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Subject: Idea to increase available cuttings for distribution and raise money for the F4F Foundation Replies: 23
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I think this commendable what you are doing with your own cuttings offered at reasonable pricing, but you know those plants and have fruited for you right?  Would you be comfortable representing authenticity of cuttings from someone else?  I think most of us have received cuttings not true to cultivar. I know I have and you might be surprised from some of the reputable folks here they came from and that’s not to mention the small minority  that would take advantage and knowingly mislabel just to make the money.  Even if you passed on the name of the source of the cutting  you would still be accountable as they passed through your hands and the chance of a mix up there is possible.  If you are willing to trust others made the correct judgment even evaluating their plant is true to name even after fruiting you are a braver man than me as there are so many incorrect and the source may not even suspect that 3 generations prior a mistake was made. Not everyone has that high of standard of correct labeling. They get a couple opinions on a unknown and label it as such and feel confident it’s true to the degree I have seen it listed within 24 hours on Ebay as the cultivar. Just think there is a lot to think about if you are considering this, but I commend you on trying to make cultivars available to folks at a reasonable price and hopes it works out I might participate on both ends. I have only sold one fig ever and that was recent in an benefit auction and the money did not even come to myself, I have sent out a good number of cuttings, but I have just never really crossed that line to charge yet. I know how frustrating it can be to grow a collection as I have been into figs for several years, but have a relative small number of cultivars I feel.  

Subject: OT: Why are paw paws not more popular? Replies: 36
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Subject: OT: Why are paw paws not more popular? Replies: 36
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 639
Agree fully Bill.  I believe mostly because they don't ship or handle well and when you get outside of fruit growing folks most would not even recognize them.

Subject: New winners in my back yard. Replies: 26
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Very Nice. Winners in any yard.

Subject: What is Spotted Wing Drosophila? Replies: 5
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Ok here is my input, I have been complaining about them since last year for awhile I thought it was my own personal problem

Subject: What Do Fig Wives Do? Replies: 28
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Haha,  I love this.   But sharing fig experience is so much nicer with a pic, and some folks will tell you if no photo  it did not happen. You might not have looked at the name, but I bet you remember where that tree is

Subject: Unk Bari Replies: 9
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Hi John,

There is a unknown that Jazzbass has that he calls Bari,  I don't think It's widely distributed but just might want to consider that. Not that it would be the 1st time we had figs labeled the same, but maybe the full street name or such.  The fig looks generally similar as well.

Subject: Anybody has a photo of a ripe St. Rita? Replies: 18
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It actually was significantly more productive  earlier and later with better figs, but I need to note my Chicago was one of my oldest figs and root bound until planted in ground this year and is lacking vigor. I expect it to establish better, My Chicago that was inground already has not fruited yet as froze to ground like everything else. The St Rita are in ground as of this year as well but were not root bound when planted out.

Subject: Anybody has a photo of a ripe St. Rita? Replies: 18
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The baby was the 1st fig of the year from it. The double pic was more the average. I photo the 1st of year  even though it might not be best example

Subject: Anybody has a photo of a ripe St. Rita? Replies: 18
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Subject: Figs that nobody likes Replies: 29
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For me Black Jack is Hit or Miss and seems more dependent on weather conditions when ripening than many others. Some of the Black Jack I have eaten rank among the worst almost tasteless to very pleasant and refreshing. It's never really intense flavor like some smaller figs. I have noticed the figs this year seem to be much better than last year which might be because this year it is in ground.

Subject: This Longue d' Aout deserves the spotlight Replies: 17
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Meaty and rich  is exactly how I describe it as well Frank.  Your kids are precious.

