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Subject: Do you know these figs? Replies: 4
Posted By: tnmom66 Views: 348
Both of these figs grow extremely well in Nashville, TN zone 7. These pictures are from August. the ones potted up are the ones I decided I wanted to plant in my yard. The tiny ones with the big leaves  were as tasty as the big ones with the small leaves, but I thought bigger fruit was better. I also wondered if the I should have gotten one of each in case it helped with pollination or helped the plants be more productive, like with some other fruiting plants.  I am sure I can get a cutting of the other variety if anyone thinks it is a good idea. I am not sure if the ones I have made it through the winter yet. The picture of the cut open fig is the one with the large fruit and small leaves.   figs and leaves.jpg   fig in hand.jpg  figs aug 25,2013.jpgfig inside.jpg

Subject: What should I do now with these fig plants? Replies: 11
Posted By: tnmom66 Views: 856
This is what they looked like in August. They were only a few inches away from each other when I dug them up. I used a bread knife to saw them apart. They lost some leaves, but looked like the recovered well. One of them even had a little sucker coming up before frost. I still am not sure where I want to plant of them is going to a friend if they both are still alive. I guess I'll put them in front of the big window in my garage and leave them there till April 1. I think the in-and-out may be stressful for them and for me. figs aug 25,2013.jpg 

Subject: What should I do now with these fig plants? Replies: 11
Posted By: tnmom66 Views: 856
we have about 5 weeks till our last frost date, i think. i will bring them in till then, and get them planted, if they show any sign of life. I am crossing my fingers. i need to read up on wrapping them for winter weather protection. I will be watching my neighbor's trees to see how they fared. They are too big to wrap.

Subject: What should I do now with these fig plants? Replies: 11
Posted By: tnmom66 Views: 856
I hope they aren't dead. I supposed I am supposed to wait and see if anything sprouts, but I don't know what the best conditions are for them at this point. I have 2 fig plants that were suckers, about 4 feet tall that I dug up and potted last year. I cut one back by about half and tried to root the part I cut off. Didn't work. I thought it might also encourage the plant to branch out. The other one, I just left along, one tall stem.  They are in 5 gallon pots, but only filled half-full. I have not read as much as I should about caring for figs. I read somewhere that they are hard to kill and I guess I took it to heart.  They started showing a few little signs of growth several weeks ago. For most of the winter they have been in my basement laundry room. I didn't think they should start leafing out so soon, so I put them outside, thinking they might go back to sleep. I have been bringing them in or covering them if the temperatures get below freezing. Today I thought I'd cut them both back till it looked like there was live wood, but they are onlyl about 8-10 inches tall now and I think they look dead. The stems are not very small and I guess they aren't supposed to be green--they are quite woody, but they look too dry. I thought there would be some sap or moisture. I don't know the variety, but the trees they came from are 8 feet or so tall and even wider than that and they were covered with figs last summer. They were at a rental property and didn't get any special care. In fact, nobody was even picking the figs. The tenant helped me dig them up. The plants are sitting at the south side of my house, it is supposed to be 23 tomorrow. Looks like I am in zone 7 Nashville, TN 37013

I guess I need to know whether I should keep the plants outside or whether I should bring them in and try to coddle them while I wait to see if they show any signs of life.  I have not left them out in temperatures in the 20's.

Subject: Mystery Figs Replies: 1
Posted By: tnmom66 Views: 465
Nashville, Tennessee. I want the name of the figs in these pictures especially that has the narrow-lobed leaves and the large fruit. I took suckers yesterday off a mother plant that was about 12 feet tall and nearly as wide. One wilted a lot and I cut it back. I know nothing about figs, although I did kill a black mission fig from wal-mart before I ever got it in the ground.  I think I let it dry out too much. Hope to do better with these! I like these better than the Black Mission fig, anyway. Is there any chance that figs do better with a different variety nearby?  That is the only reason I would bother with also trying to grow the fig with the tiny fruit and the big leaves.
Thanks for any help!Photo132.jpg Photo124.jpg Photo134.jpg Photo128.jpg 



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