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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
I didn't knew it was old school but I had way to many cuttings so I gave away all but 6 and every cutting seems to be doing well. I had a problem when 2 weeks ago there were some very hot days and the sprouts were burned because of the plastic but the one that got the most damage is now sprouting from other eye. 

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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
And here they are my little trees :) 

I'll post more photos after I've done the transplant to bigger pots this weekend :D

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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
Once the cuttings had developed roots was the time to plant on some water/soda bottles.
The cuttings were stored in a wooden box with some plastic (the one's you get from the dry cleaner) to have a high humidity and to keep the cuttings warm.

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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
I stored the cuttings in the fridge and then I wrapped the cuttings on wet paper 

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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
First I got the branch and made the cuttings

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Subject: Panache cuttings Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 261
Here are some photos of my panache cuttings rooting. 

Subject: Rooting in summer. Replies: 6
Posted By: Alex Views: 446

Have anyone tried to root some cuttings in Jul-Aug?
Any rate of success?
I think Im going to try to root some Panaches but Im not sure if I should do it the same way as dormant cuttings.


(San Diego Area)

Subject: Roots All over Replies: 5
Posted By: Alex Views: 836
I have some cuttings too that are growing roots all over, do I use regular potting soil or some mix with peat moss/perlite?

Subject: My preferred rooting method Replies: 57
Posted By: Alex Views: 4,813
Have you used Promoss? I think that I can get some of it.
Ill try for some cuttings and see what the results are...

Subject: My rooting experiments Replies: 5
Posted By: Alex Views: 830
Ok, ill pull out some cuttings and set up some more boxes. 
Im not so sure about the manure, it says its 50/50 lamb manure / tobacco I guess it might be troublesome if it burns the roots, is it ok if I add some soil? here is a very hard red granite soil so Im not so sure about planting directly there or adding the soil to the mix. 
I would gladly offer cuttings, just tell me how to send them, and most important,  crossing the US-Mexico border with the cuttings. I guess there are some agricultural inspections. Pitangadiego might know how to cross with some cuttings. I can take them to Tijuana or if there is no problem crossing with the cuttings I can mail them from San Diego.

Subject: Help ID brown fig Replies: 7
Posted By: Alex Views: 904
I planted the little threes in the morning.
Well now Im not so sure of the diferences between the main crop and the breva crop so ill keep a close eye on the figs (hope to get some this year). I havent seen figs growing in wood from previous years, but ill still keep an eye on the three.
It has been frozen to the ground. For sure once but ill ask.
The ripe figs looks like the one George posted, and in the inside is a little bit darker than the one from the second link penandpike but dont get the yellow color in the outside from these figs.
Ill try to find some photos from the inside but i doubt ill find one, the figs dont last that long to take a photo :P 

Subject: My rooting experiments Replies: 5
Posted By: Alex Views: 830
Im trying to root some cuttings, and here are some pictures...
Mix: 80% Perlite
         20% Tobacco/lamb manure mix 
(anyone tried tobacco for rooting?)
The cuttings are 4 varieties 
-Black mission
-Black (big)
-Black (small) (my neighbor says is very very sweet)
-Miel (honey in english) (very very sweet also) Is a yellow fig that drips a drop of honey from the eye when ripe. 
I did what i could with the stuff that was available in my house so if just one fig root it would be a win for me :) 
By the way, any suggestions on how can I tell when the figs that are in the blue box are ready for transplant? should I drill holes in the bottom of the box?


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Subject: Help ID brown fig Replies: 7
Posted By: Alex Views: 904
@paulandirene Is 13 milles from Mike's Sky Ranch, I like to go there to swim in the pool :) 
@go4broek Thats the ripe main crop, I don't have pictures from inside (yet :P) I hope to have some this year along with some delicious figs.

Subject: Help ID brown fig Replies: 7
Posted By: Alex Views: 904
Im planting some sucker of this brown fig that a brought from a ranch in San Pedro Martir, in Baja. I guess is very cold resistant because I have know there to be 15 F.
The taste is very good. and is yellow inside. If you have any idea or guess it will be a lot of help.

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Subject: Faking winter. Replies: 18
Posted By: Alex Views: 1,095
hahaha my trees are waking :S and a weird white fig tree has already some figs.

