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Subject: RKN! Replies: 10
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 587
Last year I tried a product from a local independent nursery called Monterey Nematode Control.  It seems pricey but it dilutes with water so it goes a long way.  I tried it on a root cutting I separated from one of my in ground figs and potted up that clearly had nematode galls.  After a couple applications I noticed healthier root growth and significant decrease in galls.  This year I'm going to try it on my in ground trees just for safe measure.  One other thing, the label on the insert doesn't list figs so I called the company and the rep assured me that the product will work on fig trees.  Good luck!   

Subject: First fig of 2014 Brown Turkey Not Replies: 12
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 556
English Brown Turkey maybe??

Subject: Noire de Barbentane Replies: 8
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 1,837
Very nice Leon!  My Sollies finally ripened 3 last couple of weeks.  The main crop looks like it will ripen late Sept. or even Oct.  

Subject: Supposed to be "Celeste" Replies: 13
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 772
I agree with Jon.  The leaves are identical to the Black Mission I bought from a local nursery that came from Monrovia Nursery in CA.  

Subject: Very young Violet de Sollies Replies: 9
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 959
The past two years we had some really bad single digit consecutive day freezes.  Two years ago an arctic cold blast killed a lot of trees.  It was an airlayer given to me by a fellow collector.  I try not to baby my figs so they can adjust to the climate, but this year I decided to mulch so I can get some figs since the freezes have set me back so much.

Subject: Very young Violet de Sollies Replies: 9
Posted By: radiuspr2 Views: 959
My name is Ray, some of you may know me already.  I've been away from the fig collecting for a while now but am starting to collect a few varieties that I think would do well in southern NM.  I planted this tree two years ago and it froze, and again last year, but luckily it rebounded very well this year. I managed to get a few figs to ripen.  To me it tasted like sweet pomegranate.  I feel it should get better in the next couple years.  Very good fig!  I took the pics with my phone but I think they came out OK.  Enjoy!

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