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Subject: Novice Repotting Question Replies: 1
Posted By: danst6 Views: 551
 Midsummer last year my wife surprised me with 3 fig plants that she purchased online (from a nursery that I often see mentioned in this forum)-a Celeste,a Hardy Chicago and a St. Anthony Marseilles. They arrived in 1qt. pots. Having to move quickly and without any time to really prepare, I re-potted them into what a local nursery sells as 14 inch pots-which is a slightly generous description.I do know that they hold 3.25 gallons of liquid. For soil I used a combination of an organic commercial potting soil, a commercial cactus soil, perlite, sharp builders sand and some granite dust. I overwintered them by moving them back and forth between the drafty walk-in to my basement and into the basement itself on bitter nights.All three are now starting to show signs of new leaf growth.
  My question is weather I will have to re-pot this year or if a pot of this size will suffice for this season. Each of the plants are just under 2ft. tall. Any advice from those much more experienced than myself (about pruning also) would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for your time.

Subject: Novice Question On Overwintering Replies: 1
Posted By: danst6 Views: 546
  Last July I purchased 3 small fig plants over the Internet. I re potted them into 3 gallon pots where they seem to have done very well. I live in coastal Rhode Island, and while we have not had a frost as of yet I realize I should finalize my winter plans for these plants.
  While my own basement is too warm (plan is to next year is to somehow set aside a cold area down there) my sister has an unheated empty half high basement at her house that she will let me use. It gets cold but not below freezing..My initial thoughts are to put the plants there, cover each on with one of those large paper leaf bags that you can buy at any hardware store in these parts and wait until next spring.
.  My question  has to do with the time frames.When should I do this? When do I bring them back out? Is there any type of pruning I should do first? What about water? Is the plan to cover the entire plants with a large paper bag adequate? Any advice from those more knowledgeable than myself (probably anyone who reads this) would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

Subject: Good Choice For Coastal RI Replies: 0
Posted By: danst6 Views: 520
  I am just starting out with figs. So far I have 3 plants-a St. Anthony Marseilles, a Celeste, and a Hardy Chicago. Since I will have room for at least 4 plants I will probably eventually get at least 1 more. I was thinking of a Brooklyn White or a Long Island. Would these be good choices for this area(6b)? Does anyone have an opinion on them? Or maybe some input on a better choice? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: Another Novice Question Replies: 2
Posted By: danst6 Views: 526
 About a month or so ago I received my first fig plants. All three are doing very well as far as new growth goes.But one of these plants(a Celeste) has actually  started setting fruit. These plants are still very small-about 18" or so. Should I pinch these fruit off to keep all the trees energy going toward new growth? Another question I have is about the number of stems that is best. My Hardy Chicago has sprouted 2 new trunks, one of which is about a foot tall (growing very fast ). The original trunk shows good signs of new growth, but these two new trunks are the vast majority of new growth on this plant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

Subject: Help for novice Replies: 3
Posted By: danst6 Views: 637
  For about 20 years I have been describing to my wife about how an Italian that I used to work with brought in fresh figs that he grew.How incredibly delicious they were.About how someday I would try growing them myself.
   After about 20 years of listening to this, the other day my wife(who has never tasted a fresh fig-there not to common in these parts) said to me " I'm sick of hearing about it-I've done a little research and ordered 3 fig plants.They will be here next week . Now you can shut up about it and just start doing it."
  Needless to say I was caught a bit off guard.For one thing I like to do my own research, and move at my own pace(a slow one I will admit). Be that as it may, next week I will be receiving in 1 quart pots  a Hardy Chicago,a Celeste, and a Saint Anthony Marseilles figs.
  While I have considerable gardening experience(mostly vegetables) my fruit growing has been limited to strawberries,raspberries, and gooseberries. I realize that this is going to be a  different ballgame.
   I live in coastal Rhode Island-USDA zone 6A.. My own research shows me that my wife's choices were good (except for maybe the Saint Anthony?).
   What I really need advice on is what should I do when these small plants arrive. Do I re pot? The best soil? I've been surfing the net trying to find all the info I can-including joining this forum.I realize that this is not the ideal time of year to start this type of thing. Any  relevant advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated Thanks.


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