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Subject: Nero or Brown Turkey in Philly? Replies: 4
Posted By: zoeart Views: 909
Thanks for the input and offer! It had occurred to me to ask for a cutting from the tree in the neighborhood - I have eaten the figs ( they don't know what to do with them) and they're so-so...but I think I'll try anyways.

Subject: Nero or Brown Turkey in Philly? Replies: 4
Posted By: zoeart Views: 909
Total fig-growing newbie here...
I spent a few summers in college in Umbria, Italy, gorging on figs from trees on the side of the road... amazing. Now I would like to grow a tree in front of my house in Philadelphia PA.
The tree will be planted in-ground, protected by being right in front of our front porch, with full southern exposure. There's a very productive fig tree in my neighborhood with the exact same siting that seems to be doing very well. That tree has green/yellow figs, but my fantasy is to grow something more like what I was eating in Umbria... nice sized dark figs.
Here's my dilemma- a friend of mine drove a 90 minute trip each way to get us a young tree - but they didn't get us one of the more definitely hardy options ( Sal's or Calabrese or Hardy Chicago) - so we now have a Nero.
I'd like to avoid the trip back to the guy they bought it from. And I want to put a tree in the ground soon! So, another option I have is to get a Brown Turkey from a nursery closer by.
I know the Brown Turkey is more reliable for this region... but I have a feeling that the Nero is going to be the more "interesting" choice as far as the actual fruits.  My main question is: has anyone had luck growing the Nero in my zone/ type of climate? It used to be called zone 6b, now zone 7. (warm/hot summers w moderate-high humidity 80's-90's common, cold sometimes snowy winters, 20's-30's common)
Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks!
- Zoe.


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