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Subject: Snow Coming Your Way Replies: 54
Posted By: JCA Views: 2,524
The low temperature tomorrow morning is forecast 30F, 27F Friday morning, 29F Saturday morning!  The high tomorrow is only 47F and the high Friday only 53F, and 60F on Saturday.  
There have been 18 days since December 1st with minimum temperature of 32F or lower.  The average is only about 10 days.  The lowest temperature so far this winter is 25F.  

Subject: Record low Replies: 15
Posted By: JCA Views: 942

I may move to Homestead Florida soon where it usually stays above freezing.  The all time record low here is around 10F in 1989 and 1899.  Last time below 20F is February 1996.  You can grow citrus here most years.

Subject: It is winter here Replies: 90
Posted By: JCA Views: 3,866
The temperature is -27 F already?  Those temperatures can kill a lot more than just fig trees.  Very cold temperatures are very bad for the heart and can trigger a fatal stroke or heart attack.  Ever feel heart pain in cold weather?   This is a sign your heart is not getting enough oxygen due to constricted blood vessels.  The blood pressure increases and the blood thickens and causes poor blood circulation.  This is especially dangerous for people with high blood sugar(diabetics) and those with heart disease!  The combination of poor diet and cold is why heart disease is so common in North America.  Also, the majority of fatal heart attacks occur between November and March. 

NEVER exercise in extreme cold or you may suffer heart damage that could lead to fatal heart attack. 

Extreme cold kills twice as many people as extreme heat.  It is very very dangerous, be careful out there!  

Subject: It is winter here Replies: 90
Posted By: JCA Views: 3,866
The temperature dropped to 29.1 F last night!  That is frigid and brutal!   It was even colder than that earlier this month with a low of 24.9F which is the low for this winter so far.

Now if temperatures in the 20s feel frigid I can only imagine how -25 F must feel!  

I think my fig tree is OK and do not notice any die back.

Subject: It is winter here Replies: 90
Posted By: JCA Views: 3,866

I wish I could move the North American continent about 900 miles south so you people in subarctic climates and weather could grow not only figs but other sub tropicals without extreme arctic air mass !  Like a lot of people here I hate extreme cold!

Subject: Extending the growing season Replies: 32
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,947

Originally Posted by loslunasfarms
The agribon seems pretty neat, but it is very expensive. I was wondering on wether to purchase a large roll. My concern would be the trees baking and the stuff seems to solve lots of my problems.

Agribon frost cloth is very effective if double layered.   Buy the medium or heavy kind and use two layers.   It traps day time heat much better than plastic is porous so you not have to remove during the day and 50% light transparent.

Subject: Super Hot Weather...having to repot Replies: 20
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,276

I do not think the temperature over night here is going to drop below 80F.  At 10:30 PM I was outside pulling grass for only about 10min and was sweating non stop.  The humidity here is very high and in the afternoon the real feel temperature can rise over 100 F.

My figs are still not ripe but the figs are not dropping yet.  My fig tree is young though and it has been dry in April and May.  

Subject: 1-2 days from a fresh fig Replies: 9
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,178
I am in climate zone 9 and the humidity is very high with temperatures in the low 90s F.  It feels like over 100 F!   Tonight I was out in the yard for only a few minutes and covered with sweat and the mosquitos were very hungry.  The low temperature last night did not drop much under 80F.

I sometimes try to imagine living in hot and humid weather before air conditioning was invented.

Subject: Fig tree from the jersey shore Replies: 13
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,459

It is great that people in colder climates can enjoy growing figs in ground.  Nothing beats the taste of  home grown figs!  You may need a little protection from cold some years, but some fig trees are quite cold tolerant for a plant native to sub tropical areas.

Subject: Celeste figs not ripening Replies: 15
Posted By: JCA Views: 3,942

I think I have a celeste tree but not sure.  The figs on my tree are holding well but are still green and not yet ripe.

Subject: Frost Possible Chicago Outlying Area Replies: 44
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,848

Genecolin, are your figs ripe yet?  Mine are still green.   I am not sure what fig cultivar I have because my mother bought it and planted it.  It is probably celeste or brown turkey.  I have meyer lemons, satsumas, and pineapple guava but only one fig tree.

Subject: Frost Possible Chicago Outlying Area Replies: 44
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,848

I may move south of Miami Florida where is there is no frost most years.  Eventhough the climate in zone 9 is mild, I want zone 10 or 11.  I hate freezes and cold.

Subject: Frost Possible Chicago Outlying Area Replies: 44
Posted By: JCA Views: 1,848
I am in zone 9 on gulf coast south of New Orleans with only about 7 nights a year with a low temperature below 32 F.  The fig trees here never have much problem with cold, but diseases like rust can be very severe some summers.   Last July and August were especially bad with so much rain!

Some years the citrus must be covered and protected but never fig trees.


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