Subject: Merry Christmas Replies: 15
Posted By: Alex Views: 1,564
Merry Christmas :D

Subject: 6 Cuttings On Wish List Replies: 176
Posted By: Alex Views: 17,501
1. Black Madeira
2. Col de dame noir 
3. Battaglia
4. White greek 
5. Italian honey
6. Celeste 

Subject: Fig cuttings Replies: 8
Posted By: Alex Views: 2,468
A friend of mine is going to prune his fig tree and I would like to get some cuttings, can I store them on the fridge until spring? does it matters if the cuttings have some leaves? should  I cut them? or do I have to root them now?

Subject: Fig fruit sweetness Replies: 18
Posted By: Alex Views: 1,274
In my very short experience with figs I happen to like the dark colored ones, Im gonna try Panachee... not sure if Im going to have a single ripe fig but anyway I want to try (sorry, I like how it looks) and maybe Peters honey or battaglia (read some interesting post in the past few days about that fig) this year... but I think these wont replace my VDB or my Black mission, I just love them. But Im going to try to grow white ones anyway, one never know and maybe I find myself liking one of them over the others that I have.
Not that I have tasted a lot of white figs (unknow ID figs from a friend tree) they taste figgy like but not so sweet, maybe the ones that I tasted werent the right variety for the climate or werent fully ripe I dont know but I would gladly eat almost any fig, and a few white figs are better than no fig at all ^_^  but if I were to plant my first fig tree I would chose a dark colored variety to start with.

Subject: Tiger fig for the sandiego area? Replies: 3
Posted By: Alex Views: 480
mmm, Ill give it a try. I live in La Mesa so I hope to get better results that 10% of the crop... :)

Subject: Tiger fig for the sandiego area? Replies: 3
Posted By: Alex Views: 480
I guess the best way to know is to give one to a neighbor and wait... meanwhile I can ask for a fig or two if it works, If not, well... try another fig :P 

Subject: Tiger fig for the sandiego area? Replies: 3
Posted By: Alex Views: 480
I want to plant a tiger fig tree but Im not sure if it will be suited for the climate in the San Diego area, I like how the fig looks but I actually want to eat them, so, is it a good variaty for the area? if it wont ripe I would like some non brown/black fig... any sugestions? a fiend of mine told me to buy a Petesrs honey or a Kadota.... any sugestions?

Subject: Collected Figs Replies: 1
Posted By: Alex Views: 640
2 or 3 day ago I went to visit my grandma and got some figs from a tree that is in an old abandoned house. I think that the tree is very old. The taste is very irregular, some are very sweet and some just don't taste well, others just have that characteristic fig flavor,  not so sweet but also not insipid (I like these too lol). There are a lot of spoiled figs (I need to visit my grand more often =P). Ill get some cuttings next season because I think that taken well care these figs are gonna taste very good. Here are some photos of the figs. I hope that someone can help me identifying the variety (crossing fingers). By the way I'm near San Diego (Zone 10?)


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jpeg Higo3.JPG (928.17 KB, 28 views)
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Subject: A Platter of Heaven! YUUUUMMMMM! Replies: 17
Posted By: Alex Views: 968
Very nice plate of figs ! (jealous face lol)
Mine had 4 ripe figs when I came back from my trip but the ants had eaten half of them already, I guess my tree need very constant supervision...
By the way celeste is my favorite fig

Subject: Red Lebanese brebas Replies: 9
Posted By: Alex Views: 2,963
Wow, it looks great !

Subject: Fig disease question Replies: 3
Posted By: Alex Views: 797
Hey! I'm new to this forum and new to figs =P, I'm starting with 4 unknown figs (3 from cuttings and one from a ranch that we brought with the roots) I think there is a white kadota, a black mission, one totally unknown (black as well) and the last (but not least because is my favorite and also of the ants =S) I think is celeste(this is the one from the ranch). The problem is that some black spots are appearing on this last one, the leaves begin to turn yellow and then die. I don't want it to spread to my other figs and I don't know what to do. Here are 2 photos of the black spots and 2 of the figs.  I'll upload some pictures of my figs when they are ripe.
(I hope you can help me)

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