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Subject: Panache Replies: 2
Posted By: riotj Views: 609

Hello I'm new to the forum. I live in Southern California near the coast and I have a Panache fig tree growing up against the side of the house. I cut it back quite severly in winter, to keep it sort of like an espalier and I only get two to three figs at most, which are quite delicious but not worth it for that small amount. I've read that Panache needs heat to produce so maybe that is the problem. It is up against the southern wall of my house to help with the heat. I has beautiful green growth but only one fig as of now. I'm thinking about taking it out unless it produces!!!! I heard figs really don't need to be fertilized so I don't. It is green and lush. Grows about 20 inches a year. So how do I get it to produce? and if heat is the problem or lack thereof, what should I plant that will do well along the coast and tastes like Panache, i.e., strawberry like flavor and color and that I can keep small? I'd be happy to give cuttings for trades of other figs that will grown in my area. Thanks in advance.


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