well Sweep sure looks frozen /dead to ground level.
If it puts out any growth later, come get cuttings. Surprising, the Green Greek 12 feet away is alive and happy !
Even the Holliers are putting out tiny leaves.       Enjoy the hobby,  Fred

Subject: Geese, snakes and figs..Ah Spring!! Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 789
YEP! It's the time of year for Garter snakes to wake up.
 Good looking fig.    Fredfig

Subject: pest protection - natural Replies: 2
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 355
I have never eaten Cicadas. But, that is good photo of a Copperhead.  Fredfig

Subject: The best fig i ate! Replies: 2
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 500
    It is good to see a new fig enthusiast !
I suggest, that you read the first two or three topics listed on the forum.
They should answer your questions. Ebay sells various fig cuttings and trees.
                 Enjoy the hobby !  Fred

Subject: OT - Kimchee recipe per request Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 784
  You have convinced me to NEVER make or eat Kimchee ! I'll stick with figs.  Fred

Subject: Durio nursery Replies: 10
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,367
 Durio nursery always treated me great. Decent sized trees ( not rooted cuttings).
Dalton packs/ships very good. He is easy to talk to.  And, you receive what you ordered.   Fredfig

Subject: How do you eat your figs? Replies: 25
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,499
With fingers , off the tree and with much pleasure!

Subject: Harris’ antelope squirrel Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 652
In Texas, there are rare sightings of that Jackalope"  Half Jackrabbit !
Usually, between Lubbock and Pampa. HA!!!

Subject: Squirrel trouble Replies: 25
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,174
 I make , Squirrel and Rice.  I was raised on it.
Now, in a neighborhood , my German pellet rifle is super accurate and powerful.
              Fredfig  7a..NC.

Subject: Southeastern Fig Growers Gathering Replies: 12
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,140
October sounds good!  And, a five hour drive is easy.
   Yes, will bring 2 or 3 gallon figs.
   1:00 to 4:00 pm
   In ground figs, a great topic!
                                                Fredfig .. New Bern, NC

Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,317
     Great solution and helpful photo !!

Subject: something's attacking my figs.. Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 728
 Similar to Hitchcock's "BIRDS" , the Mockingbirds and raiding Bluejays are my culprits
in eastern N.C.   Fred

Subject: Negronne EL Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,667
     Is your Negronne in ground ??
I have a Beer's Black in ground. I think it is a Negronne/VdB type. It has grow great this summer , but I worry about a cold winter ..   Fred

Subject: planning for inground trees. Replies: 8
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 680
  I live in New Bern, NC.  I've noticed that at about 16 F. , I have freeze/death to ground level or on young trees complete death.  I do have a 12 foot Celeste/BT next to house, that does survive it all.
  I have , in ground, three year old, Hardy Chicago, Green Greek, Well sweep, Hollier, Smith and Marseille Blk.   Last winter was a very mild winter. This winter may not be the same.
  I will see which survive , with only heavy mulch, and which do not.
P.S.  I do have a back-up Smith.          I am hoping for the best.    Fred

Subject: Yellow Jackets in my NY Potted trees? Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 833
Rob..   Yellow Jackets have nest in the ground. They are aggressive. In Fall , when sweeter foods not available, they attack and eat caterpillars,etc. Hang around your picnic garbage can.
     Paper wasps have the cellular paper nests under your eaves, etc. Yes, the sting, but not like Yellow Jackets.
     Bald-faced Hornets live in the football looking paper nests in trees. HA! They hunt and kill Yellow Jackets in the Fall. Try not to aggravate this Hornet !!
    I guess the Wasp traps , like mentioned previously, may help.
Destruction of nests is best bet!     Good Luck !!     Fredfig

Subject: Today's Harvest 2012 Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 839
JD... Excellent photos and even better reference and info for us "beginners". Thanks!
          Fredfig  7a in N.C.

Subject: Dromedary Fig & Date Cookbook 1910 Replies: 4
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 806
Thanks !  Helped me remember, that Pie Plant is what they called
 Rhubarb in years past.    Fredfig

Subject: Rafed In Hospital Replies: 105
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 5,216
Rafed...    All of the above !!!!!

Subject: how soon do you add lime to the cuttings? Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 791
When planting in ground, I just throw two or three oyster shells in the hole. I have used oyster shell grit (for chickens) in the hole.
  I tried oyster shell on top, sort of like mulch, but weeds,etc. grew in them. More work than it was worth.
  As for in pots, wouldn't it depend on your soil medium used ?
                                                         Fredfig..New Bern..7B

Subject: Black greek fig Replies: 17
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,549
O.K. Now, I have one more on my wish list .  Great photos!!

