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Subject: 100+ Year Old Fig Tree In Cairo, IL Replies: 31
Posted By: vdot Views: 7,034
I'm completely fignorant about figs, but I've been exploring all the vatious wild fruits,
nuts and other edible vegetable matter on the property I've owned since 1997 in TN.
Among other things (persimmons, black walnuts, hickory nuts, chickasaw plums,
sassafras trees, catalpa trees, etc.,) I've discovered several wild fig trees.

Not knowing it was a fig early on, and growing near the entrance to my tractor shed,
I had cut one of them down.  But it has grown back and is already about 15 feet
tall.  I've never really looked/seen any fruits growing on any of the fig trees, and I still
haven't even really looked that well for how many there might be around here.
I know that there are at least 2 in different areas of the property (55 acres).

As I was reading all you guy's enthusiasm and desire to find real-live TN Mountain
Fig trees (on this forum and others), and I figured they must be hard to find.  So I
thought I'd let people know I have some (I think).  I know that the previous owner
of the property did not plant them, and am pretty sure they weren't planted there
prior to him either, by previous owners.  They are located in "random" locations
far away from previous buildings that had been on the property.

I'm located in TN due south of Nashville about 8 miles north of the TN/AL line
(Zone 7/8 border) in a rather remote, secluded valley on the Elk River that gets a
moistening from fog most every night.  I guess that's why the figs like it here. 
I know that since I've been here alone, they've survived below 0F temps, 
consecutive weeks of 'teen temps, ice storms and draughts with no problems.

I plan to hike around soon, specifically to search for fig trees, and check to
see if any of them have fruits growing...That would be very cool if they do, as I've
never tasted a fresh fig in 50 years on this earth.

I'm not too much for mailing/sending things (ie: I have hardly sent even a letter in my
life), so if anyone "wants a piece of" a TN Mountain Fig, I'd not have a problem
with folks getting cuttings, if it wouldn't endanger the tree.  How do you take
cuttings on a fig, and how do you propagate from them?

Anyway, I hope this is a proper place to post this.  Please excuse me if it isn't as
I don't know anything about this forum (if you can't tell)  :)  I realized this post is
focused on the lebanese fig from cairo (il), but someone also mentioned the
TN mountain fig in Knoxville...and anyway...I'm originally from Lebanon....Ohio.  :)



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