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Subject: This will make a grown man cry! Replies: 52
Posted By: george Views: 2,210

Raccoons are a terrable menise the whole world over
Any oportunity you have to distroy them you must.
If you don't believe me watch Raccoon nation on
Nature pbs. U tube

Subject: How Old Am I ? Replies: 79
Posted By: george Views: 3,518

i've had similar results with a 2year old unknown
White fig using fish emultion and 20% dilute urin
Over 100 ripe figs second year.using global bucket

SLC Utah

Subject: There is no stopping them now! Replies: 23
Posted By: george Views: 789

Wow that's serious. How many different type figs
Do you have there?
Thanks George

Subject: My partial container garden Replies: 50
Posted By: george Views: 3,637

Tell me about the clothes pins.
SLC Utah

Subject: Root Grafting - LSU Replies: 42
Posted By: george Views: 2,146

Real cool stuff is the white powder rooting hormone?
Keep it up


Subject: best figs for drying? Replies: 23
Posted By: george Views: 2,020
I have an unknown white fig that I found growing
Unprotected in provo Utah that the figs dry on
The tree and are excellent.
No fuss just clip them off when dry.

Subject: New record set...... Replies: 9
Posted By: george Views: 902
Hi guys I reckon Im one of those lurkers you guys are talking
About Looks like I have been lurking for a year this week.
Not by choice but because I am a conplete idiot about
Computers. Old school.
I've tried posting dozens of times but keeping on screwing
up finaly figured it out yesterday !!!

Subject: That's it!!! It's war time boys.... Replies: 45
Posted By: george Views: 1,859
Sprinkle bone mill around your tree and you will be rid of the ants
And fertilize tree at same time.
Works every time



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