Subject: Adding Lime Replies: 7
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,199
I just planted three, young figs outside. In the bottom of the hole, I either throw in old oyster shell or two. This time, I didn't have but a couple, so I used oyster-shell grit, for chickens,
  My soil near low-land is acidic. So, I think, that my soil needs PH help.    Fredfig

Subject: ID help please...this one is different Replies: 32
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,960
 To me it is the very common, Red Belly/banded Water snake.
All I could see was the head shape, but not the coloration around eyes/face. They will bite you. One struck me in the Suwanee river/ Panhandle of Fla. Like getting scratched badly by Greenbriars / Smilex. Not poison.
   But, unless you truly know your snakes, be careful.

Subject: Last frost for south central PA & NJ? Replies: 7
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 849
Last night, I bed-sheeted for the last time this Spring.
Didn't need it, but safer!! New Bern is in 7a, near coast.
  Today, I set my gallon and three gallon trees outside, under some low trees. I have a couple of Stella , Mar. Blk , Hardy Chic.,
Shar Ital. , Rocco Blk , Verte- strawberry,even a LSU gold ( which roots and grows like mad. All are seeing outside, under the tree, for first time.  I hope for a great year!!
                                  A great Hobby!!    Fredfig

Subject: FMV question Replies: 5
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 684
John... Many cuttings from UDC have FMV. But, many younger trees can have this. I think, that stress( potting, transplanting, too much or not enough rain, various factors ) can bring forth the FMV symptoms. As your trees adjust and get older, you will probably see less and less FMV.    Just my opinion.   Fred

Subject: How cold is too cold? Replies: 8
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 789
John...    80 miles north of your place (Wilmington), we will have two nights of 32/37 F.
   In New Bern, I am sheeting my outside, under two year old, Figs.
All have nice leaves, no need to set them back!!  Fred

Subject: Anyone selling? Replies: 6
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 941
John,  I live in New Bern, N.C.
   I have LSU Gold, potted, 3 feet. One gallon,Petro and Petite Aubique
A couple of Hardy Chicago, Stella ready to be potted.
   They are yours , if you come after them!
                                                        PM me,  Fredfig

Subject: Growing figs near eucalyptus trees Replies: 6
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 961
Gioia...  possibly, lack of sun. Too much shade ? fredfig/7b

Subject: Weather in your neck of the woods? Replies: 18
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,032
In New Bern, NC. 68562..  this week will will have 55/58 at night and
in the mid-70's during the day. Maybe, some rain in a couple of days.
   But, fear not... Those late frosts have a way of coming here!

Subject: Unique figs Replies: 14
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,276
WOW!  Unique skin. What is name of this variety ? Where do they originate ?
Thanks for showing these to us !!             Fredfig-7/NC

Subject: Newbie Replies: 4
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 635
Mike... Frank has a good idea!
Pull up the sickest tree. Spray all dirt off of the roots and look for small , round nodules on the roots. If there, you have nematodes in your sandy soil.
You will probably have to buy topsoil and large containers to raise figs.
I hope, that Root knot nematodes are not the reason!!
                           Fredfig, in NC.

Subject: First Post Replies: 11
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,046
Peter... Glad that you are with the Forum. Great fig choices for your start!

Subject: Top 10 figs Replies: 9
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,500

 @Dale....  That is why I am thankful for the members of this forum and Jon at Encanto!  Many great varieties are sold, traded and even freely given to

help spread this fruit tree and our "hobby"!!

  Just stay with this forum and you will be surprised at the friendship and knowledge available.   Fredfig

Subject: Make your own Fig Jacket Replies: 59
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 4,086

Dennis..   WOW! Excellent idea.

 All, that I did was Chicken wire cages and filled with leaves and pine needles.

Your method looks safer. Thanks for the information.  Fredfig

Subject: Merry Christmas Replies: 15
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,564

 To all... Enjoy this day !!

   It is a day for family, friends and possibly, figs !













Subject: nematodes in topsoil Replies: 8
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 778

 Guys... many thanks for the thoughts and ideas.

    I think that $15.00 worth of possible contaminated dirt is not worth the worry and effort.

   They go to the dump on my next trip. I'll start with something better!!  Fred

Subject: nematodes in topsoil Replies: 8
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 778

 I was at local nursery and found a sale on B. Kow topsoil. So, I bought 3 bags.

At home, I noticed that the topsoil was from Florida!

 I am thinking of Microwaving the amounts as I need for repotting. OR, throw it all away and starting again.

 Any thoughts on bringing nematodes up here in Florida topsoil ????


Subject: Espalier, sort of Replies: 35
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 3,747

 WOW!  How great! Good idea, Dave.  Fredfig

Subject: Thanks giving Replies: 13
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 1,096

  And, from me.. A great day to all!  Fredfig

Subject: The ripe figs-"波姬红"in deep autumn. Replies: 5
Posted By: Fredfig Views: 753

  Hau . Han hau !!


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