Subject: my first ripe fig. Bisirri 1 or 2? Replies: 10
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Yes the old threads  discuss Mr. Bisirri stating they only have the 2, and storing other folks figs over winter in his greenhouse. I received both mine from Ricci in those threads. I have 2 of each what he called #2 and #3.  one of  each in ground and one still in pot. I do think I have 2 different figs as both the #2 fruited some this year, whereas both #3 have yet to, but will this later year. The leafs  on my inground #3 matches the  #3 photo in the old thread, but my #3 in pot looks very close to the #2 in pot right beside, but does show some leaf like my other #3. Interested in what Barry, Ricci or the others think about the different ones after growing them a few years.

Subject: my first ripe fig. Bisirri 1 or 2? Replies: 10
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No Breba on either of mine yet.  This is 1st year fruiting for me, from cuttings started spring 2014.

Subject: my first ripe fig. Bisirri 1 or 2? Replies: 10
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I have a Bisirri #2 and Bisirri #3  at least that's how they came labeled to me.  The #2 has fruited for me this season pics below. The #3  will fruit later this season for me. The #2 is a nice fig.  I think I remember reading the light was not actually light adding to the confusion.

Subject: 1st Kesariani Replies: 14
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I should have my 1st fruit for this year in a day or so. Last year I have 1st fruit recorded at 8/3, which was pretty early. This year for me it is showing to be pretty much mid-season in ripening in looking at relative to my others.  I have not had Breba from it.

Subject: 1st Kesariani Replies: 14
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Looks Great Gary,

One of my favorites.

Subject: Maltese Falcon Replies: 10
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Yours sounds like mine. I am doing a double airlayer, it will make good trade plants.  It seems real aggressive grower, I wonder if that might contribute to the delayed fruiting for folks. Maybe one of those plants that needs tough love. Stress it out some to initiate fruiting. Some fruit respond in to stress in a fruiting effort. Not that I have noted that in figs, and until I get a backup from that airlayer I will not be torturing mine.


Subject: Looking for some fig I'd help with pics. Replies: 10
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I don't think Marseilles White based on interior color being too dark, reddish, but's just my thoughts, nut sure if caprified might bring that color out.

Subject: "Lebanese Black/Purple" Fig's Pay Day Replies: 12
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 416
Thanks for invite Nick, I must complement you on photography skills, this and the other thread you started  show quite a talent. The figs look great, and yes where are you. be careful I might show up

Subject: "Lebanese Black/Purple" Fig's Pay Day Replies: 12
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Awesome.  I bet I could eat the whole bowl.

Subject: Colorful Harvest - July 21st 2015 Replies: 11
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Subject: 3 Gallon Black Madeira $29.99 Replies: 71
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I was finally able to make contact with the person that Brandy named as the source for the cuttings of the group of Black Maderia cuttings starts  I discussed with her about not being correct in Fall of 2013, and which I believe are what many of you received. He did confirm that he did send cuttings to JF&E. I am not going to identify them here in respect of privacy but will share part of that discussion here. They are very knowledge about growing fruits in general, figs as well as many other plants, but probably not as obsessed with figs as most of us, and I really enjoyed speaking with them.

They have never grown Black Maderia, but have heard of the fig. I don’t believe he has any fig from Maderia that he is aware of, so maybe JF&E confused the actual source of the cutting in our conversation or the mixup occurred at some other point. They did not recall exactly what cuttings he did send to JF&E, but he is quite familiar with LSU figs and lives in LA, and when I asked about possible black fig suspects LSU Scotts Black Name did come up, but I have not did that compare myself yet as a possibility.  

JF&E does have that potted mother tree from USDA UC Davis, and has put out valid BM trees. The small unhealthy looking tree I picked with the earlier start date in that fall 2013 visit as I stated in prior posts is dead on to my USDA UC Davis tree.  I wish now I would have picked up one of the others just for comparison.  So some of you might have received the true BM. Really a pretty easy call if you have ever observed a true BM, as the other plant is quite different from what I have seen. Just an idea but I believe Dennis thought his looked correct and I believe he stated ordering the last 3 they had available. Maybe those last couple trees left that had been picked over for lack of vigor and generally less healthy looking were true and showing the character more  consistent with most BM.  

