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Subject: Help for a newbee, Yes, fig neglecter Replies: 3
Posted By: nauditq Views: 951
Thanks for the replies.Nope, nothing has ever been done as far as covering, pruning etc. I did a search on winter dieback, and have read frozen to ground in many posts.
Not sure, but last winter was a rough one, that could explain so many larger branche's that are dead.  Been a cookin dry humid July here and any TStorms that come around, seem to skirt us, but, since the main crop seems so young, and still growing, I might do as said, nothin. I am gonna clear out all the dead wood, this weekend, and maybe pick up a soaker hose just in case. I am keeping a eye on the branches I pinched back very closely as that might give me a sign of  something. 

Vivian, I thought the small amount of Breba crop was a perfect thought, but never became of any use. I picked the one off the ground, and the last one off the tree, thinking they might ripen kinda like a tomato, but, I unfortunately, did read no chance of that happening.

Thanks again,

Subject: Help for a newbee, Yes, fig neglecter Replies: 3
Posted By: nauditq Views: 951
Wow, been reading the site for a week, and am in brain overload. Learning lots and need some input please.
My name is Dan and bought a house five years ago in Chesapeake Beach Md.
House was owned since day one in 1930 by a guy who owned a florist in DC, but is no longer with us.
He planted, according to my neighbor at least forty years ago,what is now my fig bush.
I never paid any mind to it, since I was told by the neighbor, nothing was ever done to it, just let it grow. She would make a a few trips over during the season, a six foot pole with hook on end and reach up, pull the tree down and grab some figs from up high, since the fat deer got most any from below eight feet. She was Eighty Five when I first moved in, now Ninety. She fell before Christmas, broke her hip and is now in a Nursing home. I was cutting the grass two weeks ago and noticed a a few figs were getting large and starting to turn color. It was then that I noticed just how bad of shape my tree is. I was thinking how I would like to take her a dozen figs to her, but when I went to check the progress, only two were still on, of the dozen I saw that needed watching. Dern, I thought, the deer beat me to them. 
Since I need to do some heavy clearing and pruning I started trying to get a idea of what type fig I have for a plan of attack. Hah, I figure it might be easier to just ask for input.
I took a few pic's of the tree's, and the fig's that were starting to turn. I hope I can get them to post. The day I took the pic of the fig, it was still green, but, it fell off the next day, and was on the ground. Normally the figs ripen a dark purple. 
After reading, all the figs I was keeping a eye on were on the breba. I think, and only on the back side in the shade. They must have fallen off, as far as I can tell.
This leaves me with only main crop left, but its in the-to much to count bracket.
Seems strange to me, now after reading why so little on the Breba?
I am reading about how dry, hot, and humid this summer has been in Md. or I guess zone 7, and am wondering if I need to start watering these. If so, how, soaker, just the root, soil area, the whole tree etc. I never watered before, but, perhaps I should have? I also got scared and and pinched a many branch back on about half the small tree, just to see what happens. Not sure I should get in there right now and clear out all the dead stuff now, I don't want to risk damage but maybe I should?
So, sorry for long post, but I don't want to miss getting dear old Adelade the sweetest figs she ever had before its to late.
Any opinion or thought's on,
Type of tree? Wish I had taken pictures last year, but ripen purple.
Should I water, if so, suggestions on how?
Should I clear out some , or prune now?
Any other suggestions, thought's of advice?
I will keep reading,

Lot's of new branch's growing like crazy underneath, I have a few family and friends that have tasted the figs and all just love them, including me.
I am going to try the air-layering on some for gifts.

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