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Subject: New Member Replies: 2
Posted By: Rockytopsis Views: 623
I asked a question on another forum about figs and was directed here.
Some years ago my Dad brought fig cuttings down and I planted them. I have no idea what kind or where he got the figs from.
I do know that he ad a tree/bush in the back yard and that they got figs from it.
Only one of the cuttings survived.
It had figs on it once for a grand total of 7 figs.
Several folks told me to move it next to a building, DH thought it was silly so had a hard time convincing him until one of HIS buddies said the same.
We moved it in the winter of 2009 next to the barn on the south/east side.
It did better but no fruit.
This year is is way way better and seems happy, over 5' tall and seems happy but still no fruit.
I do water it.
Have not put any manure around it since spring ( we use goat manure)
Is there something I need to be doing that I am not?
I really want it to produce figs, can't seem to find any here and would like some for my Kefir Water.
Here is a photo I took the other day.



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