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Subject: first time figger, any reccomendations? Replies: 4
Posted By: ohaganr Views: 596
hello everyone! first time posting!

all right so i'm stuck in the middle of the ocean for the next 3-4 months and i come up with a huge craving for figs, which then leads me to the great idea of trying to grow a fig tree while out at sea.... the space i work in should have plenty of light for the plant, and it's pretty constant temperature wise. the only problem is it's constantly 60 degrees or so, which i know could be problematic for growing certain figs. I was hoping to try and grow either a dark portuguese or a Col de Dame ( I don't know about the DP but i've heard the Col de Dame can be picky). so are these horrible picks for my situation? or am i fine?
fig reccomendations would be more than helpful


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