Subject: 3 Gallon Black Madeira $29.99 Replies: 71
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 4,354
I am glad this is all coming out, and JF&E is doing the right thing. Look Back to my post #4 in this thread. I wish they would have left the labeling off those young plants back then. I bet Brandy wishes that as well. I actually tried to make contact with who she listed as the source for this cuttings a few weeks ago when pictures started showing of the plants, I might try further to contact him  for a possibility of the history of this plant.  Not only the leaves but the vigor of the plant made me quite certain. I saw their real BM when I was there.

Subject: Critter patrol time again Replies: 25
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Just a word of advise for those attending Dennis's fig get together. If he offers you a grape soda  politely decline, and look close at the meat for species identification.

Subject: Pawpaw Replies: 115
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Impressive Ken,

When you started a interest in Pawpaw I doubted they would like your climate, but they look fine. Are these from the seeds I sent you several years back?

Subject: Home Depot Figs.. Replies: 18
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Black Madiera at Home Depot?  Thinking if you checked they are likely Black Mission on the plant tags

Subject: O/T Che berries Replies: 3
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I added a photo of the bloom It really looks like a young fruit, but it can basically just fall apart and fade to nothing. Just as mulberry flowers which they are related to look like a immature berry.

Subject: O/T Che berries Replies: 3
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I am sure you checked the ground, but young Che very often drop immature fruit. Mine is just breaking bud now, and will not have ripe fruit until close to frost. I can't imagine what would eat them at such an early stage, how long ago did it flower? The flower itself looks like a starting fruit, just like a mulberry, but they can fall apart fade and you will not see much of anything. Is it possible you just had the flower that faded? If they looked like the pic that is still a flower and could easily just fall apart.

Subject: Watering made easy……..Drip Replies: 9
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I use the Spot Spitters and love them. So flexible to use and simplistic nothing to malfunction. If they clog pop them off and back on. Remove a plant, just reverse the stick.  I have left my poly exposed as I move it all around and snake in different use almost every year, but burying like you did would be way to go on a permanent setup. Below is post on my setup last year with several inches of wood chippings to keep upright and it save me much time.

Subject: OT: free Mason bees (local pickup only) Replies: 35
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Originally Posted by drphil69
Are these the same bees that tunnel in any wood structure?  

You are probably referring to Carpenter Bees. They are not the same. Unfortunately I have tons of Carpenter Bees, but can't seem to attract any of the the Osmia (mason, orchard and such). I did get some smaller bees and wasps in the home I put up. Carpenter Bees do pollinate some, but I am not fond of the damage they do.

Subject: Searching for Figs on eBay Replies: 26
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  Why not just search fig with couple clicks browse to the category of Flowers, Trees & Plants under Yard and Gardening. I know maybe someone listed in different category but I bet it gets most.

Subject: Weirdest places you've seen figs grow Replies: 25
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TY TY nursery  The king of weird. Just watch their videos. 

Subject: OT - Jujubes -- something else to try Replies: 48
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I have a couple trees left a Sherwood and a LI with  Tigertooth, Redlands #4, and Sugar Cane grafted on. I have had bad luck with them in late freezes as I was surprised as hardy as they are listed. I lost 2 trees to below graft that got froze after leafing out.  I always hear raves on Honey Jar and Sugar Cane, although Honey jar fruit is small.

Subject: EDIT: Trades Done.Thank you! Trade: Fig Cuttings for Fruit Tree Scion Replies: 6
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I have a lot of other fruit trees but the the categories you listed I think I have scion still of the below. I just sent off a bunch of stuff and I tried to remove those gone, but might I might be off on something. A lot of things have not fruited for me yet, but most was purchased from reputable nurseries. A few of the more common from Big box places.

