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Subject: Freezing Figs Replies: 4
Posted By: Tyler_LA Views: 1,211
Let them sit in the fridge for a day before freezing, then let them sit in the fridge for a day when you thaw them. The quicker they go from frozen to unfrozen, the better.

Look up an episode of Alton Brown's "Good Eats" for freezing fruits and veggies. Very interesting stuff.


Subject: Yet another mystery fig Replies: 9
Posted By: Tyler_LA Views: 1,316
That looks exactly like what my grandpa' calls his "White Honey" fig. I don't know the real name, but I know I have eaten that fig, too. And I agree: its really, really good. The skin and eye are very distinctive, I think.


Subject: Trying Drying Figs??? Replies: 8
Posted By: Tyler_LA Views: 2,568
My grandma used to dry figs and persimmons in her oven with the door cracked. It had a pilot light on all the time... Man, I wish I had a gas oven for fig drying!

I put some figs in the dehydrator we have here, and it took about four batches to get the right consistency needed to make the filling for the Italian fig cookies my family's crazy about. Had to leave the figs whole, save for cutting off the neck.

They came out really well :)


Subject: Best figs at your location Replies: 308
Posted By: Tyler_LA Views: 76,645
Southern LA,  9A

- Smith
- Hunt
- White Honey
- Hardy Chicago

For the fifth, I am tempted to put LSU Gold because I love how it tastes and its apple-esque size, but it splits too easily in this humidity and constant rain. So, I'll put...

- LSU Tyger (O'Rourke)

Smith and Hunt were astoundingly good this year. If I had an unlimited supply of those, I don't think I'd ever eat anything else. I'll be rooting lots of those this fall.

Subject: How is LSU Improved Celeste "improved"? Replies: 2
Posted By: Tyler_LA Views: 634
Gene's right about it being slightly bigger. Its also more split resistant (from my experience here). Another thing, which is just my observation and not anything official, is that Improved will usually have much more "honey" in the eye than your normal Celeste.

I don't really like how Celeste taste in general, though...



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