Golden Sweet Apricot
Tomcot Apricot
Robada Apricot
Santa Rosa Plum
Burgandy Plum
Shiro Plum
Methley Plum
Belle of Georgia Peach
Elberta Peach
Early Elberta Peach
Dandy Dapple Pluot
Flavor Finale Pluot
Flavor Grenade Pluot
Flavor King Pluot
Spring Satin Plumcot
Ozark Premier Plum
Morris Plum
Red Haven Peach
Flat Wonderful Peach
Satsuma Plum
Sweet Treat Pluerry
Hall's Hardy Almond  did not take cuttings yet But think probably I could cut a stick.

I don't have cuttings but I am trying a couple Carpathian/English walnuts, but they just are not taking off for me. My moving them twice really set them back.
Stark Champion Walnut (Rodhouse)
Lake English Walnut

Subject: EDIT: Trades Done.Thank you! Trade: Fig Cuttings for Fruit Tree Scion Replies: 6
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I have several things you might want to try as far as plums, apricots peaches. pluot, pluerry etc... but I thought I sent most of what I have 2 and 3 years ago. Unless you are a stonecoldfruit killer like me. but if you want to PM I can send you a list, but it's pretty much what I had prior. I think I pretty good on those figs, but I am sure I could still send a bunch of sticks to you.

Subject: OT-Ever wonder what our members look like? Replies: 336
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Subject: Banned members Replies: 112
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Just to clarify as there are multiple Aaron and Rich.   Aaron4USA  RichinNJ   are the accounts as well we believe are effected, and who I reference as undesirables.

Subject: Banned members Replies: 112
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Good to see you post. Welcome back. I never have communicated direct with you, but always enjoyed the info you placed out there.  It is obvious that that you put a lot of thought into fig culture. It upset me when it seemed like an undesirable  discouraged you from the forum.

Subject: GardebWeb formate changed with new association Replies: 34
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Ha no strudelgod for sure:) they put _gw on the end which I will likely accept if I can't hack into strudeldog after I quit pouting and whinning. I knew what you meant Akram just not sure I can live with hog:) 

Subject: GardebWeb formate changed with new association Replies: 34
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LOL, I am not sure I could adjust to being called HOG, but thinking maybe I was referred to in context of swine or pig of recent.

Subject: Banned members Replies: 112
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I am sorry to hear Kelby and Wills are effected, hopefully just a probation.

  I am surprised as I never saw them use vulgar statements or profanity here only confront the ignorance and bad manners of the undesirables. It is always the loser of a discussion that turns to vulgarity and profanity on a public forum, those that don’t have the intellect or self control to express themselves.

Maybe if folks express their thoughts here it will be considered members can be re-established if they desire. Maybe some other good folks would consider participating again in the forum as well that have left.  If you find redeeming qualities of a couple others that I hear were removed as well, support them here if you choose. You will find no support from me personally of at least a couple members re-joining here but that's just my insignificant thoughts.

Subject: GardebWeb formate changed with new association Replies: 34
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Really It sounds like many did not get to keep their GW name. I started to confirm to Houzz and it when it stated my name was already taken I canceled out. I will probably pout for a while then join. I am pretty much strudeldog everywhere. Well Strudel the dog died several years ago, maybe I will  finally have to bury him.  I am thinking the account may already be me if I can figure what else Houzz manages.

Subject: OT: Mulberry varieties Replies: 10
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I grow about 10 cultivars. Except for couple cultivars this is based in just 1 or 2 years tasting most, so only my experience so far. I spent half my youth in fenceline large trees of I assume Rubra I love the tart/sweet combination of Mulberry. So ones that are just sweet are bland to me, but maybe not to others.  Really Mullberry an ignored gem by many that may have only tasted a bland Alba.

Morus Nigra (Black Mulberry) is pretty universally considered the best tasting species, but it limited where it grows well. I have a Black Beauty alive still, but it isn’t real vigorous but did survive 0F last year. Morus Nigra doesn’t like my Southeast climate, many nursery state this so no surprise.

Pakistan great taste large size, but not real hardy. I lost both my trees last winter one was fairly established with about a 4 inch diameter trunk.

Illinois Everbearing very popular very good taste is a hybrid between Rubra X Alba. Cold hardy and put out fruit over a long period. Very good for Grazer like me that likes to eat straight from tree on daily basis, maybe not best if you want large harvest at one time to process. Silk Hope supposed to be similar I want to try it.

Shangri La Is not white it is a dark Berry like all other I have. Very good  if not allowed to ripen fully while berry still is shiny, if fully ripe sweet with no tart Early fruiting in year for me.

Middleton very similar to Shangri La maybe larger and better but last year was 2nd year plant from cutting and 1st fruiting so things may change

Girardi Dwarf. Really unique plant. I have seen spelled about 3 ways but it is a true dwarf very close node spacing so compact and lots of fruit packed on small package. Fruit is good as well. Seems very hardy. More folks should look at this one as besides Nigra which often has a bush form, most Mulberry  grow large and  vigorous and lots of pruning to keep fruit in reach.   Girardi taste still very good but maybe not the wow of some, but those of you limited on space here she is.

Kokuso No. 20  looking forward to trying this one this Year have heard good things This will be 2nd year from cutting.

Wassica  Mine seems very upright growth,  trying to prune and spread her out this year   Last year was 1st only tasted limlted fruit.

I have a couple unknowns new this year as well.  Propagated trees from Just Fruits and Exotics that were on sale as had lost Labels so will try a determine when they fruit based on their offerings.

As far as wild trees almost all Rubra trees taste good. Rubra is the only native Mulberry to U.S, but you are almost more likely to find Naturalized Alba trees whose taste varies from very bland to pretty good. Alba and Rubra hybridize so there are likely a lot hybrids of them out there as both cultivars seed about freely . Alba is a pest tree in many areas

Subject: Varieties that will ripen here Replies: 21
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Great Info Paul


Subject: 2 Rare Breed Cuttings to go... Replies: 64
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 3,204
Exactly a free country. And that committee we are all subject to it when we post here. It's composed of every member of the forum. So lets see your supporters express their agreement with you here. You still just glance past substantiating information just as you have in the past. Until you learn to at least attempt that or clarify what we misunderstand you have little respect here.

Subject: Greenhouse made out of Plastic Bottles Replies: 15
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I like it. How would you seal between the stacks of bottles?  silicone? I imagine if sealed proper would be quite efficient with that thick double wall

Subject: 2 Rare Breed Cuttings to go... Replies: 64
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 3,204


When you post inaccurate information repeatedly as you have in the past you put yourself in front of the committee. I have avoided any discussion with you since you joined this forum.  I actually thought you had improved on your behavior in recent months, hopefully just having a relapse, but your history here is a case of arrogance ignorance and untruthfulness coupled with a smart mouth. When you post questionable information as an absolute, why are you surprised when people question it? Why don’t respond to questioning of what you state, as opposed to names or smart remarks. As far as your truthfulness you can edit your posts as you have in the past, but people remember what they have read.


Subject: A Farm visit in South GA Replies: 2
Posted By: strudeldog Views: 326
Hey Mike,

Been wondering about you. I actually stopped by couple times, but either you were not home or saw who it was. I saw you and Kabob, um I meant Tater on TV and another time on KSU bit. How is the project there going? PM your email I think I have a bad one.  And if I have the wrong guy disregard this post

Subject: The mist cloner is complete Replies: 124
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I don't know if the guy RIMIKE I think bought his cloner from on ebay  knows what he is talking about (see post 34 above ), but see what he says about humidity domes

I think I need one though as I just received my mister from the link Bob posted. Now i need to go out purchase one of those HUGE cakes from someplace eat it all by myself and re purpose the cake cover, so I gain a free humidity dome and 25 LBS. It's  free because after thinking about I need that cake anyway


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